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June 15 game chat and a word from a guy whose name is sort of like mine

Bob filling in here.

I’ve already forgotten to include a Clayton Kershaw start nickname once already, so I’ll do it again. Jon can add them retrospectively.

Pittsburgh starter Brandon Cumpton, making his Major League debut, is just eight months younger than Clayton Kershaw.

J.P. Howell, who pitched two innings last night, dropped the appeal of his 2-game suspension and will spend the rest of the series hanging out at some of Pittsburgh’s finer restaurants and taverns. Yasiel Puig ends up in the 2 spot in the lineup today behind leadoff man Skip Schumaker. Andre Ethier goes from 6 to 5. MEllis is 6 and AEllis is 8. Uribear has the third base job today.

I’m proposing a new theme song for the 2013 Dodgers.

Dodgers at Pirates, 1:05 p.m.


Dodgers holding on nine


Dodgers strike the Jolly Roger with a great deal of trouble


  1. Anonymous

    I think they pulled away the welcome mat.

  2. Retroactively?

  3. Anonymous

    Who’s managing? Can’t be Mattingly, that lineup is too far above his intelligence level…

  4. Bah. KCAL only.

  5. This kid making fools of our Dodgers, I think I’ve seen this before…

  6. Clayton has to be frustrated after Sanchez appeared to strike out twice.

  7. Anonymous

    Unlike Cumpton, Kershaw has to prove himself to the umps.

  8. KT


  9. What are they doing out there?

  10. Anonymous

    McGwire really gets results.

  11. Anonymous

    Too bad we released Hernandez yesterday, today we could trade him for another washed-up disgruntled catcher, Miguel Oliva, soon to be an ex-Marlin.

  12. This ump is terrible. He has given every close pitch to Cumpton while giving none to Kershaw. Pretty amazing really.

  13. Anonymous

    I think I know what Mattingly had in mind with today’s batting order: Kershaw singles, Schumacher sacrifices him to second and Puig drives him home. But he forgot to tell Clayton he had to pitch a shutout…

  14. KT

    Alright AJ!!
    Come on Clayton

  15. KT


    • Anonymous


      • KT

        you spell it your way…I spell it my way

        • Anonymous

          I always have trouble spelling it because the name starts out German and finishes English.

          • KT

            I actually know how to spell his name…I just like calling him shoe

          • Anonymous

            Needs to be Shoemaker oder Schumacher.

  16. Anonymous

    A run!

  17. KT



    Come on Dre

  18. Anonymous

    lets pile it on here (I’m not satisfied with just 1!)

    • Anonymous

      But don’t get to 10. I don’t want all that work I did this morning to go to waste.

  19. Anonymous

    C’mon shew – I felt like spelling it a different way KT :)

  20. Hooray for runs, but once again we (Schumaker here) failed in a bases-loaded situation.

  21. KT

    turn two

  22. Anonymous

    CI! (Gameday having trouble registering what happened)…took them five minutes

  23. KT


  24. Anonymous

    Shoo fly catcher!

  25. Anonymous

    Sounds like Shoe-ew-ou-oo made a great catch!

    • KT

      took away a hr…wall only 6 ft…caught it about a foot above the wall

  26. Anonymous

    Was the catcher interference call correct?

  27. KT

    way to get out of it Kersh

  28. KT

    Here’s another angle of the catch:

  29. Anonymous

    Kershaw has thrown 100 pitches through 6 innings. Send him out for another?

    • Anonymous

      I think so, but be prepared to hook if he gets over 120.

    • Anonymous

      One more, with bottom of order, but his pitch counts have been disturbingly high lately.

  30. Anonymous

    The video just came up on gameday, great catch!

  31. KT

    Hanley not wearing his protection

  32. Anonymous

    Now………it’s the bullpen !?!

  33. Anonymous

    Boy, we are spoiled.

  34. Anonymous

    Withrow in this spot?

    • Anonymous

      This is normally Kenley’s spot (and against the meat of the order). But now that he is a closer…

      • Anonymous

        Still, we had other choices.

        • Ah, but better ones? How many innings has Howell thrown in the last couple of games? And who else might you want to give the ball to?

          • Anonymous

            Howell is suspended.

          • Oh, right. Forgot.

          • Anonymous

            Someone with more experience in tough situations, perhaps Moylan.

          • Anonymous

            An Aussie would get you out of a tough spot

          • Anonymous

            Howell serving his suspension today and tomorrow. I expected Moylan.

          • Anonymous

            Did I read Gameday right, Withrow gets two outs and the genius brings in Paco to face the right-handed batter?

          • Anonymous

            you are the genius. Check Walker’s splits; he is a switch hitter. 184 vs LHP before today. Another genius Steve Lyons made mention of this fact.

          • Anonymous

            No Prime Time here, all I have today is Gameday. Jon’s rules must be suspended in his absence but I will refrain from calling you anything except noting your wife probably knows you for what you are.

          • Anonymous

            It’s OK for you to insult Mattingly with your sarcasm of calling him “the genius”?
            All you needed was gameday. They post batter splits in real time, you just didn’t think of looking at Walker’s splits assuming you know baseball stats that well.

  35. Anonymous

    nice pitch

  36. Anonymous

    Withrow has impressed me.

  37. Anonymous

    Not too bad

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t realize that Moylan is an Aussie.

  38. Anonymous

    Can any of you read the white uni with blue letters being worn by a man behind home-plate. Is it in Spanish?

    • Anonymous

      Glanced at the strange lettering, but not enough to translate.

  39. Anonymous

    I guess we are all in a state of shock.

  40. Anonymous

    Do you think managers will ever learn to leave a pitcher in the game as long as he is pitching ok. This is just one of the reasons I’ve always hated managers. None of them are good, some are worse than others…

    • Anonymous

      how does this generalization apply to the game we are watching?

    • Anonymous

      Once upon a team they did. In 1963, Perranoski pitched 129 innings in 69 relief appearances for the Dodgers and went 16-3. Clem Labine also was used to working multiple innings in relief and also started occasionally. Reliever Mike Marshall had a rubber arm for the Dodgers in relief in 1974 and won the Cy Young.

      • Anonymous

        Here’s a game I listened to on the radio in 1963 and I think WBB did as well. Perranoski went 6 innings in relief. We can discuss why the game has changed but by leaving that out you supporting Mr. cantfindusername’s pointless comments.

        • Anonymous

          I am neither supporting nor opposing Mr. cantfindusername’s comments. I am simply making an observation on how the use of relievers has changed. They also weren’t called “closers” then, and they seldom came in at the start of an inning. They were referred to as “firemen,” for putting out a fire, i.e. coming in when there were runners on base.

          • Anonymous

            I should have said by adding your earlier comment without what you say just above you appear to the reader to be supporting Mr. cantfindusername’s comments although possibly without the intention of doing so.

          • Anonymous

            Some of the comments that are posted here have been borne out of the frustrations and disappointments of this season I think that was the case in the point that Mr. cantfindudername’s post. Some may find such comments pointless. I’d prefer to say that some posts include points with which I don’t agree.

  41. Anonymous

    The Giants coughed up a 5-4 lead in the 9th at Atlanta and lost 6-5. Key error by Brandon Crawford set things up. Freddie Freeman with the game winning RBI single.

  42. Anonymous

    The Dodgers are 1-3 in road extra inning games so far this year. The only win was in Colorado and that went to extras after Todd Helton hit a 2-run homer in the 9th off of League. The Dodgers got 2 runs in the top of the 10th on RBIs from Uribe and Cruz. Belisario(!!!) pitched a 1-2-3 10th for the save.

  43. KT

    Well come on Aussie

  44. Anonymous

    We haven’t had a base runner since the 6th inning. It’s long past time to score a bushel.

  45. KT

    Dre’s heating up

  46. KT

    Come on Juanito

  47. Anonymous

    What a ridiculous waste of an out that Ellis bunt was.

    • Anonymous

      But hey, it worked out!

    • KT

      don’t agree…pulled the infield in so that ball Juan it actually made it over the 3rd basemen’s head otherwise easy out

      • Anonymous

        True, but Mark is one guy I trust to successfully put the ball in play so that the man on 2nd gets to 3rd, and hey, maybe he’ll knock him in and wind up on base to boot.

  48. KT


  49. Anonymous


  50. Anonymous

    League is warming up. This is not a drill.

  51. KT

    Pirates must be questioning the stop sign for martin because they just showed both of Puig’s outfield assists

  52. Anonymous

    League : )

  53. KT


  54. Insurance for the Leaguepocalypse!

  55. I wonder what League is thinking, loss of confidence perhaps.

  56. KT

    need more runs

  57. Here we go! Is he trying on some new socks? League being superstitious?

  58. Anonymous

    Nick Punto strangely approves of that play.

  59. KT

    Snyder was out
    Turn two

  60. Hanley’s arm has been poor all game.

    • Anonymous

      His defense has been suspect for years. Can’t wait for Dee at SS and Hanley at 3B next year (seriously).

  61. If they’re not making fairly routine plays that doesn’t bode well for League…

  62. KT

    1 more

  63. KT


  64. Anonymous

    League : )

  65. Anonymous

    Baseball is a funny game.

    • Anonymous

      The book of that title, by Joe Garagiola, was one of the first baseball books that I ever read.

  66. Schumaker saving them more than once today.

  67. Anonymous

    How ironic an ending.

  68. Anonymous

    It has been such a painful season, every win is that much sweeter.

  69. Anonymous

    Good god, that scared the daylights outta me.

  70. KT

    Just like we drew it up….right guys?

  71. Was that last out to Schumaker another long fly ball over the wall or what?

  72. Schumaker is a valuable ninja.

  73. So what did Schu do to make all you guys applaud him so furiously?

    • He robbed Martin of a home run earlier in the game, his ninth inning catch was just a solid catch in left field. It’s more of an overall game applause.

      • Ah. OK, hooray for Schumaker. I saw the video of the Martin catch. Quite something.

        • KT

          remember the wall is only 6 ft high in left field at that point…As Dre said “a normal guy wouldn’t have had to jump”

  74. Anonymous


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