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Pair of pitchers will test Dodgers’ winning ways

Having achieved so many feats over the past two months, the Dodgers can add another in the next 36 hours. With two more wins, today in Philadelphia and Monday in Miami, the Dodgers would improve their post-All Star break record to 27-3 – a .900 winning percentage.

Standings since the end of play June 21

But those two games should also be the toughest of their current road trip. This morning, Los Angeles sends Ricky Nolasco against Cole Hamels, who has pitched better than his 5-13 record. Since July 1, Hamels has a 1.98 ERA with 47 strikeouts against 63 baserunners in 59 innings. He has been averaging 7.4 innings per start, and most recently had a complete game 5-1 victory with nine strikeouts over the one team in the majors with a better record than the Dodgers, Atlanta.

Hamels did throw a season-high 123 pitches in that game, but he has had five days off between then and today’s start.

Monday might pose an even greater challenge. The Dodgers will have wonderful rookie Hyun-Jin Ryu open things against the Marlins, but are scheduled to face their own wonderful rookie in Jose Fernandez, who has a 2.45 ERA and 149 strikeouts in 139 2/3 innings with 136 baserunners allowed.

The one advantage the Dodgers figure to have in both games is in their starting lineup, although against lefty Hamels, Los Angeles will begin with Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez on the bench. A.J. Ellis and Juan Uribe are also resting, meaning that Scott Van Slyke will be in left field, Jerry Hairston Jr. at first base, Tim Federowicz at catcher and Nick Punto at third base.

Among other things, the Dodgers have also become the first team to win 19 road games out of 20 since the 1916 New York Giants, according to STATS (via The Associated Press).

And here’s one more for you. Since June 22, the Dodgers are 34 games over .500. The other teams with winning records in the National League are a combined 29 games over .500.

Dodgers at Phillies, 10:35 a.m.

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Now, the Dodgers don’t even allow any runs


Ninth-inning errors undo streaking Dodgers


  1. KT

    Go BLUE!!!!

    • KT, are you taking what I write and posting it in the MSTI comments as yours? Or was that just a coincidence?

      • KT

        If you look back through the last few threads you can see I always give you full credit I even put quotation marks

        KMT59 14 hours ago

        “Not only have 10 games have gone by since the Dodgers last lost, 27 innings have passed since they last gave up a run.” from DT:

        KMT59 14 hours ago

        ” Juan Uribe, who earlier singled, doubled and walked and made multiple fine plays on defense, hit a three-run homer in the top of the ninth to ice the game. Uribeatific.” -JW on DT

        That’s why I always copy the whole twitter post…I know how writer feel about their work

        • Well, thanks, but what’s this?

          • KT

            These are my posts from MSTI that I have used information from your thead lately

          • Well, that’s what I’m talking about.

          • KT

            but I give you credit….do you not want me to do this…I thought it was a way for others to see your great work…Am I wrong? If I am I will definitely stop it

          • I’m thrilled to have you share my work, but I’m not seeing anywhere in that thread where you link to my page or mention my name.


          • KT

            you are talking about today’s post, not last night. Ok

            that is coincidence here was the line I was working on when I saw your twitter go up “won 16 of last 17 gms, 26-3 since ASB, 43-8 since 6/22,” from my ball game gif. Just clicked on link and posted GO BLUE!!!! to be the bottom post for “luck” didn’t read

            Lately I’ve been updating it before games because 6 games ago I didn’t update it completely and it had many mistakes.

            If we lose I don’t post at all

            Go BLUE!!!!

          • KT

            I posted from DT and then put the link…thought that was ok because I was directing people here

          • KT

            just giving them samples of you work…not taking credit for the work

      • KT

        I was updating my “Ballgame” post win gif and noticed the percentage

          • RBI

            This is why I am scared to tweet! Or twit. Or whatever…

          • dalegribel

            When Jon took his hiatus from Dodger Thoughts, I signed up for twitter just to hear his views on life, entertainment, and the Dodgers. I’m sure I’ve retweeted him more than any other person.

  2. Yah hopefully there won’t be much panicking if –gasp!– they lose one or both of those games. How quickly we’ve become ridiculously spoiled.

  3. btimmer

    Right now Don Mattingly feels he has more house money to play with than George Clooney did at the end of “Ocean’s 11.”

    • I don’t really think of this as a house money lineup – normal rest day for Ellis, Uribe has not played every day all year, Crawford is usually good for a rest. Gonzalez is the one unusual name, though with Hamels on the mound, it’s a good spot. It’s a great bench today.

  4. btimmer

    Meanwhile, let’s get back to this one…..

  5. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers15m
    Andre Ethier had his #steakandeggs this morning. Watch him feast on this Cole Hamels cutter:

  6. KT

    Nice pitch Ricky!

  7. KT

    Nice Dre way to move up

  8. KT

    Dodgers PR ‏@DodgersPR2m
    Jerry Hairston Jr is 6 for his last 10 (.600) with RISP since August 1

  9. KT

    Hate when he catches the ball like that

  10. KT

    OK let’s get that one back and Moar

  11. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela1m
    1966 Dodgers can pop champagne. They remain the last Dodgers team to shutout sweep an opponent in 3+ games. Shutout the Colt 45s in 4 games

  12. btimmer

    The Pirates nursing a 2-0 lead over the DBacks have let AZ load the bases with no outs in the 6th.

    • KT

      tough to decide who to root for in this game

      • Bob_Hendley

        For me los filibusteros.

        • Me too. Memories of Stargell, Parker, Sanguillen, Hebner (the off-season grave digger!) and all those single-syllable-named pitchers (Law, Face, Walk, Blass, Lamb, Moose, Veale and even Reuss!) are strong.

  13. Bob_Hendley

    Lyons and Collins were saying that Kemp has not been a part of this 50 game surge, and clearly he was not around much. However, in the 10 games that he did appear in (41 PA) his slash was .324/.390/.648 with 3 dingers.

  14. btimmer

    The DBacks tied the Bucs on an RBI single and a DP.

    • foul tip

      And the baserunning wonders continue. Or is that baseblunders?

      • dalegribel

        Let’s allow some credit for Hamels who has a pretty good move to first

        • foul tip

          Puig definitely was fooled into taking off, thinking Hamels was going home.

          But result was just another out at the end of a baserunning blunder. As many of those as there’ve been, you’d think the team would clip his wings a bit–especially with the game tied.

          I know the line about taking the good with the bad–the good wins out big time. But it’s also likely true that it’s just a matter of time until he does something in the field or on base that costs the team a game.

          If so, let’s hope it’s one that doesn’t much matter.

          And if so, let’s hope it gets him to understand that he needs to learn more and maybe tone it down a bit. Right now I’m not sure he agrees with that.

  15. btimmer

    Charlie Morton fanned Paul Goldschmidt with the bases loaded and 2 outs in the 7th. Still 2-2 at PNC Park.

  16. Bob_in_Vegas

    I know it’s apples and oranges, but in the “fruity” comparison, Puig is reminding me of Dee Gordon.

    • dalegribel

      If Dee has Puig’s talent, I could live with the errors in the field.

  17. KId really needs to learn how and when to throw long. He thinks he’s a quarterback for the old Raiders or something (not that he even knows who Stabler and Lamonica were, I’m sure).

  18. KT

    setting up the DP again

  19. Bob_in_Vegas

    It takes two . . . to get out of trouble.

  20. btimmer

    Bucs got two hits in the 7th, but Tabata was picked off and the game is 2-2 headed to the 8th.

  21. Bob_in_Vegas

    OK — could’ve been worse. Let’s get some runs!

  22. btimmer

    DBacks get a hit in the 8th, but nothing else. 2-2 heading to the bottom of the 8th. Top of the order up for the Bucs.

  23. Bob_in_Vegas

    Dear Ryne: Let Cole rest . . . send up a hitter for him. (But don’t get any runs!)

  24. Bob_in_Vegas

    Bottom of the 9th for these next 5 games!

  25. btimmer

    Pirates in the 8th: bunt single, sacrifice, IBB, K-CS DP.

  26. Spence

    Cole Hamels has thrown 118 pitches and Ryne Sandberg lets him stay in and hit, and then tries to bunt a slow runner like Ruiz to 2nd? Fire Sandberg!

  27. Bob_in_Vegas

    One more, Belli!

  28. Bob_in_Vegas


  29. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, HanRam!

  30. Spence

    DP boo

  31. btimmer

    2 on, 2 outs for the Bucs in the bottom of the 9th. It’s 2-2. Gentlemen, your deuces are very wild.

  32. btimmer

    Pitt’s pinch hitter, its backup catcher, struck out on 3 Heath Bell pitches.

  33. btimmer

    Extra innings in Pittsburgh. Arizona will have 3-4-5 due up in the 10th.

  34. btimmer

    Bucs and Dbacks: This one goes to at least 11.

  35. Bob, there was a catcher’s interference call in the Giants – Marlins game this afternoon, in case you missed it.

  36. Spence

    derp hanley

  37. Spence

    Good cut off Puig. League sucks!

  38. John_from_Aus

    definitely DP time

  39. Bob_in_Vegas

    Hanley gives, Hanley takes away. Of course, the lack of offense today didn’t help.

    • foul tip

      Hamels had a lot to do with the lack of offense, often true whenever he pitches.

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        Traditionally, yes — but his record doesn’t show it for this year. Of course, Kersh’s record doesn’t indicate his effectiveness.

  40. John_from_Aus

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling :)

  41. Bob_in_Vegas

    Go, Bucs. I’ve decided ya gotta win the division first . . . LA has proven how a hot streak can turn everything around . . . and right now they have a better road record than at home.

  42. Bob_in_Vegas

    I feel bad for League — the (alleged) checked swing, then two balls which could’ve/should’ve been handled . . .

    • WBBsAs

      I’m only mildly disappointed, but League’s inability to miss bats and lack of command are factors whenever he enters the game. They are few errors behind Kenley because nobody hits the ball; that’s also true of other relievers to a lesser degree, but League either walks the batter or puts it in play, and they’re not soft infield rollers.

  43. TAFKA_Gagne55

    Oh well. Start a new streak tomorrow.

  44. Spence

    I really hope a game like this does not happen in the playoffs. League should never be in the game before Jansen. When you throw out your worst relievers before your best, you are playing with fire.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      I agree in principle, but I stick by my post just below this — League should’ve made it out of the inning, having done equally as well as Belli.

      • Spence

        He didnt do equally as well as Belisario. He cant get strikeouts and gave up a long hit to Ruiz. If this had been a playoff game, I’d have wanted Mattingly fired. Paco, Beli, Howell, Jansen, Withrow should all be in the game before League. If the Dodgers lose a playoff game like this, it’ll be on Mattingly. He’s just like Torre where he wont use his closer on the road till he has the lead. Its not smart baseball.

        • bluespop

          I’m not a big Mattingly supporter, although I do think he manages the clubhouse very well. That being said, I don’t think you can hang this loss on Mattingly or League. It’s on Hanley, with the throwing error and a boot on what looked to be a double play ball.

  45. btimmer

    Bases loaded, 2 outs in the 12th for Russell Martin. I really hope no one is in the on deck circle

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