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Levine, Suchon book it

Josh Suchon and Ken Levine (courtesy Crzblue's Dodger Blue World)

Apparently, if you were a DodgerTalk radio host in 2010, you have to be an author in 2012.

Ken Levine and Josh Suchon are both treating us with books. The Me Generation… By Me (Growing Up in the ’60s), by Levine, is already out, and should be of interest to anyone who has a connection to Southern California and/or likes to be amused. It’s more of the great work that Levine, who has a long list of comedy writing and directing credits including “Cheers,” offers on a regular basis at his blog, By Ken Levine.

* * *

If that’s a natural fit for readers of this site, Suchon’s book needs even less explanation. Miracle Men: Gibson, Hershiser and the Improbable 1988 Dodgers will publish next spring, in connection with the 25th or first anniversary of the Dodgers’ last World Series title. Suchon, who wrote a much talked-about first-person piece about his encounter as a teenager with Orel Hershiser following the ’88 Series, plans to interview everyone remotely connected with that memorable year.

Congrats to both Levine and Suchon, and happy reading.


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  1. Anonymous

    Re-posted—Any chance Kershaw is fighting an injury? That might explain the club’s hunt for another starter….
    Statistically, is a pitcher more likely to have an arm operation than pitch a no-hitter? Interesting thought.
    Castellanos is tearing up AAA and now playing third base. Nice if Ramirez moves back to short. More likely they’ll tell Castellanos to learn to play first now. Isn’t it nice having options?

  2. I don’t know the condition of Kershaw’s plantar fasciitis, but it’s much more likely that the notion of a green Stephen Fife or a recovering Ted Lilly as the No. 5 starter is driving the pursuit of a pitcher. 

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s more than that. While Lilly was pitching to a 122 ERA+, and Capuano is also at 122, and Billingsley may pitch at a high level for the rest of the season, the team would be, on paper, so much stronger in a short series if it had a close to elite pitcher for the #2 starter. Imagine if we, unfortunately, find ourselves in a 1 game play-off with Kershaw not available. Of course, in that situation 4 pitchers might be unavailable.

  3. >> in connection with the 25th or first anniversary of the Dodgers’ last World Series title

    Love it!

    • Adam Luther

      That tag line will be re-written if…

  4. Anonymous

    LF will be a difficult and therefore interesting choice today as there are arguments for all of Abreu, Gwynn, Hairston, and Rivera. Loney will play first.

    • Anonymous

      By the end of the game, I suspect all of these players will appear in one fashion or another.  If that means we see nothing of Juan Uribe, not even in a pinch-hitting appearance, that raises the odds that the Dodgers will win. :-)

    • Adam Luther

      Hairston is batting .294, .32 points higher than his career average and he’s hit with remarkable consistency.  I’d keep Hairston’s bat in the line-up as much as possible.  He’s having one of his best seasons at age 36.  In 2010 with the Padres he hit 10 HR’s and had 50 rbi’s but batted .244 in 119 games.  Historically he’s been more of a first half player vs. second half so August and September await…

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