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Rumor mill says Dodgers looking to acquire next win

Diamondbacks 8, Dodgers 2. The Dodgers will look to claim their next victory after it clears waivers.


July 31 game chat


Who will vacate for Victorino?


  1. Anonymous

    The Bucos are starting to get a little of that team-o-destiny flavor.

  2. Anonymous

    We seem lately to play well during the day, so here’s hoping

  3. Terry Austin

    An odd sort is that Ned Colletti. Although he may have given up more than we know today in Eovaldi, Lindblom (who had become one of my favorites) and Martin, this trading deadline was a big win for the GM. But his losses are usually equally spectacular, leaving us to choose whether to view Colletti as a good GM capable of the occasional stinker, or a bad GM who’s been handed talented players by their disgruntled GMs (who were motivated sellers).

    When I read about the Hanley Ramirez trade, the quote that jumped into my head was: “This isn’t flying. It’s falling… with style!”

  4. Anonymous

    So Justin Sellers is now doing a rehab assignment at Rancho Cucamonga.  Uh, Justin… sorry, we’ve filled your job on the Dodgers, and Elian Herrera has taken over for the ‘topes.  You won’t mind platooning with Late-Night in Chattanooga, will you?

  5. Anonymous

    The Snakes will not die! The Dodgers had trouble with them before the All-Star break and now it seems the D-backs are cranking it up for a run at the wild-card. I just don’t know why/how the Ds can sweep the Giants and fall so flat AT HOME against Arizona.

  6. Anonymous

    Still no word on the roster move to accommodate Victorino.  Possibilities?  Cruz has options but I can’t see him going anywhere, not with the way he’s playing and the need for a shortstop.  Tolleson could get sent down; I could see that for a game or two, but I can’t see going with a six-man pen for any length of time, so that only postpones the inevitable move for a position player.  I still think it comes down to Abreu or Uribe.  And right now, I don’t think we need either one of them.  I would normally be betting on Abreu, but given Uribe’s lack of playing time lately, I’d give even odds on either of them.

    • Anonymous

       Uribe would be addition by subtraction.

    • Anonymous

      One of them will go on the DL until Sept. 1st.

  7. Anonymous

    Fife the stopper!

  8. Anonymous

    My comments regarding the game last night….
    1.  Debacle – plain and simple
    2.  That 2 – 0 dinger by Montero last night…. I’ve seen that situation numerous times… He’s smart.
    I’ve even hit a home run in college in that same exact situation….

    Pitcher struggling with control…. Pitching coach goes out there and tells him to take a little off the ball and just focus on throwing a strike and hitting his spots….
    As a hitter, you are absolutely “salivating” waiting for that 2 – 0 fastball (dead straight as an arrow) with just a little taken off of it for accuracy’s sake.  If there was ever a ‘predictably hitters’ pitch’…that’s it.
    And he did just exactly what he should do with it…. He calmly, smoothly launched it.
    3.  Matty ain’t right! – That ball that got by him in to the gap? – It almost seemed as if he had a slight limp as he turned and ran to get it at the wall after he gave up on it. 
    That fly ball that hung up in the air for 10 years that took Hairston to the wall…. Matty would have met him at the point of the catch and/or called him off in April.
    I’d rather they rest him …
    PS – Coincidence? – his struggles at the plate as of late?

    • Anonymous

      I have mentioned my thoughts on Matty the other day…
      So, to avoid a violation of rule #8 – I will cease making this point…. :-)

      • Anonymous

        I’m not doubting he may still have some lingering injury effects on the leg, but as for his struggles at the plate you mentioned, he is 5 for 8 in the last two games (after an admittedly cool series in SF).

  9. Matt Kemp is struggling at the plate to the tune of 11 hits and 17 total bases in his past 18 at-bats – a .611 batting average and a .944 slugging percentage. 

    • Anonymous

       I admit, I haven’t been checking the stats…. and, I haven’t watched every inning the last two nights (as I normally do)… Perhaps my mind is still in SF…. (that’s a scary thought) … :-)

      It just seems to me that I’ve seen  him take some more ‘Matty – circa 2010″ cuts lately…
      Flailing at benders down and dirty… away.

    • Anonymous

      time to bench him

  10. Anonymous

    I may be missing something here, but there was a discussion OT suggesting that variation in performance levels between ballplayers was a lot less than people think.  It was said for example that because Kennedy had an OBP of .331 and Kemp had one of .421 that Kemp was only 9% better than Kennedy.   But, that’s a difference of 9 percentage points not a difference of nine percent.  Kemp would be something like 25% better than Kennedy in getting on base.

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