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Breakfast at the Queen City

Early start today!

Last night, while shopping with my wife at the market, I watched the final two innings of the Giants-DBacks game on my phone, which actually worked quite well. And I almost timed it so I’d still be in the market when the game ended. Then, when I didn’t want to hear it, I heard, “Sir, I’ll open this register for you!” Anyway, I saw Eric Chavez’s hit with two outs in the ninth in the parking lot as I put groceries into the car.

The Reds start today just two games out of first place, but in third, and they can’t change places because the first place Pirates and second place Cardinals play each other. The Pirates have a 1/2 game lead.

The White Sox became the third team to be mathematically eliminated from all playoff hopes. The only other teams that may not last the weekend are the Cubs and Brewers, but they play each other.

The Cubs, Brewers are eliminated from their divisional races, but could still win the wild card. (They won’t, but they could!) The Phillies will be eliminated from the NL East race if they lose to the Braves. The Mets will be out of the the NL East race with a loss to Cleveland and an Atlanta win. The Giants will be eliminated from the NL West race with a loss to Arizona and a Dodgers win.

The Dodgers are trying to avoid their first three-game losing streak since June 8-10 when they lost two games to Atlanta and one to Arizona. The June 10 game was one where the Dodgers led 3-1 going to the 9th and Brandon League gave up four runs. The Dodgers got a home run from Juan Uribe off of Heath Bell, and then put runners on first and third with no outs. Where they stayed for the next three batters. Kenley Jansen got the save in the Dodgers win the next day.

A note from Frank Vaccaro of SABR that I picked up on the organization’s listserv. The Dodgers were in last place at the start of play on July 2. They since have built up a lead of more than 10 games in the standings. The only team to build up a 10+ game lead in the standings after being in last place at a later date were the 1914 Boston Braves, who were in last place on July 19. However, this year’s Dodgers had played two more games (81 to 79) than the Miracle Braves at those points in the season.

Finally, the biggest duel of the season going on in this series is the one between Adrian Gonzalez and Zack Cosart for the NL lead in sacrifice flies. Both men have nine. Gonzalez has scored Carl Crawford six times on sacrifice flies, but Cosart has brought home nine different players. No Dodger has led the NL in sacrifice flies since 1978 when Reggie Smith had 13.  The MLB record for sacrifice flies in a year (a stat that dates back just to 1954 in its present form) is 19 by Gil Hodges back in 1954.

Dodgers at Reds, 10:05 a.m.


Dodgers start last series out of the West against a team that I grew up thinking was “West”


Nooo! Threee LLLs in a row!


  1. KT

    Go BLUE!!!!

  2. btimmer

    From those asking in the previous thread, Withrow’s fastball averaged 97.4 MPH according to Brooks Baseball. Chapman averaged 101.54. He threw 13 pitches, 12 were fastballs.

    • foul tip

      ‘Twas I. Thanks.

      Be a tough feeling to average 97+ yet be topped by 4 mph…

  3. TAFKA_Gagne55

    The ground ball force out at home is always frustrating.

  4. Bob_in_Vegas

    Lucky to get the one . . . which, of course, is better than none!

  5. ASW1

    Good positioning to get that out.

  6. ASW1

    What’s with these little ground ball bleeders ?

  7. ASW1

    So much for a shut-down inning

  8. Bob_in_Vegas

    Not what I expected from Zack. Offense HAS to score.

  9. ASW1

    Didn’t take long for the wasted chances in the top of the 1st to come back to bite.

  10. KT

    3 outs…Let’s get those back

  11. Bob_Hendley

    Puig! (Steiner has been fooling me lately)

  12. ASW1

    Awesome at bat by Puig there

  13. ASW1

    Gonzo SPEED !!!

  14. Bob_Hendley

    Latos was latos.

  15. scooplew

    Bob: I appreciate what a fine job who you pinch-hitting, as it were, for Jon.

  16. scooplew

    When the count got to 2-2 on Puig, one of the TV announcers on Fox said that Latos now had him set up.

  17. TAFKA_Gagne55

    Gamecast still has a Phillies cap on Michael Young.

  18. Bob_Hendley

    Latos already up around 60 pitches. Not that I am dying to get into their pen.

  19. KT

    hate the never ending interview

  20. KT

    do it again Yasiel

  21. ASW1

    That was weak.

  22. Jack Dawkins

    Maybe Puig can counsel Crawford.

  23. scooplew

    What happened there? Greinke’s mistake? Crawford’s mistake. Wallach’s coaching mistake? Everybody?

  24. WinnipegDave

    Bob – reading through your post today reminded me of being a 11 year old kid talking to my dad. In particular, the “they won’t, but they could” comment. To my 11 year old way of thinking, if it was mathematically possible, then it was about a 50/50 probability in terms of likelihood. Perhaps I was thinking: either it will happen or it won’t – ergo 50/50.

  25. Six hits for one team, eight for the other. What’s with the pitchers today?

  26. KT

    way to get out of it zack…need insurance runs now

  27. ASW1

    97 pitches to get thru 5 for Greinke.

  28. KT

    Thank you Todd

  29. Bob_in_Vegas

    Zack again showed what he’s made of after that terrible start.
    I am totally fine with no further scoring — across the board!
    Bottom of the 9th these next two games!

  30. KT

    Nice play Paco

  31. Bob_in_Vegas

    Re using relievers after bad outings, Donnie apparently believes if you fall off the horse, get back on ASAP.

  32. Bob_in_Vegas

    Unfortunately, Paco fell off again.
    Bad results, especially with the Dodger (lack of) offense.

  33. ASW1

    That little punk Izturus gets on my nerves

    • From Baseball-Reference’s Izturis page:

      July 31, 2006: Traded by the Los Angeles Dodgers to the Chicago Cubs for Greg Maddux.

      That alone should keep us liking Cesar. ;)

  34. KT

    Now lets scratch

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Or punch or beg . . . just get some runs!!!!! (At least one.)

  35. ASW1

    Warning track power

    • scooplew

      A lot of long fly ball outs today.

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        Nice if it’s a Dodger pitcher, not when you’re hitting. Except for a sac fly, which would’ve been great for Young in the 1st. Oh well.

      • ASW1

        and short ones too.

      • KT

        Could be park “affect”…everyone thinking they could hit it out here

  36. Bob_in_Vegas

    That pitch looked perfect to me. Guess AJ was looking for something — anything — else.

  37. Bob_in_Vegas

    He got back up on the horse!

    • scooplew

      He retired all four batters he faced on 20 pitches. Nicely done.

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        There’s all that talk about forgetting the last game and moving on but I’m sure that’s easier said than done, especially for a reliever.

        I just saw “The Verdict” again, probably Paul Newman’s greatest performance. At one point, his mentor says don’t worry if they lose this case, there will be others. “No — there is no other case. This is the case,” Newman’s character says over and over.
        That’s what the focus must be like. This is the only hitter . . . this is the only pitch.

  38. Bob_in_Vegas

    Okay, we the bottom of the 9th — let it be KJ time . . . Let’s – Get – Some – Runs!!!!!!!!

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      I was too greedy . . . should’ve pleaded for 1 run.

  39. ASW1

    Jeeze at least take a swing at one, Hairston.

  40. Bob_in_Vegas

    Stating the obvious: not good.

  41. Bob_in_Vegas

    DP time!

  42. ASW1

    This game has “Loss” written all over it.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Hate to be defeatist, but after both half innings of the 1st — AND after yesterday’s game — I agree. Not that I’m giving up!

  43. After Wilson got out of that inning yesterday I’m not gonna give up on the defense.

  44. Bob_in_Vegas

    Last night, wasn’t the pitcher walked, and that runner was on before the HR?
    Attention pitchers: walks hurt!
    (I know they know that. Just trying to do my part.)

  45. ASW1

    Good move to walk the Dodger killer.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      After last night, I wanted the Guggenheim Group to acquire him, but I believe I heard he has a big extension.

  46. scooplew

    Was Hairston thrown out of the game?

  47. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, uno mas!

  48. Bob_in_Vegas

    Biggest danger on those flies is the potential collision!
    Way to get out of it!

  49. ASW1

    OK, now prove me wrong, Dodgers!

  50. Bob_in_Vegas

    Scrape, punch, scrap, steal, or manufacture it . . . just PLEASE get a run!

  51. KT

    Nice Gonzo!

  52. Bob_in_Vegas

    I didn’t realize he HAS been productive today — after that funk of his!
    Good move with the pinch runner!

  53. ASW1

    That’s about as quiet of a 4 for 5 day by Gonzo as he can get.

  54. RBI

    Shredder is on!

  55. RBI

    C’mon Hanley!

  56. Bob_in_Vegas

    Just saw the 4th inning SNAFU . . . sad!
    But, Silver Lining: I’d rather have errors from being aggressive than otherwise.

  57. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, Andre!

  58. RBI

    This really does feel like a play-off game.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Just like against Boston . . . and LA didn’t fare well there, either . . . batters MIA.

      • RBI

        Frustrating absence of offense right now. We need to pick it up.

  59. Bob_in_Vegas

    Way to be safe, Nick.
    C’mon, Mike — just a little bit farther!

  60. RBI

    This pitcher has an amazing breaking ball.

  61. Bob_in_Vegas

    Good eye, Mike — c’mon!

  62. ASW1

    Egg Fooey Young

  63. RBI

    Gotta hold ’em here.

  64. ASW1

    No walks!

  65. Bob_in_Vegas

    Too bad Wilson isn’t an infielder — that beard would be great for the hidden ball trick. (Just don’t tell Uribe!)

  66. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, cloud — same game conditions!

  67. RBI

    Don’t love this déjà vu feeling.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      I’m hoping that the impotent offense can be attributed to the large lead in the standings and not a regression to the 1st half of the season futility.
      The Reds are definitely more hungry.

  68. RBI

    Saw that coming, I’m afraid.

  69. Bob_in_Vegas

    Walk = runner = loss.

  70. ASW1

    Yeah, Reds need these games a heck of a lot more than the Dodgers do – and both teams are playing like it.

  71. scooplew

    The formula for today’s loss began to take shape in the 1st inning.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      No doubt. The top of the 1st was frustrating, the bottom despairing.

  72. Bob_in_Vegas

    Silver Lining Dept.:

    Zack did not let that horrendous beginning get him down.
    Hanley and Puig are ready to hit, as is AGon -again! (Too bad not many others are.)
    Belli shut ’em down.

  73. John_from_Aus

    I forgot what a 3 game losing streak looked like. Oh well, at least the Braves have lost 2 which keeps us in touch

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      I remember well — that 3rd loss was on my birthday, Kersh was in line for the win and League blew it in the 9th, then the offense did what they did best back then: tease but not deliver.

  74. btimmer


  75. ASW1

    rah, rah, rah! lalalalalala

  76. Bumsrap

    Self deception: Last night, while shopping with my wife at the market,

    Deception: I watched the final two innings of the Giants-DBacks game on my phone,

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