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Dodgers survive a League of his moan, 4-3

So Chad Billingsley was the pregame worry, but in the end it was pins and needles with Brandon League.

It’s Jackie Robinson week, but instead we got the ghost of Mickey Owen.

Despite 17 baserunners tonight, the Dodgers’ final pitch of the game came with the tying and winning runs in motion on the bases for the Padres during a full-count pitch from League. But the last swing by Yonder Alonso sent a pop fly to the glove of backup left fielder Skip Schumaker, and Los Angeles hung on to a 4-3 victory.

The game offered little you could rely upon except Carl Crawford pounding the ball and the Dodgers leaving runners on base.

After the Dodgers stranded their 10th, 11th and 12th runners on base in the top of the ninth, League entered with a 4-1 lead and gave up a one-out double and two two-out singles for a run. He then struck out Chris Denorfia for what would have been the final out of the game, had the ball not eluded A.J. Ellis for a passed ball and another run.

League got two strikes on Alonso before the Padre worked the count full. With their stomachs lurching, Dodger fans instead got a dose of Pepto from the final out.

That preserved Billingsley’s first victory of the year and seventh in a row dating back to last season. After a leadoff walk, Billingsley sailed through the first three innings on barely 30 pitches, before falling out of sync in the fourth and fifth innings. But he kept the damage to a single run, and pushed through a sixth inning before calling it a night after 94 pitches. He allowed eight baserunners in all while striking out three.

Crawford homered on the second pitch of the game and tripled before scoring his second run in the fifth inning. Ellis hit a two-run homer in the second. Every Dodger position player who started had at least a hit, including the previously hitless Luis Cruz, who had two.


As Billingsley returns, do armchair therapists lurk?


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  1. Oh Jon, that title… More like a League of his groan.

  2. Man, both League and Jansen were worryingly wobbly tonight. And then AJ with that passed ball on what would’ve been strike 3, oy vey. But on plus side, yeah Chad looked pretty darned good considering it was his first time back and he hadn’t a ton of warm-ups in the Spring. Now once the Dodgers actually start knocking all those baserunners (which I truly believe they will soon) look out!

  3. Anonymous

    Somewhere I’m sure it’s Broxton’s fault.

    No, the big story was Bills working through his rustiness. And Crawford, wow.

  4. KT

    Link Here is the guide with Oceanic cable listed:

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for this. I’ll try again Friday. I have TWC in L. A., but spent half an hour surfing up and down channels to no avail.

      • TWC Cable in LA is on channel 700. The program guide won’t say MLB Baseball though, it read “3D Events” for me.

    • Anonymous

      My alternate channel resulted in the Padre broadcast. Fortunately, Dick Enberg is not a terrible alternative.

  5. Mr. Weisman, I’m confused. I thought you had give up on the blog and your fans last year? Now you’re back? I’m not complaining as I’ve missed your daily Dodger writing. Are you here to stay? I don’t think I can take another breakup!

    Also, “Pepto in Petco” last night was really burning a whole in my stomach. Why can’t we just win in some sort of what I consider a “normal” way. I keep thinking we are some day going to just bust out and start winning like we mean it.

    • Now “Pepto in Petco” would have been a great headline!

      I’m taking it day to day. Even yesterday, I wasn’t sure I would get anything up on the site. I’m not making any big pronouncements because I’m not committed to a return yet. But thanks for reading …

      • Anonymous

        Jon, no need to commit to anything. If you commit here, the writing is more likely to become a burden again. Just post when it’s life-giving for you. We would rather have you post less often when it’s good for you than have you post more often and burn out again.

        • Anonymous

          Here here! I agree. Every post is a bonus, so, absolutely no pressure, Jon.

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