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Welcome back, Kemper

Giants at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.

Matt Kemp is in the Dodger starting lineup tonight, batting fifth.


Easy Puigy: Dodgers 3, Giants 1


What a difference a catch makes


  1. Anonymous

    Let me guess==


    • Anonymous

      close, Punto at 3rd Base and Fed catching (7th)

    • Anonymous

      Already posted by KT. No Uribear (Punto) nor AJ (Fed).

      • Anonymous

        I guess he didn’t see the post, otherwise it’s a pretty bad guess :)

  2. Anonymous

    You know we tease him a lot because we’ve got him on the spot. Welcome back!

  3. Anonymous

    I would like the Dodgers to trade for Kyle Seager. Seattle needs players next year as many current ones are not under contract for 2014. Potential offers: Ethier, Van Slyke, …

  4. Anonymous

    With both Colorado and Arizona being scored upon heavily so far, another chance to make more ground today

  5. Jack Dawkins

    Not sure Kemp sounded ready, but hes better than what we’ve been trotting out in left of late.

  6. foul tip says Kemp was able to convince the team he was ready after a simulated game pitched by Ted Lilly.

    Kemp’s in the lineup, so he didn’t get hurt in this simulated game. No word about Lilly.

    • Anonymous

      Hope Lilly got roughed up a bit, at least.

      • Anonymous

        Ted Lilly, on the disabled list with a neck strain, threw a 25-pitch
        simulated game Tuesday, facing hitters Kemp, Luis Cruz and Van Slyke.
        Mattingly said Lilly would throw at least one more bullpen session
        before beginning a rehab assignment.

  7. KT

    Ken Gurnick ‏@kengurnick 2m

    Elian Herrera optioned to Albuquerque to make room for Matt Kemp.

  8. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers 1m

    Just Announced: Yasiel Puig T-shirt giveaway on July 14. Get tickets:

    • Anonymous

      Him being from the French Puigs and all.

  9. KT

    good inning Stephen

  10. Curse you, Prime Ticket!

  11. Jack Dawkins

    Man, Sandoval seems to gain about 10 pounds a game to me.

  12. KT

    Nice Nicky!

  13. KT

    Nicky again!

  14. KT

    That man caught the ball and put into punto’s glove

  15. Jack Dawkins

    Well, he didn’t air condition the plate….

  16. KT

    Another good inning Stephen!

  17. KT


  18. KT

    Rick Monday talking about the line drive Ramirez hit off Wallach in SD…320 mph…hardest hit ball I’ve ever seen….so fast I lost sight of it

  19. KT

    DP time

  20. KT

    Come on Barney

  21. KT

    UCLA CWS champs

  22. KT

    Gnats announcers just said UCLA won the national championship for the 1st time

  23. Jack Dawkins

    I think he missed the tag completely.

    • Anonymous

      FWIW, giant announcers thought he was out.

  24. Anonymous

    So — AGAIN! — why do they give a gift base in later innings through indifference?

  25. KT


  26. KT


  27. Jack Dawkins

    Vin says Gonzo makes it easily to second, but the way he runs it felt like it was in doubt to me.

  28. KT


  29. Anonymous

    C’mon, Matt — join the fun!

    • Anonymous

      Matty joins the party. Let’s get some more Dre.

  30. Anonymous

    Ladies and gentlemen, your Los Angeles Dodgers.

  31. KT


  32. Anonymous

    Bison delivery by FedEx!

  33. Anonymous

    We’ll take it!

  34. Anonymous

    Seven home runs by the Dodgers in their last 3 1/2 games.

  35. Anonymous

    Like last night, the Dodgers are scoring runs now in ways they used to give them away.

  36. Anonymous

    Giants’ TV announcers wondering aloud why they tried a pickoff at first with the pitcher at bat (and two outs). “The wheels have come off,” said announcers Krukow and Kuiper.

  37. Anonymous

    Kid K is hoping the offense doesn’t use it all up tonight!

    • Anonymous

      We might need some more. Kid will need to take care of himself.

  38. KT

    getting healthy just at the right time

    • Anonymous

      Where’s Carl (and where do we put him?)

      • KT

        Rotating outfield means power off the bench…include SVS in that but he’ll mostly be backing up gonzo

  39. Jack Dawkins

    7 outs, 3 run lead. Which bullpen do we get tonight?

  40. Anonymous

    Heck of a play all around.

  41. Anonymous

    Woo! . . .and Whew!

  42. KT


  43. Anonymous

    Hi all. Got home in time to see the four run inning. Nice! Let’s go bullpen, let’s go. Clap clap.

  44. KT


  45. Jack Dawkins

    Im startign to think that we missed Hanley most of all.

  46. Anonymous

    Let’s have a boring 9th inning.

  47. Anonymous

    League? Why?

  48. Jack Dawkins

    I guess Janson needs a night off?

  49. WHY!!!!!!!! Get him out!

  50. If I go to bed mad because of League…. well, it will feel like the rest of the season, won’t it?

  51. Adam Luther

    Puig cuts that ball off that Ethier couldn’t get to…

  52. Anonymous

    I really wonder what goes through Mattingly’s mind.

    • Anonymous

      I say the same thing to my dog . . . then I say ‘DO you think??!!!’
      Not that this is the same case . . .

    • Anonymous

      If Jansen couldn’t go tonight, what would you have done?

      • Anonymous

        Why couldn’t Jansen go?

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps left Fife in just a bit longer. At 86 pitches, he may have had a bit more left in his tank. Anything to shorten the innings the bullpen has to pitch.

  53. Anonymous

    Man oh man oh man.

  54. Anonymous

    We really need a DP here.

  55. KT

    turn two gang

  56. Adam Luther

    What a pitch!

  57. Anonymous

    Okay, TRIPLE play . . .

  58. Anonymous

    Are we sure that Kershaw didn’t start this game. Oh wait, he goes tomorrow. So, you know, more of the same coming soon.


    • Anonymous

      If the Kid is anywhere on his game, I see a HUGE debate with Donnie if he tries to remove him.
      With others joining in. Supporting labor, not management.

  59. KT

    Now for the DP

  60. Adam Luther

    Get the lead runner!

  61. Anonymous

    Get the K or double play!

  62. Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      you are getting results before me; maybe because I am just outside of Philadelphia.

  63. Anonymous

    C’mon, Paco, close it!

  64. KT

    1 more

  65. KT

    BALL GAME!!!!

  66. Anonymous


  67. Adam Luther


  68. Anonymous

    Welcome back, Kemper indeed!!!!!

  69. That was AWESOME.

  70. Anonymous

    I was running out of finger nails

  71. Anonymous

    Having only heard it, I can’t wait to see the clip tomorrow.

    • KT

      great all out catch directly over his head falling down on the warning track

      • Anonymous

        Wow! Thanks, both of you!
        And thanks, Bison!

        • Anonymous

          So hamstrings are Ok then (can’t wait to see the play!)

    • Jack Dawkins

      I think Kemp was playing in in case there had to be a throw to the plate. So he had a long run to dead center. Made a Willie Mays type catch right as grass ended.

  72. Anonymous

    Vin is so great

    • Anonymous

      What did Vin say? Steiner wasn’t bad on radio.

      • Anonymous

        Can’t do it justice;
        Dodgers are trying to win 4 in a row, Giants are standing in the way. It has always been thus and always will be. Oh! What a catch!
        Then he described Kemp screaming.

        • Anonymous

          That’s another reason I can’t wait to see the clip — it comes with Vin!

  73. Anonymous

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Welcome back, Kemp.

  74. Anonymous

    Love to see their passion!

  75. Anonymous

    Four in a row for the first time this season, with Kershaw going tomorrow against Lincecum.

  76. Apologizing in advance for the 6 & 8 violations, but THAT WAS AWESOME.

  77. Anonymous

    What a grand way to finish this one. Matty!

  78. Anonymous

    We won and everyone else in the West lost!

  79. Anonymous

    Late to bed and early to rise — but HAPPY!!!!

  80. Anonymous

    Play is up on gameday!

  81. Anonymous

    If League earns a “Hold” for his performance tonight that stat is just plain STOOPID.

    • Anonymous

      the pitcher has to record an out to get a hold

    • Anonymous

      OK I just checked over on – no “Hold” for League – wasn’t sure about the particulars of that stat but in any case, I think League should be relegated to mop-up duty and nothing else at this point.

      • Anonymous

        maybe just mop up duty in the dugout only

      • Anonymous

        2 of the hits were not hit hard at all

  82. Anonymous

    I don’t know which reaction was better, Kemp’s or Rodriquez’s

  83. KT

    Love this Photo:

  84. Jack Dawkins

    So bullpen gives up 2 runs, and Puig shows some holes in his swing, yet we are giddy. Strange game.

  85. Anonymous

    Reds played Dodgers in AZL rookie league tonight.
    it was obviously a very exciting game as Reds would have walked off with the win in the bottom on 9 except for a double play with a man out a both 2nd and home. Dodgers score 4 in top of 10, win 8-4
    But, I am writing to tell you Reds have a player named J. R. Reynolds.

  86. foul tip

    Video of Kemp’s catch shows him getting up and slapping the wall–hard–in jubilation.

    Memo to Matt Kemp: please avoid all unnecessary contact with walls and other hard, stationary objects. You do not have such a good history with them.

    It also would be good to avoid same with Yasiel Puig. Running into him also likely would not end well.

  87. Tulio Morales

    Can Puig play 3B? what’s going to happen when Carl returns? …plus we need a thrid baseman

    • Anonymous

      Why ask this question (for which the answer is obviously no) about Puig and ot about the Dodger’s other outfielders.
      You want to take what may be the best outfield arm in MLB out of the outfield.

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