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Dodgers shed Gwynn, recall Sands

The Dodgers have parted ways with Tony Gwynn Jr., designating him for assignment while calling up Jerry Sands to add some power off the bench.

Gwynn, whose defensive skills were marginalized after Shane Victorino was acquired, had a .570 OPS this season and had a .209 on-base percentage in his past 110 plate appearances. In addition to his $850,000 salary this year, Gwynn is guaranteed $1.15 million in 2013.

Sands, in his past 23 games with Albuquerque, has a .438 on-base percentage and .733 slugging percentage.

Interestingly, this was not the only Sands news I received in the past 10 minutes. The following press release also arrived:

What do famous celebrities such as: Charlie Sheen, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Robert Downey Jr, Shaun White, Britney Spears, Ryan O’Neal and foreign royalty have in common with the rest of us? The obvious answer is not much, but the truth is that everyone has equal access to one of the most successful cosmetic dentist in the nation; Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist of choice, Dr. Kevin Sands. …

Update: There’s more, from the Times — “Justice Department investigates Las Vegas Sands Corp.”


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  1. Anonymous

    This shocks me, if only because I think of someone much more deserving of DFAdom than Gwynn, but I remain a Sands supporter.

    • Anonymous

      I can think of three other deserving DFA candidates, and I’m not sure which of the three you mean…  :)

      • Anonymous

         I decline to violate Rule No. 8.

        • Anonymous

          If you say Urineddy, is it still a rule 8 violation? I’d like to seeboth of them gone when Gordon comes back.  Lonevera? 

  2. I agree with this move. Gwynn is someone they clearly do not need, and who was providing no value whatsoever. By bringing up Sands, the Dodgers have now created the ideal scenario for what most if us have wanted to see: the discarding of Juan Uribe when Adam Kennedy comes back. Kennedy has actually been kind of productive recently and Uribe…has not. However, that’s ANOTHER big chunk of cash for ownership to swallow, and they may decide that it’s not worth spending that dough just to have a slightly more productive bat (Kennedy’s) on the bench.

    As for Sands (“we’ve got some time…let’s spend it with Jerry”)…I am looking forward to seeing if he can now consistently get around on major league hard stuff. All in all, this season is getting more and more interesting.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you, except for this part:

      >> By bringing up Sands, the Dodgers have now created the ideal scenario for what most if us have wanted to see: the discarding of Juan Uribe when Adam Kennedy comes back.

      I don’t see what one thing (the infield situation) has to do with the other (the outfield/first base situation).

      • There was some question as to whether Gwynn or Uribe would be DFA’d…or whether it would just be Kennedy.

    •  The Uribe dough is spent. I can’t imagine the new ownership is worried about eating a cost that they know is sunk already. 

      • Anonymous

        Sunk costing.  There’s one that so many folks in business fail to grasp.  No matter whether he stays on the roster and doesn’t play or whether the Dodgers release him, the money is spent.  The slight point of disjunction would be that since the Dodgers are dealing wth a performance based asset, if they keep him and he improves, they may still have an asset of value.

        • Jibin Park

           I must chime in and agree with this basic economic concept I don’t think Ned quite understands.  Sunk cost.

  3. If TGJ clears waivers, does he go to AAA?  After Victory-no signs elsewhere, we could probably use his defense again.

    • Anonymous

      I assume the answer is yes.  And he could also return with the expanded rosters next month.  Same thing as Abreu (except that Gwynn still has a contract for next year, Abreu doesn’t).

      • If he clears waivers, Gwynn could accept a minor-league assignment or become a free agent. His choice.

        • Anonymous

          If he chooses to become a FA, would that void his remaining contract?

    • Anonymous

      There are allegedly several teams looking for a centerfielder/leadoff hitter. Since they would only be responsible for about $150,000 of this years salary (and none at all of next year’s unless they trade for him), I can think one of them might claim him on waivers. 

  4. Anonymous

    Replying to questions in SaMo’s LTA’ed…

    >> Not sure why you designate Gwynn in this situation if Sands is going to play more 1b than LF.  I guess the addition of Victorino means you no longer need a defensive replacement in left, but who is the fourth outfielder now?  Hairston? Sands? Adam Kennedy when he returns?

    I’m guessing we will now have our three starters get most of the playing time (no more platooning), but when we need someone else in the outfield, it could be Rivera, Sands, or Hairston.  My guess is Sands gets more of the fourth outfielder time than the rest combined.

    >> Speaking of which, Kennedy’s due to come off the DL this week.  Who gets the short straw? I can’t see Hairston going away, and I doubt the Luis Cruz experiment is over.  Will this finally be occasion for Uribe’s departure?

    We are finally getting rid of our marginal players, considering the DFA of Abreu and Gwynn, so I suspect and hope that Uribe’s time is up.  Especially considering how little Uribe has been playing.  I would really like Cruz to stay; IMHO he deserves to keep starting, at third or short.  Although I wouldn’t be shocked if Cruz got sent down, but I hope he stays.  (He also appears to be a fan favorite, considering how much Cruuuuuuuz chanting I heard over the weekend.)

    >> Did the Dodgers really get anything for their money by having him around these last two weeks?

    They didn’t get anything for their money by having him around these last two YEARS, not weeks.

    • Anonymous

      I forgot that Rivera can play outfield.  Sands now makes him Mr. irrelevant at 1B, however.  Now if only the Dodgers had somebody to platoon with Victorino who can hit RHP.

      • Rivera can play the outfield in the sense that he can stand out there and pick the ball up when it stops rolling.

        • Anonymous

          He has been an outfielder throughout his career. Maybe not a great one, but OF nonetheless

  5. Jack Dawkins

    John from Aus or Berkowit, either of you listenign to the final day of the England SA test?  Rather remarkable goings on.

  6. Anonymous

    I always liked Gwynn and I’m sorry to see him DFA’d. He’s never hit well but this season is bad even for his standard and I think he’ll bounce back and be the solid contributor he’s been, whether for the Dodgers or for some other team.

    • Anonymous

      some here might not care as much about the club house affect some guys bring with them as others but he seemed like a good club house guy, you also kind of sensed he new his time with the Dodgers might be running out.

  7. Anonymous

    I just looked at Lonevera’s stats and was shocked at how awful they are.  Both are exactly as bad after the All-Star Break as they were before.  I’m guessing Loney hangs onto his job longer simply by virtue of being left-handed and solid defensively.  So maybe Kennedy sticks around after Gordon returns and Rivera gets the DFA? 

    • Anonymous

      If Gordon returns before the roster expansion, I’m expecting Cruz to get optioned back to ABQ, then back after the roster expansion.  Or maybe Gordon doesn’t return until rosters expand.

  8. Anonymous

    Keep in mind that Victorino is here for this season only, unless Ned resigns him. And Gwynn can be back next year unless traded or given outright release. I have to feel there’s still a couple of shoes in mid-air…

    • Why would we want Gwynn back next year, for any purpose? He’s a fifth outfielder on a good team, which I hope we will be…

      • Anonymous

        It’s not ‘want’, he’s under contract. We play him or give him an outright release.

        • Anonymous

          The team determines whether or not to trade him; otherwise it’s his decision whether to go to ABQ or become a free agent.

          And if he becomes a free agent, he’s not coming back – not when rosters expand, and not next year.

        • KT

          yes 10 days

  9. Anonymous

    This has more to do with Loney than it does Gwynn. 

    Welcome Jerry Sands, new 1B. Loney is our LH bat on the bench. I hope Jerry can rise to the occasion. 

    • I hope you are right. I would give him first base for a while and just roll with it and hope he hits. We know Loney/Rivera aren’t (combined .660ish OPS since All Star Break).

  10. Anonymous

    .438 OBP, traditionally is Sands that type of a player?

    •  I was impressed with his eye and patience…

    • Anonymous

      Hasn’t reach those levels over a full season since A ball, but he did put up a .415 in the Bigs (83 PA) after he was recalled for the second half last year.

    • Anonymous

      >> .438 OBP, traditionally is Sands that type of a player?


  11. i’m surprised. but encouraged. it means the brain lock regarding keeping players who aren’t useful but have contracts may be now be officially over. finally.

    Sands was handed the job in spring and failed. he got called up and could have won a job again but failed. third time?

    • Anonymous

      He hasn’t had a chance to play everyday in the majors except last September which he did hit. If they are calling him up to be a pinch hitter or a platoon player, dumb move. If they want him to play everyday at 1st base, Great. What do you do with Loney and Rivera? I think one of them should have gone, not Gwyn. 

      • in the majors, in a pennant race you don’t get handed a get to play everyday no matter what  job. you have to produce when you get the chance.

        i hope he succeeds. 

        • and just so you remember Jerry had 20 at bats earlier this season and struck out 8 times.

          • Anonymous

            Remember well. Also remember those 20 at bats were spread throughout 14 games. If that is the plan this time they may have as well kept him down. Since the all-star break his OPS is almost double messers Loney and Rivera, Why platoon with them. 

          • pacific coast league stats don’t count. sorry

          • Anonymous

            PCL stats and any leagues stats do matter if they show improvement as drastic as Sands does the past month. Were not looking at the #’s, we are looking at the improvement in the same leagues as the season has progressed. 

          • well please remember that until 2 weeks ago jerry sands was hitting 260 in the most inflated offensive stat league (PCL) in the world. .260 there equals mendoza line. ACastle is hitting about 380 in the same league. elian Herrero is batting .325 in that league. 

        • Anonymous

          Sure.  I was just trying to suggest that it might be a bit overboard to consider him as a two-time failure.  

          • true enough. i’m sorry if you thought i was calling him a failure. what i meant was he hasn’t taken advantage of his people shouldn’t assume he’s going to be any better than loney this time until he proves it. he had two opportunites to prove it and he didn’t. by saying that i don’t mean he’s not going to succeed this time. i hope he succeeds. there are no success stories in the minor leagues though. i think it’s unfair to major leaguers to assume minor leaguers are better than them when they’ve never made a major league team. 

          • Anonymous

            >> please remember that until 2 weeks ago jerry sands was hitting 260 in the most inflated offensive stat league (PCL) in the world. .260 there equals mendoza line. ACastle is hitting about 380 in the same league. elian Herrera is batting .325 in that league.

            Home runs at ABQ 2012:
            Sands 21
            Castellanos 15
            Herrera 3

    • Anonymous

      Agree he didn’t look all that good this year, but during the two weeks on the squad he only appeared in 8 games.  He started five, but only two in a row once.

  12. Anonymous

    Tony Schwartz take on winning, the hangover of success & the different paths people take once they retire from there sport ->

  13. Anonymous

    I am encouraged by the DFAs even more than by the trades.  In the end, marginal improvements on the bench don’t amount to much – the players being dumped didn’t get enough opportunities to do much damage.  Still, recognizing that there is no need for Abreu or Gwynn (or hopefully, soon, a Rivera or Uribe), and that sunk costs are sunk is a change in approach that bodes well.  It used to be that service-time (especially if some of it was on a playoff team) was enough to stick around.  No longer.  Good, I say. 

    If I were Mattingly, I’d go further.  I’d play Sands every day by essentially platooning Loney and Victorino.   Victorino can’t hit RH pitching, so sit him, move Sands to LF, and start Loney against righties.  So what if Victorino is annoyed – he’ll only be here for 2 months anyway.  Platoon Kennedy and Cruz at 3b as long as Kennedy keeps hitting righties. 

    • Anonymous

      Alternatively, Sands and Victorino could play together some games by sitting Eithier against lefties.  After a great start to the year, he seems to have reverted to “awful” against LHP.  I’d worry more about Ethier’s ego than Victorino’s, though.  For one thing, I think it’s more fragile.  For another, he’s here for the long haul.  So maybe lots of day-game-after-night game-vs-LHP-type days off.

      • victorino is not going to be platooned for several reasons.

        • Anonymous

          But none of them good reasons.  Well, to be fair, he would be better defensively in LF than Sands, but that difference is hardly worth wasting ABs on. 

          I wasn’t predicting that that would happen – just saying that I’d prefer it.

          • Anonymous

            >> he would be better defensively in LF than Sands

            Not necessarily.  Sands has a rifle arm, and got several outfield assists last year.

        • Anonymous

          and what are those reasons? We cant keep a lead off man that’s been on base twice in 17 PA’s I know its small sample size but he better get it in gear. we are in a pennant race. Same goes for Sands and everyone else. If you are playing everyday you need to produce. 

      • Anonymous

        Maybe let’s see how well Sands hits this time. There’s also the possibility that he hits worse than LoneveraUrineddyino.  Then you’d just be pissing off veterans to get him some ABs.  If this were April or May of a rebuilding season, I’d say so what, build for the future.  bBut as badly as the Dodgers have played, they’re in the thick of a pennant race, where every game counts. 

        I suspect Sands starts at 1b until further notice, and will play LF only if Victorino or Ethier struggle. 

        • Anonymous

          I agree, but I don’t care about angering veterans if they’re not in the team’s plans for next year.  So kid gloves with moody Ethier, but for Victorino, Rivera, Loney, Kennedy, Uribe, Hairston, Cruz, even Mark Ellis – like it or lump it.

    • Anonymous

      I agree 100% with this Post

  14. Anonymous

    I see the Isotopes are now listing Alex Costellanos as a first baseman. Logical, considering Sands has been called up, and we’re short on that position in the minors…

  15. Anonymous

    I do wonder why we DFA’d Abreu instead of Gwynn in the first place.  If we don’t have a need for backup OF of Gwynn’s defensive caliber, why not keep Abreu on as a lefty off the bench?  

    • Anonymous

      Hasn’t really mattered one way or the other.  Gwynn only got a couple appearances in the interim, right?  The LH pinch-hitter argument is a good one, but that would have implicated Uribe, not Gwynn.

      Still, things are looking up if we’re worried about the situational pinch hitter role!

  16. comments on these numbers for hanley since being a dodger:

    .238/342/742  11 rbi in 11 games

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      It’s actually .238/.342/.752, which is almost exactly what they were in Miami, maybe the tiniest of improvements.  So far, his hits have come at opportune times. Dodgers are 6-5 over that period. or exactly the same as they were in the 11 games prior to that one. 

    • Anonymous


  17. Anonymous

    In my weird, warped baseball mind I would hand kept both Abreu and Gwynn over Rivera and Uribe. Just my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      That’s not an outrageous preference.  Kennedy’s imminent return means that one of Sands, Cruz, Rivera, Hairston, Loney, and Uribe must go.  I don’t think any of those guys is 100% safe, but it seems unlikely that they’d release Loney outright, or that they’ve called up Sands just to send him down again in a couple days, (unlikely, but not impossible). 

      I hope they don’t drop Cruz.  Not only is he playing well (esp vs. LHP) but he’s a legit backup SS.  If Sands becomes the most-of-the-time starter at 1b, then the bench could be the 3b platoon of Kennedy/Cruz, Loney, and two of Hairston/Uribe/Rivera.  I think Rivera is probably better suited to a PH role than Uribe, and I think Hairston is valuable as a super-sub who can play any position.  So I’d dump Uribe next.  I could see them platooning Hairston/Kennedy instead and dropping Cruz.  Since Cruz has options, that’d be the classic Colletti move.  But DFAing Abreu and Gwynn was NOT classic Colletti, so all bets are off.

      • Anonymous

        I think that your parenthetical “esp. vs LHP” belies how poorly Cruz has hit RHP 225/253/352.
        225 is better than only M. Ellis and Treanor;  253 better than only Treanor; 352 is better than Rivera, M.Ellis, and Treanor and also 5 position players not now on the roster.

        • Anonymous

          You’re right.  “especially” should be replaced with “if only.”  That’s why I’d put him in a strict platoon him Kennedy, who is awful vs. LHP and better than Cruz vs RHP. 

    • Anonymous

      Rivera survived because he could play first; Uribe because he could play shortstop. We now have both those points covered by other players. Sayonara Uribe and Rivera…

      • Anonymous

        I second that emotion, but you still need one more body to fill out the 25.  Would you dump both and add a pitcher?  Or bring back Elian Herrera, or SVS or Castellanos?  At that point, I think the priority really would be a guy who can pinch hit.  I’d have kept Abreu for that reason, and I’m not sure that it makes sense to call up a kid only to have him ride the bench.  So unless it’s for a pitcher, Kennedy will replace one of those guys, but not two of them.

  18. foul tip

    From on possible Uribe DFA.  Writers there don’t speak for the Dodgers, but they’re closer to the team than most if not all others.  So this MAY carry more weight. I think it’d carry more  if written by Ken Gunick, regular beat writer.  Under “Worth Noting” near bottom.

    ” … With Kennedy’s return, Juan Uribe figures to be the odd man out with the veteran having made only five starts since the All-Star break.”

    • Anonymous

       I respectfully decline to violate Rule No. 8.

  19. Anonymous

    The men’s 400 meter hurdle finished with a very World Baseball Classic style finish.

  20. So with a lefty on the mound tonight will we see Jerry thrown in at first right away?

  21. Anonymous

    SVS had been playing first at AAA; on August 3rd they switched to Sands with SVS in RF. Sands played first on the 3rd and 4th but wasn’t in the game yesterday; Castellanos left the game after one AB. I assumed he got hurt but have seen no explanation.
    Article on Castellanos playing 3rd from Alb. web-site:

  22. Has anyone from the Dodgers, meaning Mattingly or Ned, actually said that Sands is coming up to be a regular? Many here seem to be making that assumption…and I’m not sure it’s accurate.

    • I’m not assuming he’s a regular, just wondering if they may throw him in there over Rivera. To assume he has been called up just to be a bench player is equally as questionable.

      • Well, he was called up to be a bench player last time. Although I think he’ll get a solid amount of PT, I wouldn’t assume anything more than a platoon role…if that. I mean, we’re not talking about Mike Trout here.

        • Right. He’s on fire right now and it would be nice to see him keep it going in the big leagues. If he can be platooned at first over Rivera I would be happy.

    • Anonymous

      Most likely this jumping-off point for this conclusion is the oft-repeated sentiment that young players need regular ABs, so why call someone up to pinch hit? 

      • I agree…but I don’t see them doing anything other than platooning him in a split situation with Rivera at first, and maybe spelling Ethier. Now if he comes up and starts scalding the ball…then it’s a hugely different story. I think Mattingly will play anyone who can square it up at this point.

  23. Anonymous

    Matt Kemp has the third most team-friendly contract in baseball, according to Jeff Passan:–evan-longoria-s-contract-tops-list-of-most-team-friendly-deals-in-mlb.html

  24. Unbelievable USA v Canada soccer match just ended. The Diamond Bar product Alex Morgan with a well deserved winner.

  25. Anonymous

    Victorino was in over his head since the season began when he wanted a five year deal with the Phillies. I live in Philly and Victorino IS NOT A LEAD OFF HITTER. Maybe better than Gordon or M. Ellis, but NOT A LEAD OFF HITTER. I think Victorino certainly brings a winning attitude and pedigree, but also may be pressing a bit to a) justify the trade and b) put up numbers for his FA contract next year. He is probably a better two hole or even six hole guy – but the fans and management see him as a scrappy, on base guy that will steal a base. Remember he tormented the Dodgers in 2008 and 2009 but not as a lead off guy!

    • Anonymous

      you posted this at least once before I think word for word

    • Anonymous

      i like him at the 6th hole my self.

    • Anonymous

      There are 9 leadoff hitters in most games, possibly a different one each inning. That’s stupid to sign or trade someone for that “need”.

  26. Anonymous

    Not with this ….
    Gwynn can rip a bag or two….
    He can save a game with his glove….

    DFA’ed? You say….. Hmmmm….
    Uribe:  Love the guy…but, useless….
    Rivera:  Awful at 1B…awful in LF.  Not enough HR’s to warrant anything….

    I would have kept Gwynn….and, I really cannot stand the notion of….”Hey, let’s get rid of the guy with elite speed and can field his position really well ….and, keep a guy who’s average or below-average all around, but might have a chance to 5 or 6 home runs this year.”

    If I’m a GM, I’m not waiting and keeping my fingers crossed for those 5 or 6 AB’s…

    PS – Jerry Sands’ swing is too long.  I realize he’s had some noteworthy hits to the right side of the field…but, to me, “the Sands ship has sailed”….   Thar she blows! 

    • Anonymous

      13 SB, 6 CS; meh

    • Gwynn is fast, but to say he has elite speed is stretching it. He’s not a percentage base stealer this year…and he’s also one of the worst hitters in major league baseball. Rivera is not a prize…but he’s more valuable now that the Dodgers have a guy in left who’s a better defender than Gwynn.

    • Anonymous

      I think I like Sands swing a bit more than you, but I think Sand will end up with abs because he plays well at 1st and left field. Thats another reason Gwinn goes. Victorino is not much of a hitter and he may have passed his peak in 2010-2011. His bat only plays as a CF. It may not be the plan but I wouldn’t be surprised if Sands gets a lot of time at first and LF . I should probably  be one of the few who doesn’t wonder why did we got SV, because I seem to value defense more than most here. But I’m wondering.

  27. Well it looks like Jerry will start in RF tonight, not a lefty in the line up outside of Capuano with Rivera at first.

    • Anonymous

       Dre is getting a night off?  Will we see him vs a righty at some point in the game maybe?

  28. Anonymous

    Showcase games for elite high school baseball players taking place at Long Beach State; interesting article:

  29. Anonymous

    Hitting in front of Cruz should help Sands….

  30. Anonymous

    Lineup: Victorino LF, M Ellis 2B, Kemp CF, Ramirez SS, Rivera 1B, Sands RF, Cruz 3B, AJ Ellis C, Capuano P

  31. Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Ah Sands! yes of course.

      I was trying to find where Hairston was playing!

  32. Anonymous

     FWIW, Cruz has better slugging vs RHP than Shane.

    • Anonymous

      >> FWIW, Cruz has better slugging vs RHP than Shane.

      Cruz also has better slugging vs LHP than Shane.  :)

      Interestingly, Cruz and Victory-No have virtually identical righty vs lefty splits, and in both cases, Cruz has slightly higher SLG, Victory-No slightly higher OBP.  Here’s their OPS:

      Cruz as RHB vs RHP: .605 
      Cruz as RHB vs LHP: .935
      Victory-No as LHB vs RHP: .636
      Victory-No as RHB vs LHP: .927

  33. Anonymous

    FWIW, Sands did not show a big lefty-righty split at ABQ this year, with identical OPS from left and right handed pitchers.

  34. Anonymous

    They’re getting ready to start the game in Chattanooga, with Zach Lee on the mound.  Gameday:

    • Anonymous

      Lee with 2 K’s in first. Way you go,Zach!!

  35. Anonymous

    This kid is bad against righties, and really, really bad when he’s behind in the count.

    • Anonymous

      Given how the Dodgers have done against guys who look really, really bad, I don’t expect us to score more than two runs.

      • Anonymous

         You almost have to try not to get an xbh if he’s on pitch #80, you’re a righty and it’s 1-0. 

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