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Flesh wounds and more

With A.J. Ellis headed to the disabled list today and Matt Magill coming up to give Hyun-Jin Ryu’s ailing foot more time to heal, let’s take a quick snapshot of the projected 2013 Dodger regular lineup.

C – A.J. Ellis, .364 on-base percentage, .369 slugging, leading majors with 12 of 25 basestealers caught, on disabled list.
1B – Adrian Gonzalez, mostly healthy all season and hitting: .382 on-base percentage, .503 slugging.
2B – Mark Ellis, .265/.227 in 50 plate appearances with two errors since coming off the disabled list.
SS – Hanley Ramirez, 12 plate appearances in 2013 but likely to return next week.
3B – Luis Cruz, .152/.149  in 93 plate appearances, with teammates’ injuries keeping his tenure alive.
LF – Carl Crawford, .358/.470, playing in 51 of 54 games despite being nagged by injuries.
CF – Matt Kemp, .305/.335 with two homers, 14 walks and 60 strikeouts in 51 games. DIsabled.
RF – Andre Ethier, .332/.369, 5 for 34 with four walks since May 20.

Scott Van Slyke (.326/.667 in 46 plate appearances), Nick Punto (.391/.374 in 136 plate appearances) and Juan Uribe (.394/.414 in 104 plate appearances) have tried to pick up the slack. If you add up their plate appearances, they account for about 1.25 players.

Dodgers at Rockies, 1:10 p.m.


June 1 game chat




  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for not reminding us of the pitchers…

  2. Anonymous

    I feel like I should go back to 2005. Those were good times.

  3. tonmeister1974

    Yeah got it…lots of injuries, but everyone’s got injuries…yanks and red sox have injuries but they’re 1st and 2nd place in a.l. east…somehow they find ways to stay competitive. This team has guven up…no dramatic mid-season turnarounds here..we’re not the rockies…gosh I long for the days of Jim Tracy…

    • Anonymous

      What is it that suggests to you that the team has given up? They just split two extra inning games with the Rox. I can understand if you might have given up, would be the last to blame you, but why the need to project? Jim Tracy is always fun.

  4. Anonymous

    I wonder if all the injuries cause clubs to play players who should be rested for a few days and they don’t want to DL them for 15 days. Back in the days when I followed the NFL, 40 or 50 years ago, it seems to me they had a “floating roster” of 50 or 60 players but they could only activate 40 for each game. (The remainder were on the “taxi squad”, (So called because Paul Brown who originated the idea owned a taxi cab company in Cleveland and he used the non-activated players as cab drivers.) It would be a good thing if the Players Association pushed for the clubs to increase the Major League Roster to 28 or allow each club to have a floating ‘taxi squad of an additional 5 players which they could use at any time to replace one of the 25 players without any of the present call up option restrictions. Actually more simple than my explanation.

    • Anonymous

      the players association has pushed for larger rosters, the owners have countered with how about 24

      • Anonymous

        Larger rosters, but eliminate the DH.

  5. Anonymous

    At least it took the 2nd pitch to go out.

  6. KT


  7. Anonymous

    The Dodgers started today’s game with the lowest fielding percentage in the major leagues.

  8. KT

    Nice Juan!

  9. Anonymous

    In the tape of the play at third on Schu he looks clearly out at first view but clearly safe on the other view and that is the better view

    • KT

      which 2 views are you comparing and which one does he look safe?

    • Anonymous

      The problem is we can only see two dimensional pictures on TV. One angle allows us to clearly define when the tag is made but we cannot tell exactly when he reaches the base. The other camera clearly shows him reaching the base but fails to define the tag. It would be nice if Prime Ticket would synch the footage and show it split screen, freezing the picture when whichever relevant action happens first. Don’t expect the umps to endorse this idea.

  10. Anonymous

    On my way home from Seattle. Maybe need to change my username to nomoreinjuries?! Yikes.

  11. Uh-huh. Another wasted guy at 2nd with none out.

    My only consolation is that the players and coaches and manager and front office have all got to be even more frustrated than the fans are.

  12. So who’s ready for Puig’s debut tomorrow night??

  13. So we’re just gonna leave Magill in there no matter how many walks and home runs he gives out?

    • Anonymous

      that’s what Lyons said in pre-game

  14. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela 49s

    Nobody in MLB since 1916 has allowed 4 HR while walking 9 … until Matt Magill today

    • Anonymous

      was it a Dodger? i.e. Robin, I should have remembered they finished first that year

      • KT

        He didn’t say but Steve Carlton in ’71 had 3 home runs allow and 10 walks

  15. I do feel bad for the guy, he looks like somebody just killed his dog sitting in that dugout.

  16. Anonymous

    Not sorry to be for the most part missing this one. And Puig? Why not?

    • Rumors flying that he will be called up tomorrow after Magill is sent back. We’ll see. I’ve already picked him up in fantasy baseball :)

      • Anonymous

        See, this is what makes baseball fun. Always something to look forward to!

      • Anonymous

        it is official. Puig tomorrow!

  17. Anonymous

    OT, but happy to see Loney doing well in Tampa Bay. 326/394/525/919.

  18. Anonymous

    I admit it. I gave up on the game, but nothing else happened after it got to 7-2. Wish I could splain why this team is so awful.

    • Anonymous

      Critical injuries, exacerbated by faulty bench construction.

      • Anonymous

        Kind of hard to fault the bench for the mess we are in now. Other than Sellers, our bench guys have been very good (Uribe, Punto, SVS) to adequate (Hairston, Hernandez, Schumaker). Sellers is the only bench player who’s hitting worse than Kemp, and half the bench is outperforming Ethier. Not to mention all of MLB is hitting better than Cruz. I would say it’s our non-injured starters who’s been killing us.

        • Anonymous

          I agree

          • Anonymous

            bull-pen is a problem in case you haven’t noticed

          • Anonymous

            Starting pitching could be stronger as well. And the defense… Hitting hasn’t actually been all that terrible, but we need to work on the timing.

          • Anonymous

            Starting pitching is an injury issue, what with Greinke, Beckett, Bills…

          • Anonymous

            I include the bullpen as part of the bench.

          • Anonymous

            my reply was for the laugh and not addressed to you so no explanation needed.
            nice to hear from you though

          • Anonymous

            Fair enough then

          • Anonymous

            I tried to forget :)

  19. Anonymous

    Puig, tomorrow.

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