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June 20 game chat

Dodgers at Padres, 7:10 p.m.


Rare dominant victory for Dodgers, 6-0


Yasiel Puig has a bad three-quarters of a game


  1. KT

    Need a winning streak…How about 8 straight to start

  2. KT


  3. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela 2m

    Vin Scully on Yasiel Puig: “He is not to be believed because the game is not that easy.”

  4. KT


  5. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela 3m

    With that home run by Yasiel Puig, his 6th, he is hitting .483/.508/.845

  6. Puig is ridiculous.

  7. KT

    Nice play Gonzo!

  8. KT

    Good 1st inning Stephen!

  9. Blast it. KCAL, not Prime Ticket. Why, o baseball gods, have you forsaken me again?

  10. Fife lookin good!

  11. KT


  12. Jack Dawkins

    This is what we like to see. No way to avoid the Brute.

  13. Gameday sez he’s 6′ 3″ and 245. Can he really be 245 lbs? He doesn’t look that hefty.

  14. Props to Marquis for getting out of that with no runs, drat it.

  15. If Vin and even Karros comment on how many guys Marquis walks, knowing that the guy is out of the strike zone so much, why are they chasing so many pitches? I mean Dodger coaches must know this about Marquis as well.

  16. KT

    Come on Dre

  17. KT

    Almost Stienered

  18. KT

    YES!! way to get out of it Stephen

  19. KT

    Come on Yasiel

  20. Puig is going to have to learn to lay off those sliders away. Something we’ve been saying the past few years about Kemp.

  21. KT

    turn two

  22. KT


  23. Anonymous

    talk about Princeton made me think of nsxtacy (sp?) who used to post here. During the period when there was no daily thread I saw him posting at MSTI but I read only a very small fraction of the posts there or at TBLA and have not seen a post from him in a very long time; I hope he is OK.

    • KT

      I saw something from him at TBLA less than a week ago…I don’t cruise there everyday

      • Anonymous

        TY as always; please let him know about the activity here if you get the chance; if you do that at MSTI be prepared for root beer comments.

        • KT

          they know I’m a regular here…so they don’t give me trouble

          • Anonymous

            Hi Mike – I’m fine, thanks for the concern. With the reduced traffic here on DT, I haven’t been checking the comments, although I still read Jon’s columns now that he’s resumed writing them.

  24. KT


  25. KT

    Good inning Stephen!

  26. KT

    Let’s get him the win

  27. Jack Dawkins

    Be nice if someone gets on so Puig can get Fife the win.

  28. KT

    why did that Dodger fan congratulate him instead of trying to get the ball?

  29. Anonymous

    How absolutely perfect is that?

    Here, I get home late last night and missed MV-Puig’s home run.
    Then, like a true “Jonny on the spot” …. Weisman has the highlight on DT for me to see this morning.
    Thanks Jon.

    • KT

      did you miss tonights?

      • Anonymous

        Hi KT…
        I definitely caught that 1st inning ‘missile’ off Puig’s bat tonight… sweet! :-)

  30. Guerrier had been looking good lately. Not tonight.

  31. Anonymous

    Why pull Fife for Hererra to pinch hit? Don’t get Mattingly sometimes. Meanwhile, Agon!

  32. KT


  33. Fantastic play A-Gon!

  34. Anonymous

    AG, GG

  35. Anonymous

    Three pitchers and two runs in one inning. Anybody know how many pitches Fife had?

  36. Jack Dawkins

    Tim K at ESPN had an article today about all the strikeouts in the majors this year. Part was a discussion abiout how there are so many great relivers now. No mention of our relievers in the article though.

  37. KT

    At least the Gnats lost

  38. Anonymous

    Just an observation.

    AJ Ellis sure looks lighter on his feet since he came back from injury.
    You know, he could be just one of those guys who isn’t physically built to play each and every day.
    If you recall, he was having a heck of time back behind the dish just before taking a break.
    If I’m Donny, I’m playing Fed-Ex 2-3 days / week….
    To me, it’s a ‘win – win’ as FedEx develops…. and AJ stays fresher.

  39. Jack Dawkins

    Ok…at least it took a great catch

  40. Dodgers botch routine plays, Padres make spectacular ones. Seems to be the difference.

    • KT

      And of course since I’m stuck watching the SD feed….I get to see it over and over

      • Anonymous

        And, don’t forget to mention all that “added enthusiasm” given by the announcers.

        Isn’t Dick Enberg one of them?

        Hang in there, buddy! :-)

        • KT

          I’m listening to Stiener and Monday…I couldn’t listen to the homers that sit with Enburg

    • Anonymous

      Mattingly stresses fundamentals.

  41. Jack Dawkins

    Somehow I don’t see a 4+1 happening with this group…but I will wait to see.

    • Anonymous

      Hope springs eternal…

    • Anonymous

      Hang tight, Jack.

      I have complete faith in our Dodgers that they’ll.. come… ba….c….k…………
      (Gosh! even my fingers were laughing in disbelief as I tried to type that line. Had to abort.)


  42. KT

    Been a long day…Night all

  43. JJJameson

    2 runs and crap relief pitching game after game = last place

  44. I walk away for a minute and they get two more runs… this team…

  45. Anonymous

    I feel almost ‘dirty’ admitting this, but I kinda liked that song they played over the PA when that guy hit the home run. Catchy. :-)

  46. Jack Dawkins

    Hmm…..there’s 1.

  47. Well they’re putting up a fight.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately, just more of their teasing.

  48. Anonymous

    With this bullpen — and its recent track record with him alone — can you picture Clayton if Donnie wants to take him out tomorrow?

    • Anonymous

      Heck, if they can somehow get the lead, Kid-K’s warming up!

      He’s now being promoted to the positions of…
      1. All 5 starters
      2. short relief
      3. long relief
      4. closer

      • Anonymous

        Works for me!
        Of course, that’s the Dodger prescription to ruin an arm.

  49. Anonymous

    Seems like we have a profile of this 2013 team:

    fairly decent-to-good-to-great starting pitching
    anemic-to-absent offense with just enough flashes of expectations met to tease us (another “non-quality” offensive game)
    poor and porous defense
    a bullpen with imploding powers worthy of any former Vegas hotel

  50. Anonymous

    Have loved Vin for too many years to count.
    But, he says Puig K’ed 3 times then gives the details on 2 after which I expect him to correct himself on the 3# which was not correct; then Puig K’s for the 3rd time and Vin says now he has struck out for the 4th time

  51. Anonymous

    Well the AZL Dodgers tied their first game of the season in the bottom of the 9th after being behind 8-5 then won 9-8 in the bottom of the 10th. no consolation of course

  52. This tweet is instructive:
    It’s the 17th loss for bullpen, most in MLB.

    Bill Shaikin (@BillShaikin)

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