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Dodgers trade Aaron Harang for neither Ramon Martinez nor Carlos Hernandez

The Dodgers have traded Aaron Harang to the Colorado Rockies for, broadly speaking, the second coming of Rod Barajas – an old, slow catcher with perhaps some vestiges of power.

The acquisition of catcher Ramon Hernandez is much more like an NBA salary-cap maneuver than a traditional baseball trade, especially considering the Rockies immediately designated Harang for assignment. Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A. parses the details.

… Hernandez has a salary of $3.2 million this season, and was designated for assignment on Mar. 29. Harang is due $7 million this season, and has an option for 2014 that could vest with at least 180⅓ innings pitched in 2013, or a buyout of $2 million.

The Rockies designated Harang for assignment immediately upon making the trade.

Counting Sunday, Mar. 31, six days of the 183-day season have lapsed. That means the Dodgers are on the hook for $3,095,082 of Hernandez’s salary, and the Rockies responsible for $6,770,492 for Harang, plus the $2 million buyout in 2014, though Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reported the Dodgers would send $4.25 million to Colorado.

So, instead of having $9 million guaranteed to Harang, the Dodgers will instead pay approximately $7,574,590 ($3,095,082 for Hernandez, $229,508 for Harang, and $4.25 million to Colorado). Subtract the major league salary that would have been paid to Tim Federowicz and the Dodgers save approximately $2 million and upgraded their catching depth. …

Major League Baseball’s first Ramon Hernandez had a 3.03 ERA in 403 1/3 innings from 1967-77 (including 2.36 from 1971-75), peaking with a 1.67 ERA in 70 innings for the 1972 National League East champion Pirates.

This Ramon Hernandez has 166 home runs and a .744 OPS in 14 seasons, dipping sharply in 2012 when he had a .601 OPS in 196 plate appearances for Colorado (though he did go 3 for 4 against the Dodgers in a game last May). He turns 37 next month. Lucille IV, anyone?

Federowicz will probably remain on the Dodger roster until the team activates Chad Billingsley for his Wednesday start. It’s a sad but not altogether surprising turn for Federowicz, who essentially is enduring what current Dodger starter A.J. Ellis did in previous years – watching a veteran take the backup spot. The upside is that Federowicz, still only 25 and unlike Fernandez, the first of his name in the majors, can play regularly for Albuquerque.

I didn’t have the highest hopes for what the Dodgers would get for Harang, but I did dream that he might bring an actual bat off the bench instead of more filler. In a sense, that’s what Harang himself had become, despite the $12 million, two-year deal he signed in December 2011.

Harang leaves with two great Dodger Stadium memories – throwing six no-hit innings on July 9, 2011 and setting a team record with nine consecutive strikeouts 51 weeks ago today, on April 13, 2012.

Pirates at Dodgers, 6:10 p.m.
Kershaw CLI: Kershawrgo

Carl Crawford, LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Andre Ethier, RF
Luis Cruz, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Justin Sellers, SS
Clayton Kershaw, P


Greinke looks marvelous in Dodger blue debut


Kershaw lovely and amazing again in 1-0 Dodger victory


  1. KT

    I don’t get it…the title and the cards name don’t match…I guess I’m not awake from my nap to get the joke

    • The cards are Ramon Hernandez, who are neither Ramon Martinez nor Carlos Hernandez, but rather the two names combined.

  2. KT

    It’s time for Dodger Baseball!!!

  3. KT

    good to see Marte needs a refresher in base running 101

  4. KT

    6 pitch inning…good start

  5. KT

    Carl turns a walk into a double…speed kills

  6. KT

    Kershaw 21 pitches after 2
    Burnett 20 pitches after 1
    Hopefully this gets us into their bullpen sooner

  7. KT

    Come Justin get on for Clayton

  8. Carl has been the bright spot in this offense, even with his 0-4 yesterday. Now knock him in guys!

  9. KT

    Nice hit Dre…Come on AJ

  10. KT

    Good job Clayton…come on CC

  11. Anonymous

    I feel more comfortable coming here during games. I hope more guys start showing up though.

    • KT

      me too…I don’t like having the majority of the posts, but I do it so I can attract more people
      No one follows

      • I don’t know if it’s meant to be or not, but it will probably take weeks or months to get a larger group here. Of course, a smaller group can be chummy :)

        • KT

          I know people are noticing and reading but I read every comment on the larger blogs and I see the posts

  12. Anonymous

    I hope Ramirez goes into that 2-spot when he gets back.

    • I imagine they’ll stick him back at 5th. I realize his speed is desireable in the 2-spot but I don’t think Hanley is the kind of hitter that just puts the ball in play to get a guy over. He is more of a free swinger.

  13. KT

    Come on AJ

  14. KT

    Alright come on Luis now would be a perfect time to get your 1st hit

  15. Anonymous

    No moar pop ups!

  16. Luis Cruz had chance for his first unintentional walk since August 29, and with the bases loaded and the count 3-1, popped out … again.

  17. Left side of the Dodger infield now 0 for 31 this season. Eugenio Velez is getting ready to laugh at us.

  18. KT

    Kershaw disappointed they take him out instead of letting him swing away

  19. KT

    I say Paco and Kenley for the win

  20. KT

    Nice hit Carl…just served it up…Mark does the same

  21. Anonymous


  22. At least he didn’t strike out?

  23. Jack Dawkins

    Nice to see we are in midseason form already.

  24. KT

    At least they bring in Paco
    Let’s see if they follow up with Kenley

  25. KT

    Too bad Shoe replaces our offensive threat

  26. Anonymous

    That music does sound pretty loud.

  27. I was hoping McGwire would bring offense with him!

  28. Anonymous

    How about some insurance?

  29. KT

    Come on Gonzo

  30. KT

    Ok Dre Drive him in

  31. Anonymous

    Kenley Jansen looks menacing, ha.

  32. KT

    come on come on come on…please

  33. KT

    he’s trying to hit everything out of the park

  34. I think the ratio of Cruz to boos is beginning to shift…

  35. Anonymous

    If the Kid’s performance is wasted . . .

    C’mon, League!

  36. Anonymous

    I like that hop!

  37. KT

    That looked scary….that jump at the end…I don’t know?

  38. Anonymous

    1 more . . . !

  39. KT

    Good win…Lot of men left on base…soon there won’t be as many stranded

  40. Anonymous


  41. If only we could throw Kershaw or Greinke out there every night.

  42. Anonymous

    “All three wins, they’ve blanked the opposition”

    With this offense, apparently that’s the only way to do it.

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