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Kershaw CLX: Kershawneas and Ferb

Cardinals at Dodgers, 1:10 p.m.

Carl Crawford, LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Andre Ethier, RF
A.J. Ellis, C
Skip Schumaker, CF
Juan Uribe, 3B
Dee Gordon, SS
Clayton Kershaw, P


Livestream of consciousness


Dodgers on historic pace of futility with bases loaded


  1. KT

    Chores are done…time to cruise the sports sites before the game>

  2. Anonymous

    Dodgers fans becoming the first people ever to say, “We should be starting Nick Punto!”

    • KT

      He’s going to be important to the win as a substitution…key hit

  3. How hard did Mattingly have to work to persuade Matt to take a day off?

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if it has anything to do with Matt’s reaction to the double switch yesterday?

    • Anonymous

      He has to prepare himself mentally to face Joe Blanton.

  4. Anonymous

    Let’s get the Kid some support!

  5. KT

    Nice eye Carl

  6. Anonymous

    Good start (I have to leave to get ready for work – hope I find good news when I get there)

  7. Anonymous


  8. KT


  9. Anonymous

    I am guessing Adrian Gonzalez is no longer slumping.

  10. Anonymous

    Agon has to be comfort to Matt, knowing there IS life after that surgery.

  11. Anonymous

    Can I leave safely now (I took 1 last peek !) :)

    • KT

      good for you…now you can leave with a smile

    • Anonymous

      Wait and peek some more –hopefully with the same result! :)

  12. Anonymous

    Once again, it’s the Boston connection giving them the runs.

  13. KT

    Well we won that inning

  14. Anonymous

    This does not bode well, especially the two walks. .

  15. I’m glad Crawford stopped running on that Freese broken bat “double”.

    • KT

      He never saw it…definitely lost it in the stands…probably never made it into the dark area above the fans where you can pick it up

  16. Boy it’s fun watching Holiday play left field.

  17. KT

    Holiday having trouble picking that ball up

  18. Anonymous

    Kershaw’s batting average at the moment still higher than his ERA: .174 to 1.67.

  19. foul tip

    If the team pulls this one out it will have won 4 of its last 5 series. If so, maybe some wailing and gnashing of teeth about the record and the epidemic of injuries, Mattingly, RISP, Kemp/Ethier, the pen, and other scapegoats will subside. Two of those series wins would be v Washington and St. Louis.

    Lost in dodging all the pieces of sky that surely were about to fall is that the 2 “weak” links of the starting staff–Cap and Lilly–each have allowed no more than one earned run over at least 5 IP two of their last 3 times out. Lilly may have to be held together with bailing wire, but maybe the 2 “crafty” lefties have some mileage left.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s hope this is the case!

    • Anonymous

      And how efficient of the Dodgers to do it – if they are able to do it (I’m hopeful!) – in the minimal number of wins. Sadly, their record would only be 8-7 in that time.
      All that said, I agree that it could be a sign of things turning around.

  20. This time Crawford on the good end of a bloop double!

  21. KT

    Must be a sea of white along the 1st base line…too many balls being lost in the stands

  22. KT

    Come on MEllis

  23. Great gold glove play from Kershaw to get that double play. Nice turn from Dee too.

  24. KT

    Nice Play Gonzo!!

  25. KT

    Nice hit Clayton!!

  26. Anonymous

    Kershaw’s batting average, .200. His ERA, 1.61.

  27. KT

    Nice Carl!

  28. KT


  29. Anonymous

    Com’on Unibear!

  30. KT


  31. Anonymous

    How many crazy doubles have there been today?

  32. Anonymous

    Interesting strategy here by the Cards…

  33. Anonymous

    Oh Kersh!

  34. Dang, can’t believe they scored on that.

  35. KT

    Come on Gonzo…bring him home

  36. KT

    Let’s go Dre

  37. KT

    Bases loaded on the HBP

  38. Anonymous

    Good strategy to sacrifice with no out and a speedy runner in scoring postiion?

  39. Anonymous

    C’mon, Skip . . . PLEASE!

  40. Anonymous

    Frustration, thy name is the 2013 Dodger “offense.”

  41. Anonymous

    Some things are shocking: Kershaw gives up 4 earned runs for first time in 23 games.
    Some are not: Gonzalez is the Dodger batting MVP thus far . . . the rest of the offense stinks in the clutch.

  42. Anonymous

    Pirates might have a winning season “For the first time since Adam and Eve”

  43. Anonymous

    Perfect bunt, ballsy.

    And now the Bison.

  44. KT

    Come on Matt

  45. Matt Kemp should not be running slower than Kershaw down the first base line.

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t see it — if it’s an injury, that’s one thing. If it’s lack of hustle, this is the old Kemp Coletti called out once upon a time.

      • I can’t honestly say if Kemp was slower, but it sure looked like Kershaw tried a lot harder on his infield single earlier. If you’re struggling like Kemp, shouldn’t you be running even harder? It’s just frustrating.

        • Anonymous

          I agree completely. His shoulder shouldn’t affect his legs. And I knew Kershaw’s drive is intense.

  46. Anonymous

    RHP Rosenthal has much better #’s against LHH both this year and last (which is his ML career so far) but Mattingly ph’s Punto hitting left for Uribe hitting right. I don’t mind it in this specific case but he does this sort of thing often with seemingly no thought to the pitchers’ actual splits.

  47. Anonymous

    just arrived at work, another game of many missed opportunities I see!

    • Anonymous

      Deja vu, huh?

      • Anonymous

        I thought should have Clayton batted with bases loaded and 1 out. I then thought, ‘well he is just as likely to get a base hit than anyone we had on the bench (including Kemp as it turned out later!)

        • Anonymous

          I didn’t hear it live and it’s easy to second guess, but I’m sure I would have been happy to see the Kid up there . . . he definitely has been more clutch than many of the “hitters.”

    • KT

      How long does it take you to get to work?

      • Anonymous

        Only half hour, but unfortunately I have responsibilities other than baseball :) (both at home and at work!)

        • KT

          I know the life of being semi-retired is rough

          • Anonymous

            I should have said ‘arrived at ‘DT’ rather than ‘arrived at work!’

  48. Anonymous

    Can we dare to dream!

  49. Anonymous

    Just tuned in. Dang, missed my change at seeing the Minotaur be fully human. Maybe next year.

  50. Jason Ungar

    Ellis with RISP .412. Gonzo .436. leadoff double and u take bat out of their hands, give away an out to get the guy further into scoring position so Ethier .156risp, ellis .207 risp or Schumaker at .148 risp can get their shot. Sometimes u have to manage by feel, numbers be damned.

  51. Anonymous

    Mattingly almost never passes up the opportunity to bunt…except when there’s a runner on third and fewer than two outs. Someone might correct me, but I can’t recall his ever calling for a squeeze. Admittedly, squeezing with the bases loaded would be unconventional, but Kershaw is probably the team’s best bunter and surprise is the whole idea – if A.J. is running with the pitch, he probably gets it down and the Dodgers take the lead.

    • Anonymous

      The Dodgers haven’t had a successful squeeze this year. They had two last year. One by AJ Ellis and one by Adam Kennedy.

      • Anonymous

        OK, thanks for the info. Do you recall whether they have even attempted a squeeze this year?

  52. Anonymous

    This proves anyone can be off their game . . . but how many times this year would Kershaw have dreamt of the Dodgers giving him as may as 3 runs?

  53. Anonymous

    this ridiculous lack of translation “The Dodgers signed the 160-pound left-hander last August, just 11 days after he became eligible on his 16th birthday. The Dodgers purchased his
    rights from Diablos Rojos del Mexico — the Mexico City Reds — of the Mexican League.”
    from this story:

    • Anonymous

      Quite a debut in any event.

      • After much searching, it appears that the young man is the younger brother of José Lima. Can there be a renewal of Lima Time?

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