The Dodgers and the stretch run

This piece on the Dodgers I penned for Sports on Earth was composed Monday evening, so it’s not 100 percent up to date, but I think it’s still on point for the stretch run. Excerpt:

No, it’s not easy recapturing the magic of Gibson, Orel Hershiser and 1988. The good news for Dodger fans is that the magic of Ramirez, Kershaw and 2013 is still very much in play, if they can just get the timing right. 

As you revel in Matt Kemp’s 4-for-4 night, read the entire piece here. 

  • ASW1

    Good read, Jon.

    I actually feel better about Matt Kemp going 4 for 4 last night, than the Dodgers putting a stop to the losing streak. I mean, of course it was great to finally reduce that magic number to 2, but the division was won long ago. Now, Kemp, on the other hand – having a completely healthy Bison back roaming Center could be HUGE for the playoffs.

  • RBI

    Your posts have been weirdly prescient lately. Love this one.

    • btimmer

      Tonight, Jon is working up a post about the wonders of Stephen Fife.

  • RBI

    My two favorite moments of last night: Kemp’s almost stern focus, followed by an easy, familiar swing for the double with two men on and two men out in the first inning, and two at-bats earlier, the gleam of pure, unadulterated joy in Hanley’s eyes when he stepped up to the plate.

  • KT

    I have just received 3 free and possibly a 4th extra free ticket to Sunday’s game here in SD. When my wife comes home from work and I have the details I’ll be offering them to anybody who wants them

    • KT

      Tickets are gone

  • foul tip

    Good to see you think Marmol has a good shot at postseason roster. When right, he has a history of missing many bats and of being very hard to hit. He’s only had one rocky outing in a good while.

    Had impression from what I saw of the Boston series that they were pretty clueless against him.

    Honeycutt seems to have molded a success story out of the wreck he was when the Cubs cut him.

    Saw an item about his telling Volquez that Honey really knew his stuff and could fix him, too.

  • WBBsAs

    I’m no Mármol believer, but if it means leaving League off the roster, I’m OK with that.

  • RBI

    Just sold my first-born to buy play-off tickets. Fortunately, my son is an equally avid fan, so he understands.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Are they actually available? After registering for them, I got an email saying they go on sale Friday — unless you subscribe for all of 2014.

      In ’09, I got a single ticket to Game 2 (the Padilla gem) just days before, through TicketMaster. Is this new, with the registering and all?

      • Jon Weisman

        “Are they actually available?”

        Bob, if you want to buy someone’s firstborn, you can always try CubHub.

        • RBI


        • Bob_in_Vegas

          Funny, Jon — as a fan of “Modern Family,” I should have been aware of statements which could easily be misinterpreted!

      • RBI

        I have a 15-game mini-plan, and they were made available to mini-plan holders today…

  • dalegribel

    It nice to play well down the stretch, but there are a number of teams over the last decade that were “forced” to play harder and trot out their best lineup every day down the stretch. I am a believer in momentum and that winning begts winning, but I’m all for time off too and the Dodgers have earned some luxury there.
    What I do find concerning is this year’s record versus the likely playoff teams, with the Dodgers holding a seasonal advantage over only St. Louis and Pittsburgh. (Insert 1988 vs. Mets reference here). Atlanta and Cincinnati both have strong pitching staffs that match up well during a short series. To this end, I’d be more in favor of rest and health than a strong final month.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      I agree that after clinching the West, getting everyone health is job #1 . . . just look at the last 2 weeks: when the key players are in there (primarily Hanley, but the Bison can make a difference now), they have a much better chance of winning than without.

  • foul tip

    Good historical perspective on Kersh/Zack and Dodger pitching history. The lead:

    “Catcher and comic A.J. Ellis has a wise-guy reply whenever the home-plate umpire asks him which Dodgers pitcher is taking the mound.

    “Koufax or Drysdale,” Ellis deadpans.

    Ump Jim Wolf asked the question, and Ellis gave the answer this month during a game in Cincinnati. Reds slugger Joey Votto, the next batter up, was nearby and offered his preference, having gone 0-for-3 against Clayton Kershaw earlier in the game.

    “Give me Drysdale,” Votto said. “I’ve already faced Koufax tonight.”

    Story points out that Dodgers have won 10 Cy Youngs, and pitchers “trained in the Dodger system” 5 more. Those are 3 by Pedro—Grrrrrr!–and 1 each for Welch and Sutcliffe.

  • Logan

    great read, Jon!

  • RBI

    Looks like Crawford’s back in, and Hanley’s out tonight. Hmmm.

    • John_from_Aus

      now we are just waiting for Andre to see some action and that’s then pretty much everyone back in some capacity

  • KT

    Dodgers lineup:
    Puig RF
    Crawford LF
    Young 3B
    Gonzalez 1B
    Kemp CF
    Ellis 2B
    Punto SS
    Federowicz C
    Fife P

  • Jon Weisman