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September 18 game chat

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 7:10 p.m.


September 18, 2006: Here comes the end of the world


Strange brew strands the blue


  1. KT

    Go BLUE!!!!…Now’s the time

  2. KT

    thought the last one was the game thread Jon…fooled me

    • btimmer

      That would have caused some page loading issues I think.

      • KT

        it was a dozy of a thread…took a long time to read and a real long time to scroll to the bottom

  3. KT

    12:40 PST start time for tomorrow’s game

  4. btimmer

    Morosi cackles maniacally.

  5. Bob_in_Vegas

    I’m sure Lopes has talked to him . . . Puig has to start listening about baserunning.

  6. 4d3fect


  7. btimmer

    A better question about Puig getting off 2nd on a bunt attempt by Crawford is: why was Crawford trying to bunt with a runner on 2nd and no outs?

  8. twaseverthus

    Hate to be rash, but really. Take him out.

    • KT

      too rash…bunt should have been made…the play in RF was his mistake…probably thinking about the play at second

    • btimmer

      That sort of transcends rash. It’s subrash.

  9. scooplew

    I took a well-needed time out off from following the Dodgers last night. I was pleased and relieved when I learned this morning of last night’s victory, and I enjoyed scrolling through your posts. I felt it was one of our most significant wins of the season.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      So this is your fault, Scoop, because you tuned in? :)

      • scooplew

        I take full blame for what has transpired thus far this evening and throw myself on the mercy of my fellow DTers.

  10. ASW1

    Sure glad Goldschmidt will be nowhere near the NL playoffs this season.

  11. KT

    Come on DP Time

  12. scooplew

    After Cain pitched 7.2 innings for the Giants tonight and allowed only one run, which was unearned, the Mets rallied to score four runs in the bottom of the 9th off Casilla and Romo and won 5-4.

  13. KT

    setting up the 1-2-3 DP

  14. 4d3fect

    Perhaps Fife has reached his level of incompetence here. (apologies to Hull and Peter)

  15. Bob_in_Vegas

    Not too bad, considering!

    • DS1981

      If you look at the stats it’s actually incredibly rare for a team to come back if it’s down more than one run after the first inning. The game is likely already over.

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        Guess you didn’t read Jon’s previous post.

        • DS1981

          Exactly. Guess why that game is still remembered today? Because that kind of comeback is as i said “incredibly rare”.

      • scooplew

        I’d love to see the numbers on that.

        • DS1981

          i believe i read it on fangraphs. There was a stretch last year where is seemed the dodgers were always behind after the 1st and would look completely flat for the rest of the game, so i decided to find out if it was just the dodgers. Turns out pretty much all teams are like that. It has to be demoralizing to be in a hole from the very outset. Hitters start pressing, pitchers try to be overly careful,etc.

  16. scooplew

    In 18 games, including the first inning tonight, Goldschmidt is hitting .397 (29 for 73) against us with 6 homers and 20 RBIs. Keep in mind that he is leading the National League in both categories.

    • DS1981

      This season for schmidt is like Kemp’s 2011 year. He’s never gonna even sniff these kinds of number ever again in his career.

  17. 4d3fect

    Any reason NOT to put Goldschmidt on?

  18. btimmer

    According to this study, teams leading after the first inning, win around 70% of the time. That’s by all margins.

  19. KT

    Fife getting them back for the Brawl game

  20. TAFKA_Gagne55

    Marmolade up in the pen…

  21. Bob_in_Vegas

    I had high hopes for Fife tonight, but remember when we optimistically saw that this series had Zack followed by Kersh? Still, it’s all moot if you don’t score.

    Silver Lining: I’m still hearing Vin on the radio, so there’s plenty of time.

    • DS1981

      If your manager by his actions (starting fife) tells you that he doesn’t care about this game, why would the players play like they care.

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        I reject the premise and therefore the conclusion.
        Isn’t he “your manager” as well, or are you not a Dodger fan?

      • I would say almost every player to a man would appreciate the show of faith in a teammate, and therefore try harder to back that up. That’s what teammates do.

        • DS1981

          Yes, that’s certainly what a player would say when interviewed because it sounds good, but do you really think that’s how they see it?

          • Bob_Hendley

            In any event, seems like a rather harsh judgement in this particular case. Fife has kept them in most games he has started this year, no?

  22. This does not look promising.

  23. I am a master of understatement.

  24. 4d3fect

    Kfed looking exasperated.

  25. WinnipegDave

    Fedex is having a long night.

  26. Bob_in_Vegas

    Silver Lining amongst the chaos: Better to find out now than in postseason how some handle pressure, especially for those on the bubble of the roster.

  27. Bob_in_Vegas

    Wow — he’s human!

  28. WinnipegDave

    That was the best possible result.

  29. KT

    Nice Marmol

  30. Bob_in_Vegas


  31. WinnipegDave

    Back in the game!

  32. WinnipegDave

    Puig says: I’m not getting picked off second this time.

  33. TAFKA_Gagne55

    Puig power followed by Crawford speed.

  34. Bob_in_Vegas

    AGon and Bison – please sirs, can we have some more?

  35. TAFKA_Gagne55

    Bad positioning by Owings; with Young up there, he was way too close to second base. I’ll take it though :)

  36. Bob_in_Vegas

    AGon — again! Woohoo!

  37. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, Matt!

  38. WinnipegDave

    Goldie almost had that one.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      It’s not horseshoes or hand grenades, so “almost” don’t count! Luckily!

  39. WinnipegDave

    Bison with a bit of an over-swing at that at bat.

  40. Bob_in_Vegas

    One more here would be REALLY nice . . . (trying not to be too greedy)

  41. TAFKA_Gagne55

    In real time, I thought it was caught. And I think Young did, too.

  42. Bob_in_Vegas

    Nice start, then bummer. . . . But at least they’re playing the game!

  43. WinnipegDave

    That’s a nice start anyway. Need to lock them down a bit now.

  44. WinnipegDave

    Arizona is/isn’t loving the Dodger pitching right now.

  45. TAFKA_Gagne55


  46. foul tip

    Dodger pitchers seem to be getting the hang of this hitting batters thing. Unintentionally, of course…

  47. TAFKA_Gagne55

    Generous strike call for Marmol for the K

  48. Bob_Hendley

    Tuning in from the far side of the world today (Jakarta). Baseball for breakfast!

  49. 4d3fect

    Oh brother.

  50. TAFKA_Gagne55

    Bad throw but it still got him :(

  51. TAFKA_Gagne55

    Oh, looks like he should have been called safe.

  52. 4d3fect

    Agon normally pretty even-tempered.

  53. ASW1

    Next year that will be reversed.

  54. WinnipegDave

    Agon has seemed feisty all night tonight.

  55. ASW1

    Wonder if a kicked-out player next season will be reinstated into the game after the umps find out they blew the call.

    • WinnipegDave

      Less likely to be arguing that much – at least before the review takes place.

      • ASW1

        Yeah, I guess – but I can see a player getting tossed in the heat of the moment just like AGon did tonight before the manager has time to throw the flag on the field – the question will be, if the tossed player gets to come back in the game for arguing a call that the ump missed, therefore a call that the tossed player was arguing correctly for?

        • WinnipegDave

          You are right, that would make for an interesting discussion. My guess would be that the tossing would still apply.

  56. scooplew

    Reflecting back on my (very, very) brief baseball career, but also thinking about the hundreds of baseball games that I have umpired, I know how frustrating it is for the players in the field when their pitcher is always getting into trouble. I wonder how the Dodgers truly feel when they see Marmol come in, followed by League.

  57. TAFKA_Gagne55

    Uribear glove!

  58. WinnipegDave

    We are still in this thing…

  59. WinnipegDave

    Interesting, very interesting. (Not in the rule 9 kinda way).

  60. 4d3fect

    Kfed: Take THAT, umpiring crew!!

  61. TAFKA_Gagne55

    It looked like the ball was still touching the line when it was picked up.

  62. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, Puig — long sac fly! (Or an even longer fly — but trying to stay away from that greedy streak!)

  63. Bob_in_Vegas

    Bummer no score, but get a speedy runner and save an out!

  64. Bob_in_Vegas

    Is Scott as fast as Carl, to beat out a grounder?

  65. If there weren’t so many surprises already this season, seeing Van Slyke hit for Crawford with the division at stake would be one for me. But of course, now it makes perfect sense.

  66. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, Scott . . .

  67. TAFKA_Gagne55

    Should have sent Puig. sigh

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      That was my thought until Mo or Steiner questioned his ability to avoid being picked off.

  68. WinnipegDave

    Next inning…

    • scooplew

      I wonder how many double plays you have induced this year, KT.

  69. ASW1

    Ken Norton passed away – I remember watching him fight Ali as a kid, back when they showed the big heavyweight title fights on ABC or CBS for free. He sure was a tough fighter – RIP.

  70. WinnipegDave

    Uribe with the full swing.

  71. WinnipegDave

    Nice catch.

  72. RBI

    Just got home. Argh!

  73. WBBsAs

    This could be Mattingly’s worst game of the year, and that’s saying a lot.

  74. KT

    DP Time Again

  75. RBI

    Not sure about this decision to walk to get to Prado.

  76. RBI

    Yup. Questionable.

  77. RBI

    Should have stayed out a little longer. I feel responsible.

    • KT

      I was going to comment but didn’t want you to feel bad ^_^

      • scooplew

        I should have taken another mental health night off from the Dodgers. Put the blame on me.

  78. RBI

    Need, um, three to four home runs. So far!

  79. WinnipegDave

    I felt quite optimistic. Until right about now.

    Fortunately, there is always tomorrow…

  80. ASW1

    Well, that does it for me – have to work tomorrow, so Dodgers will probably celebrate on the field when I can’t see it – g’night all.

  81. scooplew

    After nine consecutive relief appearances in which he didn’t allow a run, Belisario has now been scored upon in six of his last 11. As far as the bullpen goes, the only pitchers who are currently less reliable than he is are Marmol, League and Moylan.

  82. Bob_Hendley

    Belli up?

  83. WinnipegDave

    Dodger pitchers have thrown almost ninety balls in this game. That seems like a lot.

  84. KT

    If we don’t win tomorrow then I hope we clinch on Sunday

    • TAFKA_Gagne55

      I’m going to be in PETCO on Sunday, my first time there and only MLB game I’ll get to this year. So clinching then would be cool. But I’d rather they just win asap.

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        Easiest is tomorrow — start Hanley!
        You’ll love Petco. I had planned to visit SD and go to that game until a surprise party for my brother in Delaware changed the plans.

    • Um, let’s not wait four days.

      • KT

        “if they don’t win tomorrow” (now today) it means there would only be 3 days and since Az will be playing in Colorado they could easily sweep. We have Volquez on the mound friday (could be a loss) so a win by Kershaw and Greinke to clinch and I get to celebrate with the team 2 rows from the field for the 1st time in my life

  85. RBI

    That’s it. I’m going back to my corner.

  86. WinnipegDave

    Dodgers going quietly into the night.

  87. WinnipegDave

    Alright – only 5 more!

  88. WinnipegDave

    Tomorrow – or for me, later today – perhaps it will go much better.
    Goodnight all.

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