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Welcome to Los Angeles, Onelki

The Dodgers selected the contract of Onelki Garcia from Albuquerque and placed Shawn Tolleson on the 60-day DL. This means that the Dodgers bullpen will now need stadium-style seating for all the players to see. Interestingly, the one place in Dodger Stadium without stadium-style seating is on the floor on the stadium.

Some players are holding out for cup holders in their seats.

The Dodgers bullpen has 12 members now. Although the status of Chris Capuano is hard to determine. It’s baffling to figure out just what it is and I’ve termed this problem “Schroedinger’s Cappy.”

If the Dodgers win tonight, the only teams in the NL with winning records will be the five teams in playoff positions and Washington.

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.


A Happier 9/11


Diamondbacks put damper on Dodgers plan to clinch at home


  1. Jack Dawkins

    The last sentence of course begs the question, whats the fewest number, or the smallest percentage, of teams with a winning record in either league at the end of the season?

  2. KT

    Go BLUE!!!!

  3. scooplew

    The link to tonight’s game above says Dodgers at Giants…

    • John_from_Aus

      Since they were eliminated, we decided to skip the Arizona game and inflict more misery on the near neighbours

  4. scooplew

    Dodgers are 55-17 from June 22 through yesterday. Here’s how that breaks down by division:
    NL West 21-5 (D’Backs 5-0, Padres 5-0, Giants 5-1, Rockies 6-4).
    NL East 14-3 (Mets 3-0, Nationals 3-0, Marlins 3-1, Phillies 5-2, Braves 0-0).
    NL Central 12-6 (Cubs 6-1, Cardinals 3-1, Reds 3-4, Brewers 0-0, Pirates 0-0).
    AL East 8-3 (Blue Jays 3-0, Rays 3-0, Yankees 1-1, Red Sox 1-2, Orioles 0-0),

  5. KT

    Jesse Sanchez ‏@JesseSanchezMLB3m
    “@Marlins: Watch @josefernandez77 tear into his first career HR in the 6th: #Marlins”~The homer that cleared benches

  6. KT

    Baseball Tonight ‏@BBTN1m
    The @Dodgers try to lower their magic number to 4 vs @Dbacks:
    #ARIvsLAD will start on ESPN2 at 10ET

  7. KT

    we might be the first to clinch a playoff spot…Thought the Barves were going to do that easily

    • btimmer

      Dodgers and Braves I think are both likely to clinch on Sunday. I think the Dodgers need to win tonight to make that more likely. In theory, the Dodgers could clinch on Saturday but that would require the DBacks to lose two to Colorado.

  8. btimmer

    The AL had just five winning teams in 1994 because of the strike

  9. ASW1

    Ryu looks rusty.

  10. KT

    Let’s get those back

  11. btimmer

    Could be Onelki time tonight.

  12. KT

    Why not Hanley?

  13. Not Mr. Ryu’s night, evidently.

  14. KT

    Come on WP

  15. KT

    way to settle down Ryu

  16. KT

    way to get on Shoe

  17. John_from_Aus

    Here is our chance

  18. KT

    Nice turn Hanley

  19. 4d3fect

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen a DP where a bat fragment played a part.

  20. Bob_Hendley

    Corbin a lot of pitches, so there is that.

  21. KT

    Come on BW get the DP

  22. scooplew

    I could pitch as poorly as League at 1 percent of what he is being paid.

  23. RBI

    Wonderful Puig dinger!

  24. RBI

    Time to hit their bull pen.

  25. Andrew Shimmin

    I rather like this Puig fellow. His jib’s cut pleases me.

    • scooplew

      I think that Puig should be the rookie of the year, but there will be significant competition this year.

      • Andrew Shimmin

        He seems to be the VORPiest rookie. And he has the best name, though only a little better than Julio Teheran.

  26. KT

    Chad Moriyama ‏@ChadMoriyama1m
    GIF: Yasiel Puig’s bomb and bat flip

  27. RBI

    Here comes Onelki!

  28. RBI

    Onelki pitching to a small strike zone…

  29. RBI

    Seriously? That’s it?

  30. RBI

    Need three. Not likely.

    • John_from_Aus

      Ellis, Schu then Ellis (barring pinch hitters) doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence

  31. ASW1

    Haven’t seen much of this one but looking forward to the series against the Gints.
    Greinke vs Cain
    Kershaw vs Bumgarner
    Nolasco vs ?

  32. Spence

    Looks like its going to be down to the wire between the Pirates, Dodgers and Cardinals.

  33. Spence

    I think you got to seriously consider Nolasco for that 3rd starter in the playoffs. Ryu’s looked shaky since late July.

    • btimmer

      I think Nolasco has clinched the number 3 starter spot barring injury.

  34. btimmer


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