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‘Pathetic’ happens

Pathetic night, right? “Pathetic” is the subject of my latest piece for Los Angeles Magazine’s CityThink blog.


Dodgers hire stadium planning executive


O’Malley era in San Diego a step from reality


  1. Anonymous

    At least the other 2 lost as well

  2. Anonymous

    Now, if that is tequila in that glass, we are in pretty good shape.

  3. Anonymous

    BTW – a lot of talk about Sands yesterday.  How did he look?

    • he struck out, grounder to short, pop up.

      starts with his bat on his shoulders almost (like before). looks slow to the zone. maybe not quite as slow as before. he did get around on a couple pitches. did not square anything up. so striking out only 1 out of 3 you could call an improvement

    • Anonymous

      Hard to tell, the whole offense looked well, pathetic, last night.  He fit right in.

    • Anonymous

       Not every good, but we shouldn’t judge on a single game.

      • Anonymous

        Yep, I recall DT being pretty excited after his first game.

  4. Anonymous

    Well, it looks as if the Dodgers’ first-place takeover has been delayed by a day.

  5. the problem batters for the Dodgers last night were Kemp and Hanley. twice two men on no one out. they’ve got to do it in those situations or the Dodgers have no chance.

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