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Kershaw CLXXII: Kershawky Mountain High

Yankees at Dodgers 7:10 p.m.


Dodgers do it again … again


August 1 game chat


  1. KT

    Go BLUE!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I was so tempted to jump in and say that first, but I didn’t wan’t to jinx the team :)

  2. Anonymous

    I almost read the title as Kenesaw Mountain Landis.

  3. Anonymous

    Some very one-sided scores in other NL West games today

    • KT

      both for and against…soon I won’t be worried about them at all

  4. Anonymous

    I’m just hoping the Dodgers survive the experience of Skip Schumaker playing second base. I suppose Mattingly thinks he has the “hot hand”, but Skip plays second base in an inartful manner.

    • I still think we shoulda kept Jamie Carroll around.

    • Anonymous

      Mattingly has made it clear by his actions that he doesn’t put major importance on “hot hand”. More important, he has time and time again spoken about match-ups. Placing great importance on L-R and pitcher-batter match-ups is conventional wisdom in MLB. Since I discovered baseball-reference every Dodger manager I have watched day-to-day has made match-ups the single most important factor in line-up decisions.
      Kuroda’s OPS splits are 674 vs 538 LHH doing better as would be expected with a RHP.
      MEllis is 0 for 5 against Kuroda, Schumaker 7 for 17.
      Btw, Since the ASG, Mark E. has a higher BA and OBP than Skip S. but Skip has 4 XBH to Mark’s 2 in far fewer AB so Schumaker kills MEllis in SLG thus, at least, imo, “hot hand” doesn’t fit this situation at all.
      I am not expressing agreement with Mattingly’s decision merely describing how he has made clear his line-up decisions are made. Although in this case I do agree because Schumaker is a LHH.

    • Anonymous

      Your criticism is genteel.

  5. KT


  6. KT

    Good inning Clayton

    • KT

      a down vote for that???

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know how to undo it now! So sorry.

        • KT

          don’t worry about it…thought it was a troll…I’ve done it before I just hit an up vote to even it out

          • Anonymous

            If you click a second time it undoes what was done the first time. Lady Macbeth notwithstanding.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry – I hit the down arrow by accident. It was a good inning by Kershaw, sort of. He did start each batter with a ball, and had a lot of balls in general for only 3 batters. Such is the brilliance of Kershaw that I feel compelled to critique to such a level.

  7. foul tip

    Note to ESPN pooh-bahs==. NYY v. LAD, Dodger Stadium, part of first visit in years.. Mariano’s final year and what we all hope is not Vin’s, Kerhsaw v. current Yankee ace and former teammate Kuroda. Ratings gold.

    No, the Yankees aren’t playing the Red Sox tonight. But you know what? You blew it not televising this. Might even have brought better numbers than your usual NYY-BoSox fixation.

    • Funny, I was thinking the exact thing earlier…. Amazing that this series — that has, I’d argue, as much history as BOS/NYY — didn’t get more national attention. Or, perhaps, I’ve just been absorbed in summer family craziness and missed it.

  8. Anonymous

    I wonder if Cleveland fans feel their team is as charmed as we feel the Dodgers are right now. Another dramatic win for them tonight.

  9. KT

    DP Time

  10. Anonymous

    The Pirates have won their 4th straight game against the Cardinals. One more game to go in a 5-game series.

    The Bucs are 65-42, best record in the majors.

  11. Anonymous

    Bad news:
    “Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said Kemp would not be activated when he’s
    eligible Aug. 6, and the club does not have a timetable for his return.”

    • Anonymous

      Might not be until early or even mid-September.

  12. Anonymous

    Kershaw – 51 pitches through 3 innings.

    • KT

      he had more at this time when I saw him on Matt Kemp bobblehead night and ended up pitching 8.2 innings

      • Anonymous

        That’s a good reminder. Kersh can turn it around and bear down amazingly quickly. What a pitcher.

  13. KT

    Let’s go Kersh…drive him in

  14. KT

    Nice Shoe!!!!

  15. Anonymous

    That helps!

  16. foul tip

    Apparently.Puig never saw a first pitch he didn’t like. If I were an opposing pitcher I never would throw him a first-pitch strike.

    Not that it has to be a strike for him to hit it. But, anyway….he helps get himself out at times.

  17. KT

    I love how my 3 year old knows how to push all his older (11) sisters buttons…just makes me laugh and of course I have to try to keep a straight face…it’s hard

  18. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers 19m

    Magic and Mamba:

  19. KT


  20. Anonymous

    Here is our chance (with 3,4,5 coming up)

  21. Anonymous

    Old fashioned (60s) Dodgers-Yanks pitchfest.

  22. Anonymous

    Wow, now Kershaw is at only 80 pitches through 7 innings. 29 pitches over the last 4 innings.

  23. KT

    Wow Gonzo

  24. Anonymous

    Vin says it best.

  25. Anonymous

    What happened on the Gonzalez single?

    • Anonymous

      Ill-advised attempt to stretch it.

    • He tried to stretch it to a double and, um, there was a ball waiting for him at second base.

    • KT

      Bounce off the 1st basemans glove and went to the area before the stands get close to the field …Wells recovered it quickly and fire a strike to second and had him out by over 10 feet

  26. Anonymous

    Let’s go Skippy!

  27. No way Adrian scores on those two singles, right? I mean, how could you send him?

  28. Anonymous

    Thanks, all, for providing the word pictures on what happened to Gonzalez after he singled.

  29. Anonymous

    Ned! You let this guy get away.

  30. Anonymous

    Vin knows he outfieders: “Crawford should catch it”.

  31. Anonymous

    Great — that single was worth it to get rid of Kuroda. . . . Now the Kid needs to shut them down, offense scores, Dodgers win but Hiroki doesn’t lose.

  32. Anonymous

    Yes – out of that jam.

  33. Anonymous

    Step 1 done. I can live with a win that’s NOT a walk-off! Let’s get the “W” for the Kid!

  34. Anonymous

    Does Kershaw hit for himself?

  35. KT


  36. KT

    kershaw up for bunt

  37. Uribear! (If I may.)

  38. Anonymous

    I’d like to see Kershaw replicate Opening Day with a homer in the bottom of the 8th to break up a scoreless tie and win.

  39. Let Clayton Swing!

  40. KT

    beautiful bunt

  41. Anonymous

    Does Kershaw pitch for himself in the ninth?

  42. KT

    Let”s go Yasiel

  43. Anonymous

    I like Crawford, but had no sense that he would get a hit there.

  44. KT

    Let’s go Gonzo

  45. Wow, wouldn’t you rather face the rookie?

  46. Anonymous

    IBB is very strange.

  47. Anonymous

    Agon was the best hitter the first part of the year . . . come through again!

  48. Anonymous

    Okay, looks like it’s gotta be a walk-off . . .

  49. Anonymous

    Maybe they would like to walk Gonzo too – to get to Hanley. Oh, I guess not…

  50. Anonymous

    I think I would be tempted to leave Kershaw in for one more inning.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s hope we all don’t regret the decision!

  51. Anonymous

    The Dodger hitters treated Kid K the way they treated H.K. when he was a Blue . . . low run support. (Of course, that’s the way they’ve been treating Kershaw most of the year!)

  52. KT

    DP Time

  53. Anonymous


  54. Anonymous

    I’m nervous!

  55. Is that one of the first times Paco has let that happen? Seems pretty rare.

    • Anonymous

      BA leftiles against was .127, so not very often.

  56. Anonymous

    Well, I guess that means we get to see Mariano.

    • Anonymous

      I would’ve been happy to have been denied that pleasure.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe they don’t use him at this point.

  57. Anonymous

    Long time….no blog… :-)

    Yes, I saw it.

    Question: Does anybody here know which minor league affiliate Brian Wilson has been assigned to?

    • Anonymous

      New Jersey Gumbas, I believe.

    • KT

      AZ then RC

      • Anonymous

        Actually, I believe says Wilson will pitch to hitters at the team’s spring training facility; after that he will be assigned to a minor league team.

    • Anonymous

      Beardstown, home of the Lady Stockpickers.

  58. Anonymous

    Keep it at one.

  59. Anonymous


  60. Melllis didn’t look to happy there.

  61. Anonymous

    Meaningless July game – or harbinger of the end of the Dodger’s magical run?

  62. Anonymous

    Ellis should have caught the ball….
    He “heard footsteps” as Puig never touched his arm nor glove…..
    He kinda, ‘wimped out’ …. like a receiver that gets ‘alligator arms’ when he goes over the middle and is afraid of getting ‘lit up’ by the safety.
    Not to absolve Puig of his role in that play.

    • Anonymous

      Receivers expect to get hit, 2nd basemen, not so much.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed…….. Hey, I don’t blame him.
        I wouldn’t want to run into Puig… even if I was ready for it…. Ha.

        • Anonymous

          ready for it and wearing pads and helmet….

    • Anonymous

      I gotta disagree. That’s Puig’s play all the way. Impossible for us to know who called it, but the outfielder should always call off the infielder. And Gonzalez was just standing there watching–he should have been directing traffic, telling Mellis that Puig was able to make the catch.

      • Anonymous

        Dre used to have a lot of issues with O-Dawg on those sorts of plays.

        • Anonymous

          LATimes article this morning said Ellis heard Puig call for the ball but too late. I’ll defer to the professionals here, but if I hear a freight train coming at me, I’m getting out of the way no matter how late it is.

      • Anonymous

        Naw Puig has to get out of MEllis’ way there but Bob is right the missed DP by Hanley was the real killer.

        • Anonymous

          It’s normally the RF’s ball.

          • Anonymous

            Not when the 2nd baseman is camped under it.

          • Anonymous

            Still RF’s option to call him off (don’t know what, if anything, was said out there)

        • KT

          the missed called strike 3 by the 3rd base ump was the killer

  63. Anonymous

    Alright – let’s get this guy.

  64. Anonymous

    Mellis error somewhat meaningless. Failure to turn the DP is what looks like will have done us in.

  65. Anonymous

    Rivera getting the Greg Maddox calls nowadays

  66. Anonymous

    Good thing we picked up Butera to take our mind off this loss.

  67. Anonymous

    I have a date for Sat game against the Cubbies.

    • Anonymous

      A ‘date’ ????
      Is this a new girl? :-)

      • Anonymous

        My attentive daughter in this case.

        • Anonymous

          Can’t get any better than a daughter…. that’s for sure. Good for you guys

          My daughter is 15 months old, and I cannot wait to take her to Chavez Ravine
          for her first Dodger game. You’re a lucky man, Bob.

          • Anonymous

            I agree.. Enjoy it Bob!!

          • Anonymous

            I couldn’t wait either, and I happened to score some club level tickets (shade! easy in/out!) when my twins were 13 months. It happened to be Dennis Martinez’ perfect game. They loved DS but didn’t care about a chance to see an entire perfect game. The twins lasted six innings, my wife and I lasted seven innings.

  68. Anonymous

    Oh well, we can’t be perfect all of the time :)

    • Anonymous

      Yep – I’ll take 10 out 12 the rest of the way – no problem.

      • Anonymous

        Somehow a loss when you are in first doesn’t hurt as much as a loss when you are coming last

  69. Anonymous

    Hellava well pitched game by Kershaw.

    • Anonymous

      And Kuroda was awesome as well – no surprise there.

  70. Anonymous

    On the bright side – the Dodgers streak of winning one-run games is still intact.

  71. Anonymous

    foul tip earlier: “Apparently.Puig never saw a first pitch he didn’t like. If I were an
    opposing pitcher I never would throw him a first-pitch strike.”
    Puig is hitting 676 on first pitches and 700 on 1-0 counts but “only” 333 on 0-1 counts. Seems clear a pitcher should throw him a first pitch strike just not one easy to hit.

    • Anonymous

      Only hitting .333 on 2-0 counts as well, so you could pitch him backwards as it were. Get him anxious that he won’t get a chance to get a hit. He has never walked after getting that count. Of course given his desire to hit early in the count, he has only had a 2-0 count six times to begin with.

      • Anonymous

        Bob, don’t think you will see this so all I will write is you have misinterpreted baseball-reference’s data.

  72. Anonymous

    “The most influential work on the subject was written by Mike Fast for
    Baseball Prospectus in September 2011. Using pitch location data, Fast
    determined the number of extra strikes each catcher got over a five-year
    period. Based on the estimated run value of each extra strike, he found
    that Molina had saved his teams 73 runs, more than any other catcher
    despite playing less often than many.”
    from this interesting article:

    • Anonymous

      Interesting – wonder where AJ fits on the list.

      • Anonymous

        IIRC Russell Martin did fairly well on this.

  73. T.M. Brown

    Jon, you’re getting much love over on the Deadspin NL West Beat Reporter discussion, though they keep adding a silly “h” to your name.

    • Anonymous

      Do people actually like Dylan Hernandez? Now that the Dodgers have no Japanese players, his ability to speak the language isn’t much of a plus.

  74. Anonymous

    Hoping the Dodgers bring their bats and hitting (in the clutch) shoes to ChiTown . . . they were winning but they weren’t scoring much on the homestand.

  75. KT

    Dodgers lineup:
    Crawford 7
    Puig 8
    Gonzalez 3
    Ramirez 6
    Uribe 5
    Van Slyke 9
    MEllis 4
    Federowicz 2
    Nolasco 1

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