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Memorial Day game chat

Angels at Dodgers, 5:10 p.m.

Nick Punto, SS
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Scott Van Slyke, RF
Ramon Hernandez, C
Jerry Hairston Jr., LF
Luis Cruz, 3B
Zack Greinke, P

• Hairston was activated from the disabled list, with Dee Gordon going to Albuquerque.

• With a 7-15 record so far in May, the Dodgers need to go 4-1 in the month’s final five games to avoid their worst May in Los Angeles.

• The Dodgers have not won or lost two games in a row since May 18-19.

Luis Cruz has played in 162 career games going into tonight’s start. His last appearance was May 17.

• According to Eric Stephen on Twitter, Josh Beckett experienced numbness in fingers and has had his throwing program temporarily shut down, and Scott Elbert’s “never-ending rehab assignment” moves to Albuquerque on Wednesday.

• Awaiting word on whether A.J. Ellis is just having a day off today, or whether Sunday’s hit-by-pitch will sideline him for any duration.

I’m never able to put this in the proper perspective, but my best wishes to you on this Memorial Day.


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  1. According to Eric Stephen, AJ was taking early BP today along with Dee. That would make me believe he must not be too badly injured. Though Dee was then sent down today so taking early BP may not be a positive sign.

  2. Anonymous

    Something should be said about tonight’s lineup. It has to be the worst lineup Donnie has put out yet. I think it is painfully obvious that its time for him to go.

    • Anonymous

      If it is at all possible, it is certainly our “B” team

      • Anonymous

        Not that the “A” team has been much to write home about . . . at least to write favorably.

      • KT

        Maybe a little different spice to shake things up

    • Anonymous

      Amazing how many combination of players can be used when you have a team that is the best money can buy

    • Anonymous

      There are 4 choices in the line-up: Hairston for Crawford, SVS for Ethier, Cruz for Uribe, Hernandez for AJ Ellis. All are reasonable switches; the surprise is all 4 in one game. But AJ Ellis just had 2 possible injury causing plays and played in all 3 games vs the Cardinals; Crawford is 3 for 21 against Wilson with 7 K’s but also with a HR and 4 RBI’s. SVS for Ethier is due to Ethier’s poor hitting vs LHP for many years but admittedly this year he is about equal in his splits, Uribe is 4 for last 22 but likely Mattingly thought Cruz was leaving when Hairston came back since he stayed he needs to play esp if Uribe is slumping.

      • Anonymous

        “Uribe is slumping” is a pretty amazing statement when you think about it.

  3. Anonymous

    Greinke will need to pitch a shutout

  4. Anonymous

    Mattingley should have managed in the minors before the majors. No one cares who he plays. I know that if I didn’t get to see more than 1 or 2 games a year and that lineup was out for my game. I would not be happy.

  5. KT

    hit the palm of the glove…generous scoring

  6. Anonymous

    That official scorer should be relieved of duties.

  7. Anonymous

    Are the Keystone Kops playing?

  8. Good grief. I’m ready to give up.

    • Anonymous

      Me too. This looks like a last place team.

  9. Anonymous

    Hernandez passed ball and throw wasn’t mattingly’s fault. Hernandez playing instead of Fedex is somebody’s fault however.

  10. Really embarrassing thus far.

  11. Could this game have started much worse? Was hoping for a pleasing end to Memorial Day weekend…

    • Well, if you really imagine hard . . . Greinke could have failed to get any outs at all, taken a line drive off his hand resulting in broken fingers, Kemp could have crashed into a wall, and so on. ;)

  12. Anonymous

    5 outs. Going to be a long day

  13. KT

    Great Play Shredder!!

  14. Every ball hit was a rocket, too. This doesn’t bode well.

  15. Anonymous

    I was out of town over the holiday weekend and consciously decided not to pay any attention to the Dodgers-Cardinals series or learn of the results. Returned this afternoon and saw they had gone 1-2, sparing myself some aggravation. Just saw what is happening in the first inning tonight. No surprise there. About to take another hiatus from the Dodgers, not sure how long it will be. I highly recommended it.

    • I was thinking of doing the same. Being a little superstitious myself, maybe a few days off will help the team win when I’m not watching.

  16. Anonymous

    What if we all lit a candle all at the same time?

    • Anonymous

      Unlike the Dodgers, we would start a fire

  17. Anonymous

    Mary Hart smart to arrive in second inning, assuming she still comes to the games.

  18. Anonymous


  19. Anonymous

    Again?! Does this guy score little league games?

  20. Anonymous

    A minimum of 5 more outs this inning. Embarrassing.

  21. Anonymous

    Too hot to handle

  22. Man. I think I’ll look up start times for “Gatsby” this afternoon.

  23. KT

    Punto getting banged up in the legs twice that inning

  24. Anonymous

    Can’t even get an out right

  25. Anonymous

    Punto is RGIII

  26. Anonymous

    Sending a message to the Angels telling them who owns this town

  27. KT

    Nice Gonzo!!

  28. Anonymous

    Curious. Watching Dodger broadcast. Is Ethier in the dugout?

  29. KT

    Alright Zach!

  30. KT

    Matty should be batting 7th until his strength returns

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. But even with this lineup?

      • KT

        He needs to go for singles only…too much pressure in the 3 hole to try to hit the ball hard over someone’s head

    • Anonymous

      Maybe he should grow his hair long like Sampson from the Bible. It gave him his strength!

  31. Anonymous

    looking at some minor league stuff on-line happened to be hit with Rubby starts tonight

  32. Jerry has not looked good in the outfield. If he at least hits a cut off man there Trout is out at third.

  33. Anonymous

    This could get ugly (or uglier)

  34. Anonymous

    Trying to follow this game with one ear. With a home game, crowd noise is usually a good indicator that somethng good is happening. Not so much today.

  35. Anonymous

    Let Ethier pitch.

  36. The way Gonzalez is hitting (this week; I know about his slump), we could play “if only” with Kemp and Ethier if they remembered how to hit above .250 with power.

  37. Anonymous

    I’ll pretend I didn’t notice Harang pitched a complete game shutout for the Mariners today

  38. Anonymous

    If Dodgers win tonight ice cream’s on me.

  39. KT

    My brother had a friend go to a special event at DS right after spring training. He had him bring a ball for signatures for a birthday present for my daughter this Friday. My dad said the ball has a lot of autographs but he could only make out 1. That 1 would be Yaisel Puig…Nice!!

    • Anonymous

      The Cuban educational system demands excellent penmanship.

  40. KT

    That swing reminds me of someone I used to know

  41. KT


  42. KT


  43. Anonymous

    Matt Kemp’s problems: Not enough spitting and not enough pine tar.

  44. KT

    Come on Matty

  45. Anonymous

    I’m afraid the only 50/50 we’ll see from Matt this year is Ks from righties and lefties . . . and then some. :(

  46. KT


  47. Anonymous

    MVP Agon!!!

  48. Anonymous

    Angels in the outfield!

  49. Anonymous


  50. Anonymous

    Forget the salaries, play the players who produce!

  51. Oh my… Van Slyke doing it well today.

  52. Anonymous

    Give me Slyke or give me death.

    • Anonymous

      This year has sure seemed like the latter!

      • Anonymous

        Sure has. If Don benches SVS now I’m going to freak.

  53. El Cuero

    Great inning, we got to enjoy the small victories….

    • Anonymous


      • El Cuero

        I read in a book about the development of baseball in Cuba and it mentioned that in the early 1900s the games were looked at as stand alone events. That is how I am looking at the 2013 Dodger season, one game at a time – if not I might go nuts…

        • Anonymous

          Nice approach. I don’t even care how far back they are in the standings. While it’s nice that they aren’t as buried as the Angels were, that shouldn’t matter until they at least reach “the rarefied air of .500” (Vinny’s words from a pathetic season gone-by).

    • Anonymous

      I actually rooted out loud!

  54. Really glad I didn’t give up and shut it off. We’ve got a ball game now!

  55. Anonymous

    Kemp needs to sit. He’s messed up. Why Dodger leadership doesn’t see this is a mystery to me.

    • El Cuero

      If he is not injured, he has to figure it out… It will be interesting to watch it unfold. I was at the game Saturday and the boo birds were out for Matt.

      • Anonymous

        Understand but disagree — he needs to sit.

        • Anonymous

          At the VERY least, move him down in the order. I agree that there’s too much pressure on him in the 3 or 4 slot.

        • El Cuero

          That would make sense… I would love to get a MLB scouts take on Kemp’s struggles… I can not guess as a fan.

  56. El Cuero

    I don’t remember a Dodger defense and bullpen being this poor in quite a few seasons.

  57. Anonymous

    They can’t stand success . . . even if that success means merely tying the game.

  58. Anonymous

    3 errors and that’s not even counting at least two more which could’ve been called that.

    • Anonymous

      Lack of focus. Don’t understand why. Jon always says the game is difficult. Obviously it is. But this is crazy — 40 errors.

      • Anonymous

        I’m sure it doesn’t help shuttling new people/new positions every day.

  59. El Cuero

    Nice inning by Javy…

  60. Anonymous

    Now let’s take the lead!!!!

  61. KT

    Javy looked good!!

  62. Anonymous

    Just got home. What the what? We’re tied at six after being down 6-1? Nice.

  63. KT


  64. Cruz and Uribe: Rally starters? Who woulda thunk?

    • El Cuero

      Works for me… Actually fun watching the Dodgers tonight.

  65. El Cuero

    Hahah, we all get great joy from the once would be cast off Uribe…

  66. Anonymous

    pre-game story from dodgers web-site:

    LOS ANGELES — Outfielder Matt Kemp returned to the Dodgers’ lineup
    on Monday night as manager Don Mattingly stacked the order with
    right-handed bats to counter Angels left-handed starter C.J. Wilson.

    The right-handed-heavy lineup featured Jerry Hairston Jr., activated
    from the disabled list, and Scott Van Slyke, feeling better from a stiff
    neck, at the corner-outfield spots in place of left-handers Carl
    Crawford and Andre Ethier. Crawford is 3-for-21 (.143) in his career
    against Wilson.

    “Carl has been getting after it pretty good for us,” Mattingly said.
    “Dre is a little bit banged up, but it really didn’t have anything to do
    with that. He was ready to play today.”

    Mattingly said he especially wanted to get Van Slyke back in the
    lineup. The rookie entered Monday hitting .261 with three homers, two
    doubles and six RBIs in 10 games.

    “I feel like he’s had good at-bats, been a little dangerous,” Mattingly said.

    Ramon Hernandez started at catcher in place of A.J. Ellis, who has
    struck out in seven of nine at-bats since he was involved in a collision
    at home plate with the Cardinals’ Jon Jay on Friday. Ellis went 0-for-3
    on Sunday, his third start in as many days.

    “I felt like I went a day too long yesterday with [Ellis],” Mattingly said.

    Luis Cruz, hitting .096, started at third base for the first time since May 17.

  67. AJ with the pinch hit sac fly!

  68. KT

    AJ with the SAC!!

  69. El Cuero

    There we go, a sacrifice fly… Good to even see that!

  70. AJ is staying in! Iron Man.

  71. Now we worry about the bullpen. (Yeah, yeah, glass half-empty. I know, I know.)

  72. KT

    Just got a call from my brother…That birthday present ball that I mentioned earlier is signed by the whole team

  73. El Cuero

    Well, maybe we will hit the 10 run mark tonight?

  74. Man I cringe when Belli turns to throw at second…

    • El Cuero

      I cringe when he walks through the bullpen gates ont the field…

  75. KT

    Order up…who ordered the DP

  76. El Cuero

    Son has taken over the tube to watch Disney Jr, you guys and gals are now my eyes and ears…

    • KT

      My son is upstairs watching the same channel

      • El Cuero

        He likes baseball, but at 2 years old – Little Einstein wins every time.

  77. Anonymous

    Angels’ pitcher played exclusively in independent ball in ’05, ’07, ’08, ’09 except for 1 game in Milw. org in ’08. no stats at all for ’06. That’s grit
    last one not new one

  78. Anonymous

    Odd to be pessimistic about Kemp leading off. Looking for Gonzalez and Van Slyke to do some damage.

  79. Tough to boo Kemp after that K, that pitch was nasty.

  80. KT


  81. KT

    Good eye Dre
    Come on JH jr

  82. KT

    JH Jr!!!!

  83. Getting contributions from everywhere!

    Except Kemp… :(

  84. Anonymous

    Coello, he with the nasty pitch to K Kemp looking, was drafted by the Reds in ’04 but has no stats until ’07 well after the Reds released him. I’ve never seen that before. Parts of 3 summers in organized ball with no minor league stats.

  85. Wow what a play! Hard to tell if he actually tagged him. I’ll take it!

  86. KT

    I think he missed him

  87. Anonymous

    Andre to Adrian!

  88. KT

    Juanito 3-3

  89. Anonymous

    Hope Mattingly sticks with Jansen in the ninth.

    • Anonymous

      Amen! This would be a tough one to lose by League . . . or anyone.

  90. KT

    If any time we need matty to come through…now would be good

  91. Anonymous

    Smart play by Juan!

  92. League coming in to face Pujols, Trumbo, and Hamilton in a one run game…. I’m not nervous at all…

  93. Anonymous

    Does he look as bad as he sounds? Matt, that is.

  94. Anonymous

    Did we expect anything else from Matt than a ‘struck out swinging’

  95. Anonymous

    I’m so feeling for Matty.

  96. Rough day for Kemp, I don’t expect anything from him anymore. At least he could try to make the pitcher work.

  97. I’m not sure news of Kemp being able to start lifting more really matters if the guy isn’t even hitting singles. Or making contact for that matter.

  98. KT

    DP time

  99. Anonymous

    In a game where the offense overcame a 5-run lead, is it too much to ask for League to shut them down?

  100. Hoping Brandon “Minor” League gets the save.

  101. Anonymous

    Not sure I can watch. Wake me when it’s over?

  102. KT

    BALL GAME!!!!

    • Anonymous

      YOu’re ahead of me but I’ll take your word for it . . . woohoo!

  103. What a satisfying victory after such a terrible start!

  104. I’m surprised we won. damm!

  105. Anonymous

    Wow — to see Belli as the winning pitcher . . . and League with the save! We need everyone to contribute, so I’m glad!

    • KT

      maybe the turning point…hanley’s due back soon.#Wins

      • Anonymous

        Hope so — I just posted the same above. :)

  106. Anonymous


  107. Anonymous

    I’ve thought this several times before, but maybe THIS is the turning point?

    • Besides Greinke getting hit pretty hard and Kemp looking lost at the plate, it did end up feeling pretty good.

      • Anonymous

        They did it with the patchwork lineup . . . I said it earlier tonight, but play the players who produce, regardless of the salaries!

  108. El Cuero

    That’s the type of win that seems to have been missing for the Blue Crew, a good come for behind rally…

  109. Anonymous

    What a great way to end this extended weekend. The Dodgers make it interesting, don’t they? Well, just enough time for this old man to paddle out and get some waves. Aloha ahi’ahi.

  110. Anonymous

    Breaking the Angels’ 8 game winning streak feels pretty fine as well.

  111. El Cuero

    Been fun chatting with you all soon, hope to be back soon.

  112. 180-plus comments – for DT 2013, that’s high. People must have gotten into this one!


    • Anonymous

      Almost certainly the season’s most interesting game, starting as farce but transforming itself into drama.

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