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Kershaw CLXV: Kershawnderama

Dodgers at Padres, 7:10 p.m.


Yasiel Puig has a bad three-quarters of a game


The Pit of Despair


  1. Anonymous

    SVS not in Alb. starting line-up tonight in spite of reports that his rehab assignment would start Friday.

  2. Anonymous

    Blue Jays were 23-33, now 35-36 won last 8 all recent success without J Reyes last played 4/12

  3. Anonymous

    In accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, each club was allotted $2.9 million to spend on the international market during the signing period that began last July 2.
    This year’s international signing period…all clubs won’t have the same amount to spend. Those number have changed according to each team’s record in 2012, with the pools ranging from just under $4.25 million for the Astros, who had the Majors’ lowest winning percentage, to just under $1.15 million for the Nationals, who had the highest..clubs are allowed to trade pool money.
    Like last year, there are exemptions. Clubs can sign six players for bonuses of $50,000 or less, and those do not count against the allotment. All bonuses of $10,000 or less are also exempt.
    Dodgers have $1,412,900

  4. foul tip

    Tigers DFA “proven closer” Jose Valverde. Apparently for very excellent reasons.

    Please remove all communications devices from Ned Colletti. Yes, Ned, we realize the bullpen by and large sucks. But let’s don’t make it worse, even if a “proven (35-year-old) closer” is now available.

    And sorry, Tink. I seem to have stopped your commenting for the cycle.

  5. KT

    Pads feed is saying Richardsons shoulder was hurting before game…and it didn’t stop

  6. KT

    MEllis! and Puig!

  7. KT

    Good eye Hanley

  8. KT

    well at least we scored 1 with the bases loaded….better than none

    • Anonymous

      I guess so

      • Anonymous

        Hi John! I’m back!
        Guess you’re now a Peter Moylan fan, huh? :)

        • Anonymous

          Good to hear from you again. Yes, I might call him Aussie Pete to replace the old Aussie Trent !
          Not sure if you saw, but I was telling everyone how excited I was about opening day/s next year in Australia!

  9. Anonymous


  10. KT

    Ok…lets scratch this inning

  11. KT


  12. KT

    Come on Hanley

  13. Anonymous

    Now I see Isotopes are in Omaha tonight but back in NM tomorrow, so the Dodgers most likely never intended to have SVS play tonight in AAA in spite of stories on their web-site that said he would begin a rehab Friday.

  14. Jason Ungar

    Totally off topic but my 5 year old says. oh look daddy Kershaw is pitching he is our best pitcher..and he says who is our 2nd best. I say Greinke.and he says oh i know why they call him Greinke-it’s cause he is angr-y all the time

  15. KT

    Miss played by Elian

  16. Anonymous

    Our ace is off.

    The offense must score at least 5 runs.

    Silver Lining Dept: It doesn’t look like the bullpen will blow it for the Kid today.

  17. Anonymous

    So Stauffer might get a win out of this, even though he didn’t go 5 and Richard didn’t face a single batter?

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure about the exact rule, but it’s my understanding that when the starter doesn’t go 5, the official scorer has discretion on who gets the win.

  18. KT

    Come on Yasiel

  19. Anonymous

    Well, we did avoid the dreaded bases loaded situation.

    • Anonymous

      Now THAT’S finding the Silver Lining!

  20. Anonymous

    The Dodgers often can’t turn a DP, but they can sure hit into them!

  21. I repeat, rats.

  22. Anonymous

    The Dodgers are at a HUGE disadvantage — they don’t get to bat against their own bullpen or defense.

  23. Anonymous

    hope our slide into 1st players saw that

  24. KT


  25. KT

    Jared Massey ‏@Dodger_Diamond 1m

    Ok, going off my TV and my iPhone, I clocked Puig at 3.9 to first base. #scouting #notscientific

  26. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela 5m

    Hanley Ramirez has reached base in 11 of his last 15 PA

  27. Anonymous

    I just got home after umpiring a youth baseball post-season doubleheader. At least Puig has two more hits.

  28. KT

    Night all

  29. Anonymous

    I’m starting to think this will not end before the killing of all our first born

    • Anonymous

      Silver Lining Dept.: we’re almost halfway to the end of this sad season.
      My head says continuing to follow them borders on masochism — but my heart is loyal and I DO believe they can start performing to their potential.

    • Fortunately for me, I have none.

  30. Anonymous

    As I’m sure Vin will soon be reminding us, the Dodgers have never come from 10 games back to win.

  31. Anonymous

    I thought Wonderama was an east coast phenomenon. I got tickets to the show when I was about 5 and Bob Mcaliister even sat next to me during introductions to Guess Your Best. I still remember that the more you fingel, the less you heimer.

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