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Fan stabbed to death in San Francisco after Giants-Dodgers game

Here is an initial report from CBS San Francisco (via Hardball Talk) and a subsequent one from The Associated Press.

I can’t imagine there’s any perspective to offer about the stabbing incident that 99 percent of you don’t already know.


The Bison’s back in town


‘Jonathan Denver was not even much of a baseball fan’


  1. btimmer

    I do not understand why people will endanger their lives over an argument that is ultimately completely unimportant.

    • foul tip

      There’s no understanding irrational, emotion-driven, terrible decisions.

  2. RBI

    Just read about this on Google News, but I had to come here and read it before I believed it. Utterly pointless death, and very, very sad.

  3. Bob_Hendley

    These sorts of things happen everyday I suppose, but when it baseball is somehow involved it just leaves me stunned.

  4. foul tip

    Tragic and totally senseless as this is, it makes me think of the SF fan almost fatally mugged at DS last year.

    Last I heard he was facing insurance limits as he continued to recover and was looking at having to be cared for at home. Anyone know more?

  5. The San Francisco Medical Examiner identified the man as Jonathan Denver. Denver lived in Fort Bragg, according to his boss at North Coast Plumbing, who spoke to NBC Bay Area first about his

    “He was a hardworking kid,” Cas Smith said by phone from Fort Bragg, a three hour drive north from San Francisco. “He made some mistakes in his life, but in the last 90 days, he had made a 180-degree turnaround.”

    Smith called Denver a “nice, quiet kid” who was an apprentice plumber at the shop and not the type of
    person to get involved in a fight.

  6. WBBsAs

    As deplorable as this is, it’s highly unusual in American sports, and really rare in baseball. If you compare it with the organized gang violence in soccer – shootouts between different factions of the same team’s “fan base” in Buenos Aires, for instance – even this is relatively minor. It stands out for its rarity.

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