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July 28 game chat

Dodgers at Giants, 1:05 p.m.
Mark Ellis, 2B
Andre Ethier, RF
Matt Kemp, CF
Hanley Ramirez, 3B
Jerry Hairston Jr., LF
Juan Rivera, 1B
Luis Cruz, SS
A.J. Ellis, C
Chad Billingsley, P


Dodgers shock Giants with extra-inning blast


The counterintuitive Chad Billingsley shuts down Giants


  1. Anonymous

    BEAT S.F. !

  2. Lilly and Ruby both pitching tomorrow in Rancho. I’d like to see them both back in the big league club soon.

    • Anonymous

      The order is different, but I like it.  Not a Loney or a Uribe in sight!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know what to make of it.  More at bats for Ethier Kemp & Hanley, I guess.

  3. Anonymous

    And the Dodger with the 10-game hitting streak right now is…

  4. Anonymous

    Ugh, Kenny Albert.  Is he human?

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Fox play-by-play guy.

      • KT

        The fox announcer with Karros

        • Anonymous

          The game is on TV here!  Awesome!

          EDIT: Looks like it’s only on during the Yankees-Red Sox rain delay. Keep raining please!

          • KT

            That’s what I said earlier in the week when I found out FOXSD 69 was showing it

        • Anonymous

          It’s his son, isn’t it? 

      • Anonymous

        He is a fine announcer who is not the brother but the son of Marv Alpert. He is best known for hockey, basketball, and football work. The Albert men do look lke robots though.

  5. KT

    Nice hit Mark way to start it off
    Come on Andre

  6. KT

    Come on Matt

  7. KT


  8. Yes Matty really needed to face Zito today to get back to swinging the big bat!

  9. KT

    Come on Hanley

  10. Anonymous

    Zito helps out!

  11. KT

    according to Eric Stephen‏@truebluela Matt Kemp, 23-for-50 off Barry Zito

  12. Anonymous

    The announcer mentions that recently the Dodger defense hasn’t been that good. I hope he isn’t that surprised–did he notice who’s out there–the only infielder thought to be average is Mark Ellis.

    • Anonymous

      Luis Cruz has actually been quite good.  He just hasn’t been around long enough for anyone to notice.

      • Anonymous

        Cruz is slightly above average at in fielding for his short time 

  13. Anonymous

    Nice first inning, at both ends.

  14. KT

    Nice hit Luis!!

  15. Anonymous

    11 game streak!

  16. foul tip

    For everyone dying to see what Todd Coffey’s elbow looks like in the aftermath of TJ surgery, here it is, courtesy of a tweet of his–

    • KT

      Nice scar…Luckly I have none on my elbows…I have enough of them as it is now

  17. KT

    Come on AJ

  18. KT

    Way to get out of it Chad

  19. KT

    Come on Mark

  20. Karros: “A lot of Dodger fans coming here, making the trip up here”.
    Uh, Eric, a lot of us live around here, ya goofball.

    • KT

      He’s talking about the people making the trip up from San Jose ^_^

  21. I wish Fox showed pitch counts more frequently. And I wish their camerawork was better.  But at least it’s nice to watch without hearing Krukow and Kuiper today.

  22. KT

    Wow blue about 1/2 foot outside

  23. KT

    Nice play Matty

  24. Anonymous

    Good start I see

  25. KT

    Good inning Chad

  26. KT

    Come on Luis start it off

  27. KT

    Goood hit Luis
    Come on AJ

  28. KT

    Good hit AJ
    Come on Chad

  29. KT

    Nice Chad!!
    Come on Mark

  30. Anonymous

    Letting that runner get to third was bush. (not that the Dodgers wouldn’t do it during their bad streak.

  31. Anonymous

    Here is our chance for a big innings

  32. Anonymous

    Too shallow for A.J. I assume

    • Anonymous

       Absolutely. Even Melky could have thrown him out on that one.

    • KT

      He was basically at deep short for Dee ^_^

      • Anonymous

        Ha, I now know exactly where it was caught to the nearest blade of grass

  33. Anonymous

    I hope only getting 1 doesn’t come back to bite us later

  34. Anonymous

    They said it’s stopped raining in New York, but a quick check of the radar map shows more rain coming in from western Jersey.  Good!

  35. Anonymous

    There aren’t any video highlights on Gameday.  What’s up with that?

  36. Anonymous

    Example of defense. Loney would have had that, but it was hit so hard there should have been a play at second.

  37. KT

    Good play Hanley

  38. Anonymous

    Ahh, this is a Giant broadcast team I think. Oh, its Fox, so I’m not sure.

  39. KT

    Way to hold then Chadley

  40. Anonymous

    We get away with another lead off double, well pitched Chad!

  41. KT

    good hit Matty!
    Come on Han-Ram

  42. Anonymous

    I should be happy with a single, but when gameday makes you wait with a ‘in play, no out’ I’m hoping for so much more :)

  43. KT

    Come on Jerry move him around

  44. KT

    Double by Jerry!!

    Hanley scores from 1st

  45. Hanley was flying around the bases!

  46. Anonymous

    ¿Lo viste?

  47. Wes

    Did Hanley run through a stop sign?

    • KT

      You couldn’t see wallach in any of the shots but he didn’t even look at him….He was watching belt the whole way as he was rounding third

      • Anonymous

        The broadcasters implied that he scored on his own, was not waved home by Wallach.

  48. Anonymous

    they are bringing out the big guns at first base I see

  49. Anonymous

    lets work on the cycle, triple or HR please

  50. Anonymous

    Hooray!  They’re not sending viewers to the Yankee-Red Sox game when it resumes, except in NY and Boston!

    (I still say the radar map makes it look like the rain will resume shortly.)

  51. Anonymous

    quick innings so far

  52. KT

    Another good inning by Chadley

  53. Anonymous

    The most efficient start I can remember from Bills in quite a while.

  54. Anonymous


  55. Anonymous

    A.J. !!!

  56. Anonymous

    nxstasy, great minds think alike!

  57. Anonymous

    any home fans leaving yet

  58. KT


  59. Anonymous

    at this pace, I might get the whole game in before the wife and kids wake up ;)

  60. KT


  61. Yeah we see you Matty

  62. Anonymous

    The re-awakening of Kemp!

  63. KT


  64. Anonymous

    I hope KeMVP hits a triple in his next AB.  :)

  65. Anonymous

    like, wow

  66. Penny warming up!

  67. Wasn’t that three game shutout by the Gnats at Dodgers Stadium?

  68. Anonymous

    Comment on the so-called catcher from a Gnatfan blog: “He can’t play scared all the time. He’ll have to block the plate at some point or it will really cost us.”

  69. KT

    Beautiful Catch Dre!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      The things we don’t see. Gameday makes it seem so routine!

      • Anonymous

        As noted above, video highlights apparently don’t become available on Gameday on games broadcast by Fox until after the game is over.  I’m sure you’ll be able to see it after the game, either there (on Gameday/MLB) or on the official part of MLB.

      • Anonymous

        BTW, what happened in that catch was that Ethier went all the way back on the warning track and jumped high to snag the ball, while using his other hand to feel for where the fence was (it’s chain link there).  I held my breath hoping that he wouldn’t hurt himself, but apparently he’s fine, no worries there.

        • KT

          yea but they pulled him the next inning so maybe he’s sore

  70. Anonymous

    More proof that Ethier is an excellent outfielder.

  71. Anonymous

    Bills is awesome today.  And he was pretty darn good in STL too.  Nice to see him doing well again.

    • He is dealing.  Gonna give him a standing O in my living room. :) What’s cheering is that this is two good starts in a row. Pitching well in St Louis is even more impressive, but this is great to see. 

  72. Anonymous

    My Fox Channel just dumped the Dodger Game at the start of the Yankee/Red Sox game. But I wawsn’t surprised or caught, because Fox is already said by everyone to be the sleezeeist, mosts biased, oportunist outfit, although pretty run of the mill for broadcasters.

    • Anonymous

      I’m guessing you’re in NY or Boston?

      It could start raining again, and they could switch back…

      But this game is now moving very fast.

  73. Anonymous

    I’m kinda happy AJ struck out (so Bills can keep pitching) (Donnie may have batted him regardless)

  74. KT

    Hope Dre’s not hurt

  75. Anonymous

    great to see first pitch outs

  76. KT

    Come on DP

  77. KT

    Good Game Chadley…Standing O

  78. KT

    Come on Javy…1 more

  79. Anonymous

    well held Javy

  80. Anonymous

    7+ innings of shutout ball by Billingsley?
    2 straight excellent starts by Billingsley?
    Oh, those poor Billingsley bashers must really be lost now.

  81. KT

    Nice hit Mark
    Come on Tony

  82. Anonymous

    AJ has hit safely in 8 of his last 9 games.

    • Anonymous

      in the one that he did not he PH for treanor in the 9th inning
      still he is only 10 for 35 in those 9 games which raised his BA from 275 to 279. better than 0 for 35 of course.

  83. KT

    Good Eye Tony
    Come on Matty…drive them in

  84. Anonymous

    c’mon triple (we’ll forgive you if its a HR)

  85. Anonymous

    Triple please!!!

  86. KT

    Good hit Matty!! too bad not a triple

  87. KT

    Come on Hanley

  88. KT

    Han-Ram with the 2 rbi single

  89. It’s the Matt & Hanley show!

  90. KT

    And there is the mass exidus

  91. Anonymous

    Are we having fun yet?  :)

    • Anonymous

      nice way to sit and eat my toast on a quiet Sunday morning ;)

  92. Anonymous

    Ramirez has put some new energy back into the club

    • Anonymous

      I wish he could have done that from his very first game…  :(

  93. Anonymous

    There’s nobody there!

  94. Karros is set on ensuring everyone that the Gnats are still a good club… we get it Eric.

  95. Anonymous

    and that is that

    • KT

      glad you got up so early to jion us…going for it tomorrow also?

      • Anonymous

        probably only fleeting appearances, have to go to work. Does it start same time, earlier or later than today?

        • KT

          same time tomorrow 1300 PDT
          so is that 0300 your time?

          • Anonymous

            I’ll try and work it out, it’s 9.22am here right now.

          • KT

            you your only 1 time zone away from Guam…I thought it was more…so your on the same time zone as Tokyo

          • Anonymous

            KT, at the time of John’s post it was 8:22 AM in Toyko.
            didn’t do this to show you up, I follow the Japanese stock market and I  knew they open later than Sydney so I checked

          • Anonymous

            I’m keen, but not 3am keen :)

          • KT

            When I was in Bahrain it was a 12 hr difference that meant Monday at 0100 to watch gameday stick figures and steaming audio

        • Anonymous

          Tomorrow’s game starts the same time as today’s, 1:05 Pacific Daylight Time.

  96. Anonymous

    Good game, good game.  Let’s go for the sweep tomorrow!

  97. KT

    They cut away from the on field celebration…hate that

  98. Anonymous

    I think the 2 photos of Bills and Zito on gameday ‘pitching decisions’ sum it up perfectly

  99. Anonymous

    Eovaldi’s first Fish inning is scoreless v. the Pads.

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