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The California Derby Series

(Bob here, I just wanted to drop in a soccer reference before Jon gets back.)

Be sure to pronounce “derby” with an “a” sound.

Mike Petriello wrote about whom the Dodgers TV announcers should be when the team switches networks. Will Eric Collins and Steve Lyons be back? Someone needs to work road games in states that are not California and Arizona. Also, there needs to be a plan for the time when Vin Scully isn’t the Dodgers announcer anymore.

And then there will be the even bigger problem about whether or not companies like DirecTV will pick up the new channel owned by Time-Warner. Because there is nothing more rewarding than watching carriers and content providers carry on public contract squabbles while the people watching just don’t really care about why they can’t see what they want. They just want to see it.

Dodgers at Giants, 7:10 p.m.


Revolution 98


Dodgers win long game full of dubious decisions


  1. KT

    Go BLUE!!!!

  2. KT

    yasielpuig ‏@YasielPuig9m
    Acabo de publicar una foto

  3. Bob_in_Vegas

    “the time when Vin Scully isn’t the Dodgers announcer anymore.”

    I know it’s inevitable — tho hopefully not imminent — but still, it’s a sad thought.
    God will be in Heaven . . . but all won’t be right with the world.

  4. KT

    Patrick O’Neal ‏@Patrick_ONeal7m
    #DodgersLive minutes away with @SteveLyons12 lets beat them damn Giants! #MagicsBobblehead

  5. Jack Dawkins

    Seems like a sparse crowd.

    • KT

      supposedly sold out along with tomorrow and Saturday

      • Jack Dawkins

        the bleachers look full, I think it is just the field level seats between the dugouts that arent very full.

  6. Bob_in_Vegas

    Good start, Zack — let’s get some runs!

  7. John_from_Aus


  8. ASW1

    go Dodgers! ya

  9. scooplew

    At this moment, Greinke has the Dodgers’ highest batting average, and Schumaker their lowest ERA.

  10. Bob_in_Vegas

    It’s nice — but a bit sad — when you get most excited at the bottom of the lineup for the pitcher to bat.

  11. KT

    MLB Network ‏@MLBNetwork1m
    Stay tuned as most of you will get bonus coverage of the @SFGiants and @Dodgers with Hall of Famer Vin Scully on the mic!

  12. TAFKA_Gagne55

    David Robertson did not get a win today because the official scorer invoked the non-welldefined “too short and ineffective” clause. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that invoked before. (Though I do recall Jaw Tsao not receiving a save for similar reasons)

  13. Jack Dawkins

    so both Paco and Hanley out for injury?

    • btimmer

      Apparently Paco is not hurt. Just the wrong pitcher was announced as coming in. The real pitcher should have been Tony Brizzolara.

  14. Jack Dawkins

    Even stranger. Howell was announced, so he has to come in. paco is still available.

    • KT

      looked like Paco headed down the tunnel with his stuff…like was was considered used

      • btimmer

        Since he got warmed up, he probably wouldn’t be used again anyway.

        • KT

          they just said he wasn’t considered used but you are probably right…they won’t use him

  15. ASW1

    OK Let’s get a stinking run !!!

  16. ASW1

    Let’s go DEE !

  17. ASW1

    screw the bunt – hit and run!

  18. scooplew


  19. scooplew

    Did the Dodgers grease the field today?

  20. scooplew


  21. ASW1

    C’mon Jerry

  22. ASW1


  23. scooplew

    I was not at all surprised by Hairston’s at bat.

  24. ASW1

    Let’s go Carl – keep it going

  25. Bob_in_Vegas

    The rookie comes through in the pressure situation!

  26. scooplew

    Can Paco pitch the 8th or is he already in the box score? Did he return to the bullpen?

  27. ASW1

    Oh – he is back up in the ‘pen

  28. KT

    Puig .565 when putting the 1st pitch in play – Vin

  29. KT

    Mild hamstring tightness

  30. Jack Dawkins

    Hanley left for mild tightness in the hammy.

  31. ASW1

    Great – Hanley now with a tender Hammy.

  32. ASW1

    Time for a DP

  33. Jack Dawkins

    Withrow uhoh….

  34. scooplew

    Giant announcer: Pence is 1-for-9 lifetime vs. Belisario with five strikeouts.

    • ASW1

      Jon Miller? or Kruk/Kuip?

      • scooplew


        • ASW1

          Ah – too bad not Miller – he’s good.

          • scooplew

            The Giants have a good team of announcers: Miller, Fleming, Kruk and Kuip.

          • ASW1

            Always liked Miller a lot, but Kruk/Kuip on the homer side

          • scooplew

            No one is as fair as Vin, but Kruk/Kuip are not the homers that many other teams employ. When I lived in the Midwest about 15 years ago, I found some of the announcers for the Cardinals and Reds to be big homers.

  35. ASW1

    DP Baby!!!

  36. Bob_in_Vegas

    Insurance run, please!

  37. KT

    For those of you without “eyes” today…Puig’s rbi double

  38. Bob_in_Vegas

    Get the K, KJ!

  39. scooplew

    Sandoval’s first career hit off Jansen. In eight at bats. Had struck out five times previously.

  40. Bob_in_Vegas

    DP time!

  41. Bob_in_Vegas

    Dang! Now need the K to = damage of a sac.

  42. Bob_in_Vegas

    Dang again!

  43. ASW1

    JEEZE – couldn’t be easy.

  44. Bob_in_Vegas

    Get the K here, KJ!

  45. Bob_in_Vegas

    What a waste . . . with the offense having one of their inept days (tho admitting Cain is tough).

  46. Bob_in_Vegas

    Hopefully this is a learning lesson . . .

  47. Bob_in_Vegas

    Thankfully Fed Ex got the CS! This is not KJ’s night — and I think he got rattled.

  48. scooplew

    What a throw by Puig.

  49. scooplew

    Jansen is human, as Vinny just said.

  50. ASW1

    Kenley has to shake off the BS and get to the bottom of the inning still tied.

  51. Bob_in_Vegas

    HE blew the save, but let’s get JAnsen the win!

  52. I’m growing tired of the Puig bat flips and nonchalance in the field.

    • ASW1

      I didn’t like seeing him act like he won the game in the SEVENTH inning, but I keep reminding myself he’s not even been in the Majors for a full season yet – he’s overly exuberant at times, but if I have to put up with his over-exuberance for now, so be it – I’ll take it.

  53. Bob_in_Vegas

    Good start, Mark!

  54. And another Giant falls down… That’s fun.

  55. twaseverthus

    Schumaker’s being called back, what, so Michael Young can GIDP?

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      To quote Danny DeVito from “Cuckoo’s Nest” — “Hope no.”

  56. Welcome to Dodger Stadium at night, Mr. Young.

  57. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, Puig — add to the legend!

  58. ASW1

    OK, now I wouldn’t mind seeing a bat-flip.

  59. btimmer

    Free baseball!

  60. ASW1

    OK – walk-off time !!!

  61. KT

    CC, Nicky and Agon…Let’s get this

  62. KT

    Ball Game Dodgers Win!!!!
    26 games over .500, Magic Number is 5!!!!

    Dodgers 2 games back of the Barves for MLB’s best record and
    1 game ahead of both the Cards and Bucs

  63. ASW1


  64. Bob_in_Vegas

    AGon — again!!!!!!!

  65. JHT

    Sweet, but shouldn’t they be mobbing Crawford more than AGon? He got a hit to get on, and his speed got the run home.

  66. John_from_Aus

    very nicely done!!

  67. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers1m
    Another night at Chavez Ravine:

  68. RBI

    Just got home, and Agon and CC win it!

  69. Spence

    Does anyone know if Vin will be doing the Dodgers home playoff games on the radio?

  70. John_from_Aus

    and Wilson with the win!!

  71. ASW1

    Was a struggle, but a good start to the series – better rest up Hanley though – don’t want his hammy acting up later on down the road when he’s really needed.

  72. Bob_in_Vegas

    Little help from the Rox and some serious celebrating could be this weekend!

  73. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers2m
    We have a #walkoff! Watch @AdrianTitan23 come through in the 10th:

  74. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers2m
    RECAP: @AdrianTitan23 hits a walk-off RBI single in the 10th as #Dodgers beat Giants 3-2.

  75. btimmer


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