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April 7 game chat

Pirates at Dodgers, 1:10 p.m.

Carl Crawford, LF
Nick Punto, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Jerry Hairston Jr., RF
Juan Uribe, 3B
Tim Federowicz, C
Justin Sellers, SS
Hyun-Jin Ryu, P


Kershaw lovely and amazing again in 1-0 Dodger victory


Player of the game: Juan Uribe


  1. KT

    Looks like some runs

  2. Anonymous

    Wonder how Fedex will go now he has been made redundant?

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps he should be known as UPS.

      • KT

        Are you trying to put UPS down…sorry much better than the other package carriers

        • Anonymous

          Maybe I should have said that he won’t get his UPS in the big leagues. (No insult intended to UPS.)

  3. KT

    Great play Juanito!1

  4. KT

    Alright let’s get those runs back

  5. KT


  6. KT

    Come on AGon

  7. KT

    Got those runs back quickly ^_^

  8. Good inning for Ryu, but so far I’m a bit nervous watching him pitch.

    • KT

      It’s like he likes to put men on base so he can work on getting out of jams

  9. KT

    Come on Nick move him over or drive him in

  10. KT

    Worked like a charm

  11. Anonymous

    Just tuned in — glad to see the Blue are scoring . . . and the Bison is instrumental in that!

  12. Anonymous

    It’s not just the Dodgers. Besides Sellers (13 at bats) and Cruz (17), there were three other players who began today with 10 or more AB and no hits — Amarista (14) of San Diego, old friend Martin (14) of Pittsburgh and Belt (10) of San Francisco. Besides Kemp, there were 14 other players with 13 or more AB and only one hit.

    • Anonymous

      With Belt, I think we might be seeing the real thing.

      • Anonymous

        Your track record with these sorts of comments is not as good as Belt’s current OPS. He hit .275 last season and .410 in spring training; do you really think he will hit .000 this year.

        • Anonymous

          Am I not allowed to be facetious? In reality, I think he’s about what he showed last year, which is Loney quality 1B.

  13. KT

    Nice start JH jr

  14. KT

    Alright Justin break the snide and drive in Juanito

  15. Sellers is the worst.

  16. As @DodgersGM tweeted last night: “Justin Sellers did not make the team because of his offensive skills, it was his motorcycle riding skills.”

  17. Cardinals are pushing Cain around right now.

  18. KT

    5-2 cards over Gnats

  19. KT

    Come on CC start it off again

  20. Stolen base anyone?

  21. KT

    And they were saying he hated to lead off…CC says I like to leadoff…they just assumed I didn’t

  22. Can Punto play short?

  23. KT

    good eye Matty

  24. Kemp needs to take some pitches.

  25. KT

    Gonzo trying to stretch the single into a double out easily but score now 4-2…YES!!

  26. Hairston looking like Pence out in LF on that play.

  27. KT

    That was scary looking…good recovery though

  28. I wonder how many pitches Mattingly lets Ryu throw?

  29. Nice punchout!!

  30. Anonymous

    Nice way to end his outing.

  31. KT

    Come on front row people

  32. Holy mole, Ryu is back out there to start the 7th?

  33. One more strikeout of Alvarez for good measure, good start for Ryu.

  34. KT

    Not a bad outing for RYU…kept us in the game

  35. KT

    Thought Gonzo should have had that one

  36. Ellis in the game to make an immediate impact. Love that dude’s glove.

  37. Well I’ll be…

  38. Wow what a way to break a hitless streak Sellers! I take back everything bad I’ve been thinking and saying about you today.

  39. KT

    JUSTIN’s 1st Hit!! Now he’ll be swing for the fences all the time

    • Anonymous

      that is the first unkind comment I have seen ever seen from you KT.

      • KT

        I didn’t think it was unkind…it’s just a tendency I see with the “little” guys when they finally break out of a slump with an HR that they tend to try for it more often then just hitting the ball hard….Wasn’t trying to put sellers down. I like his style of play, just wish he would hit a little more
        Maybe it wasn’t a totally positive comment Mike…I’ll give you that…I try to keep everything positive

  40. Does Kemp go out before each game and get his left shoulder-point dirty? How does he DO that?

    • KT

      pine tar

      • You think? I suppose getting it on your right hand and then doing some kind of complicated chest-slapping routine would have that effect.

        • KT

          are you talking about the approximate 4×2 strip on the back of his left shoulder if not I didn’t notice.

    • Anonymous

      I heard it’s from a stretch he does before the game.

  41. KT

    Nice Adrian!!

  42. Anonymous

    A fellow named gerrylovesnathalie has a post under Fanposts at truebluela. ( I know it’s a fellow since I saw his picture). The title is Why I Don’t Love the Dodgers Anymore. I guessed the reason was because they are so rich but no it was because the team has not been good. Someone replied they hope Nathalie never lets herself go- very clever.

  43. KT

    I call next game!! Going to Tuesday’s opener at Petco…Anybody gets on third base you guys will see my daughter and I

  44. KT

    Yes JP

  45. KT


  46. Good sweep. Keep waking up those bats boys.

  47. Anonymous

    just got to work, I don’t know what gives me more joy, us winning or the Gnats getting pasted at home!

  48. Anonymous

    after 6 games I think 4-2 is an Ok start, especially since we haven’t really hit much as a team and I think Kemp batting 0.100 (and Punto batting 0.600 !) is not quite normal :)

    • KT

      we’ll be fine…I’m think 2 out of 3 from SD if not a sweep

      • Anonymous

        we should manage that.
        I better get some work done, catch you all then

  49. Anonymous

    now 14-2 St Louis :)

    • Anonymous

      Very disappointed that Brandi Belt got first hit of season, though.

      • Anonymous

        At least Sellers can say his first hit meant something!

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