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The Puig Identity

Padres at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Yasiel Puig, RF
Yasiel Puig, 2B
Yasiel Puig, 1B
Yasiel Puig, C
Yasiel Puig, LF
Yasiel Puig, CF
Yasiel Puig, 3B
Yasiel Puig, SS
Yasiel Puig, P

And on the National Anthem, the Harvard-Westlake School Choir, with my nephew Benny among the singers.




I got this, boys


  1. Anonymous

    I can see an unassisted triple play coming up today then :)

  2. He’ll do The Internationale at the 7th inning stretch, so it’s all good.

    • Anonymous

      La Bayamesa!

      • Had to look it up. It surprises me it survived past Castro’s revolution. Typically the winners like to throw out all appurtenances of the former regime.

      • Anonymous

        I replied to a post of yours in the previous thread, Bob, but am repeating it to increase the chance you see it.
        My opinion is not the same as yours on the black/white question you seem
        to raise here. It is a question of “From everyone to whom much has
        been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded” (Luke 12:48, New Revised Standard Version Bible) expresses my analysis quite well.

    • Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

    What is this…that Bugs Bunny cartoon?

  4. Anonymous

    And this post made me laugh out loud!

  5. foul tip

    So, if several Dodgers race around the bases at the same time, Puigs will be flying?

  6. Anonymous

    Great to have Vin calling the game. (Well, always, of course)

    • KT

      I’m stuck with the Padres feed so I only have him for 3 innings

      • Anonymous

        Beats having Lyons tell us about when he first came up.

  7. Anonymous

    The true slide closer to oblivion this year started with that terrible and injurious series in San Diego.

    Let’s hope the true recovery begins with this series.

    (Tho this is an inauspicious beginning . . . )

  8. KT

    Alright now let’s turn two

  9. KT

    There’s my DP

  10. Anonymous

    I am excited!

  11. Anonymous

    Great start!

  12. Anonymous

    Mariposas, Vin.

  13. Anonymous

    Let the new theme song harken back to the Carpenters . . . “We’ve Only Just Begun” . . .

  14. KT


  15. Anonymous

    My favorite refrain this year . . . Agon — again!

  16. Punto killed Puigsanity… but thank goodness for Agon!

  17. Cursed double-plays.

  18. Anonymous

    Mi compadre Puig! Welcome to L.A. caballo!

  19. Anonymous

    After weeks of speculation and intrigue
    The Dodgers have finally promoted Puig
    He arrives from Cuba
    By way of Chattanooga
    Now we’ll see if Yasiel’s talent is big league.

    • Anonymous

      He is not Cuba’s best, but I think he will be an above replacement player for several years.

    • Anonymous

      He’s got us waxing poetic!

  20. KT

    good quick inning

  21. KT


  22. Van Slyke making sure we don’t forget about him… now if Ethier can do the same.

    • Anonymous

      Van Slyke has been an unsung hero for the Blue Crew. I wonder is he has any possibility of playing 3rd? Could he convert?

  23. Anonymous

    What is the best first major league game at the plate that any of you can remember?

    This one sticks in my memory. I remember getting updates about it from Vinnie on the radio while listening to a Dodger game as a kid at the Santa Monica Beach.

    • Anonymous

      I see that Sparky played in that game.

      • Anonymous

        It was Anderson’s only season in the majors. He batted .218 in 152 games. Far, far better career as a manager, and a heckuva nice guy.

        • Anonymous

          Didn’t like his Reds, though.

          • Anonymous

            The Dodgers-Reds rivalry in the 70s was tenacious. Many great games. The Reds won the pennant in 70, 72, 75 and 76, the Dodgers in 74, 77 and 78. Was there anything better than attending a twilight doubleheader at Dodger Stadium on a summer evening? I wish the Dodgers would schedule at least one of those a year.

          • Anonymous

            I agree they were great rivals. I just didn’t like many of their players, particularly Rose.

          • Anonymous

            One year he said if we beat the Dodgers this year they will have to move to the Philippines and become the Manila Folders

          • KT

            I did because the 1st little league team I played for was the farm reds and I started following them while rooting for the Dodgers…I would root for the Reds when they weren’t playing each other

  24. Anonymous

    Puig’s arrival adds a level of excitement that I haven’t felt since Opening Day, We suffering Dodgers fans need that.

  25. Anonymous

    Puig AB #2 coming up…

  26. KT

    Puig on deck

  27. Anonymous

    Puig looks like a ballplayer! (but, then again, so does Punto)

  28. Anonymous

    Vin didn’t seem too enthusiastic on that 15 dinger thing. Must have felt silly. Wonder who came up with that.

  29. KT

    Ramon/Gonzo combo to get a huge pickoff

  30. KT

    with both the snakes and rocks having lost…time to gain some ground

  31. KT

    Another good inning Stephen

  32. KT

    time to start the offense again…if that means dingers so be it

  33. KT

    two strong throws by Puig

  34. Guys got a gun, that’s for sure.

  35. KT

    good game barney

  36. Anonymous

    I have to admit….
    I kinda hurried home from the office so I could see Puig’s debut.
    Impressive player.
    However, ……………….. IMHO…………… (just by looking at his face)
    Puig is 22 , like Fernando was 18.

  37. Seems like a very premature hook here.

  38. Anonymous

    Pitcher’s friend!

  39. KT

    too puig to handle

  40. KT

    from MSTI…Spark Puig

  41. Anonymous


  42. Anonymous

    Punto needed to make that play.

  43. Anonymous


  44. KT

    Nice…got the DP anyway

  45. Quentin on deck? Go get Kenley!

  46. KT

    Nice play Gonzo!!

  47. Anonymous

    If Stults could pitch against the Dodgers every time, he would still BE a Dodger! But that’s the magical talent the Blue have this year . . . elevating most every pitcher they face.

  48. Anonymous

    C’mon, Andre — tie SVS for HRs.

  49. Anonymous

    Another game in which the bullpen is walking on a tightrope.

  50. KT

    Nice K Kenley

  51. KT

    good inning Kenley

  52. Puig’s first RISP! Come on Yasiel!

  53. Anonymous

    Gee, what kind of baserunning was that by Cruz? He ran right into an out and almost created a DP.

  54. Anonymous

    League? Here’s hoping/

  55. Anonymous

    Why is Ramon Hernandez batting clean-up?

  56. Anonymous

    Uh-oh. Hope this is a good outing for League.

  57. KT

    2 more

  58. KT

    Let’s turn two

  59. KT


  60. Anonymous

    Coño!!!! This kid had hustle, final play reminded me of Mondesi…

  61. Anonymous

    Okay Puig outshines Fife. Puig is – pretty good and enjoyable to watch.

    • Anonymous

      I really liked his hustle down the line in the 9th, and the final play.

  62. Anonymous

    WOW! What a debut!

    • Anonymous

      Very impressive. Two hits and an outfield assist. I might have to upgrade from basic cable just to watch this guy.

  63. Anonymous

    KT, you have the magic touch — you call it, it happens!
    How appropriate Puig is in on the end play!

  64. I like Puig’s hustle’ he plays with speed and intensity.

  65. What a finish. His arm looked even more impressive than his bat tonight.

    • Anonymous

      He seems to blend well with the vets… He was killing me when he was singing the words to his intro song at the plate.

      • That made me laugh. Seems really loose. As long is he is still disciplined that’s great.

        • Anonymous

          For his debut, he seemed to have nice pitch selection at the plate – time will tell…

  66. Anonymous

    He’s not Manny . . . but we’re getting another Ramirez back any day, right? This could start to get exciting!

  67. Anonymous

    Fife’s first major league win.

  68. Anonymous

    Have a very pleasant evening, everyone.

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