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Victim was son of Dodger security guard

An official statement from the Dodgers:

“The Dodgers are shocked and saddened to learn of the death of Jonathan Denver, who is the son of one of our security guards.

“There is no rational explanation for this senseless act which resulted in Jonathan’s death.  The pain that this has caused his family and friends is unimaginable.  Words are not enough to describe our sadness.  Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family during this extremely difficult time.”

More details from the Times, whose Lee Romney calls it “more complicated than the 2011 brutal beating outside Dodger Stadium that left Giants fan Bryan Stow with severe brain damage.”


‘Jonathan Denver was not even much of a baseball fan’


Road finale chat


  1. Adam Luther

    Unreal. The significance of the security issue (and/or lack thereof) in the Stow matter is a major factor in litigation.

  2. DS1981

    I wonder if the amount vitriol, indignation and quite frankly racism that was aimed at the Dodgers, the dodgers fans and LA in general after the Stow beating will be similar this time with san francisco? I’m guessing it won’t.

  3. 41

    A son –I guess two sons– with his dad taking in a ball game. Age doesn’t matter. Jonathan had apparently made the long drive to be with family and the night ends this way. There are just no words.

  4. Tonight’s lineup:

    Puig RF
    Crawford LF
    Ramirez SS
    Gonzalez 1B
    Kemp CF
    Uribe 3B
    M Ellis 2B
    Federowicz C
    Volquez P

  5. dalegribel

    There may not be more apt commentary than that from San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr as written in Lee Romney’s article, ” The fact that anybody got in a beef over the Giants versus Dodgers and someone lost their life, it’s just senseless.”

  6. ASW1

    A very sad and senseless murder to be sure.

    From the story Jon linked below, it seems there was a “pack mentality”, where after the first confrontation ended and nobody was seriously injured, another “pack” came in to attack the already beaten and vulnerable “enemy”.

    I recently read the classic “The Ox-bow Incident”, published in 1940 – the story of a lynch mob out for justice – that immediately came to mind after hearing about this.

    “You can’t go hunting men like coyotes after rabbits and not feel anything about it. Not without being like any other animal. The worst animal.”

  7. Alex D

    When will this rivalry ever get turned down a
    notch? A friendly rivalry is good between two teams with so much history but
    with the recent attacks in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, can the hard-core
    fans just lower their temper a bit. In both cases, alcohol has been a major
    factor in the injuries causing people to act how they normally would not. With a
    man left disabled and now a death of such a young man, hopefully fans will act
    more mature and not get in silly fights that lead to terrible outcomes.

    • bmr209

      They are not hardcore fans. Hardcore fans would respect the integrity of the game but would know that it’s just a game.

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