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Oscar vote sloppy, but Baseball Hall of Fame balloting a travesty


For all the caterwauling that accompanied this year’s Oscar vote, its deadline dilemmas and electronic exasperations, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences can be thankful it’s not Major League Baseball right now. …

Read the rest at The Vote at Variety.


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  1. Anonymous

    Every day I check to see if there is a new post here, Jon. I have thought of stopping doing so, but, thought you might post on the voting. Nice to hear from you.

  2. Anonymous

    Vote Them In:


    Welcom back Jon. Have a great 2013 season!

  3. Anonymous

    Jonny Weisman……. great to see you on here on DT today.
    I hit the little RSS every day to see if you’ve posted something…
    Happy New Year to you and your family.


  4. Anonymous

    John I wish that you would start dodger thoughts up again. You are the best at this. I have tried to find another blog like this and I can’t. I wish you would just start dodger thoughts up again.

  5. Anonymous

    A ray of sunshine on a cloudy winter day.

  6. Anonymous

    I knew you would come back even if just once in awhile.  Good for you!!

  7. Anonymous

    Biggio would already be in if he could make that turning leaping Jeter thing.

    He should be in anyway.  Piazza too.  

    I think the voters are being extra cautious, not wanting to get burned if evidence comes out later against Piazza.

  8. I’ll second Mike’s thanks to Jon for coming back here.  My days aren’t the same without you!  That said, I’ll agree up to a point.  Bonds and Clemens clearly were Hall of Famers before they started or were accused of starting to use steroids.  Piazza?  I’m inclined the same way, even if he did.  McGwire and Sosa, no–the numbers don’t add up otherwise.  While you don’t have to be a big slugger to have benefited from PED’s–hello, Paul LoDuca–until and unless there’s proof that Craig Biggio did it, it is criminal that he became lumped in with this group.

  9. New post up top. 

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