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Season finale chat

Rockies at Dodgers, 1:10 p.m.


Highway 161 game chat


State of the Dodgers entering the playoffs, 1983-2013


  1. KT

    Go Blue…stay Healthy and looks like October in Georgia

  2. Jack Dawkins

    Ryu not looking playoff sharp so far.

    • foul tip

      He often seems to embody the idea that if you are going to get to a pitcher, do it early.

  3. Jack Dawkins

    Vin: “Let’s face it, the Dodgers do not look like a team ready to play in October.”

  4. So far not the confidence building post season primer Ryu was hoping for I’d imagine.

  5. KT

    Now DP time

  6. Nice recovery, though he did run up that pitch count pretty high.

  7. KT

    Way to get out of the inning without being hurt badly

  8. scooplew

    The Dodgers’ three seasons of 2013:

    30-42 from April 1 through June 21
    42-8 from June 22 through Aug. 17
    20-19 from Aug. 18 through yesterday

    • WinnipegDave

      And hopefully season 4 will be something like this:
      11-5 from Oct 3 through Oct 27

    • rumped6

      Scoop: Was wrong about the entire NL West back in spring (recovered with being almost
      uncanny about the rest of the league’s teams, strangely), so I have no credibility at all this year with the D’s, but I’m guessin’ their post-season level of play will be more like that last third than either of the first two.
      Lotsa likeable guys on this team, but somehow, for me, the collection is not, not the least aspect of which is the gaudy-from-ill-gotten-Balzac-gains that is the payroll.

      So no tears here if, as Gram usedta say, they flounder….

      And the fact that Alvarez in Miami needed a flukey run to authenticate his no-no is as sad and irrational as the prohibition voiced in rule number 9, an unworthy and self-absorbed entrant in an otherwise exemplary list:-).

      He did an admirable nine (with much help from a way-flawed ump at home). It was a genuine no-hit game, at the prescription distance. Recalled for a few moments (did the Tiger guy throw that wild one by mistake?) the Harvey Haddix magic show for twelve against the Braves.
      I actually saw that one on the old Dumont.

  9. Jack Dawkins

    Maybe some of the Stay Puf vibes stuck with him.

  10. WinnipegDave

    Tampa Bay hangs on to beat Toronto 7-6 – after having a 7-0 lead.

    • ASW1

      And Angels up 2-1 on Texas, trying to be the spoilers.

    • Jack Dawkins

      If Texas hangs on they will have a playoff to face cleveland then I think.

      • ASW1

        My bad, I read that score backwards

        • Jack Dawkins

          I was watching some highlights of the game yesteday, and they both had red Jerseys on. Was confusing to watch.

  11. Vin: “Maybe he’s practicing getting out of jams.” LOL.

  12. Jack Dawkins

    Vin: “Maybe he is practicing gettign out of jams.”

  13. ASW1

    It’s too bad Kemp couldn’t get more practice at the plate the last two games.

  14. John_from_Aus

    Just tuned in, it appears lucky were are not behind by much more

  15. John_from_Aus

    What’s the latest on Kemp, Ramirez and even Eithier?

  16. ASW1

    Angels tied up Rangers : 2-2 bottom 6 now

  17. ASW1

    Tayhas takes the lead, 3-2 after 6.

  18. John_from_Aus

    Can we escape a third time with minimal damage?

  19. WinnipegDave

    That helps – runner from 3rd caught in a rundown.

  20. ASW1

    Dodgers not the only team with injuries :

    Beltre limped home with the tiebreaking run for Rangers – now he’s out limping around 3rd base on D.

    • WinnipegDave

      Strange to think the Dodgers could theoretically play the Rangers in the World Series. Although, I certainly would not be putting money down on that particular pairing.

      • I’ve always felt the Rangers and the Dodgers’ uniforms were as similar as peas in a pod (or used to be for quite a while). That would be a series where you really would have to look at home whites and visiting grays.

        • ASW1

          Not anymore – Rangers Red now

          • WinnipegDave

            Now it maybe that the Royals would have the most similar uni’s as the Dodgers.

          • I’d love to see a Royals – Dodgers series. I’m a sentimentalist; I’m glad the Pirates have been so successful this year, and I’m glad the Royals have had their best year since 1989.

          • WinnipegDave

            Agreed. My friend won tickets to last year’s All Star game in KC and I was quite jealous. I have had a bit of a thing for the Royals since the days of George Brett.

          • Bumsrap

            Where would your sentimentalist feelings land for the Network that had to air a Pirates / Royals World Series?

          • Heh. Since they persist in showing us a dozen Boston – NYY matchups each season no matter how unimportant the games are I’d be gleeful about it. I might even bake up a Schadenfreude Pie.

          • rumped6

            Me, too…

  21. John_from_Aus

    I can’t believe we are still in this game!

  22. Ryu’s ERA at 3.00 currently.

  23. John_from_Aus

    One part of me thinks this is not great form to take into the playoffs, but the other part thinks better to get these sort of games out of the way now

    • ASW1

      These last games are a far cry from the lineup the Dodgers will be fielding in the playoffs.

      • ASW1

        Not even watching, really – the Angels/Rangers game is much more interesting today.

      • scooplew

        I hope you are right about the line-up, but with all these recurring injuries, I am wondering exactly what lineup will we field come Thursday.

        • ASW1

          I would have to think that “precautionary” means that Kemp would be playing if it were a playoff game – and you know Hanley is playing, and Puig as well – so right there, lineup way different than last 2 games come Thursday

  24. KT

    Dodgers PR ‏@DodgersPR1m
    This afternoon’s crowd will raise the #Dodgers’ cumulative home/road attendance to 6.6+ million — highest combined total in @MLB since 2008

  25. Nolasco? Interesting. Well that locks in the 3 ERA for Ryu.

  26. WinnipegDave

    Nolasco in to pitch. Still evaluating who will be the third starter perhaps.

  27. WinnipegDave

    Nice DP.

  28. John_from_Aus

    time for bats to awaken

  29. ASW1

    Boy, what a season for the Angels – they are even failing in the spoiler role.

  30. WBBsAs

    Vin sounds a bit alarmist about the Dodger offense.

  31. Culbertson sure is an adventure out there.

  32. WinnipegDave

    Too early to talk postseason hopes and dreams? Here are my rooting interests (some of it will be very obvious):

    Cleveland wins the wildcard game vs TB or Texas.
    Detroit beats Oakland in ALDS.
    Cleveland beats Boston in ALDS.
    Cleveland beats Detroit in ALCS.

    Pittsburgh wins the wildcard against Cincinnati
    LA beats Atlanta in NLDS
    Pittsburgh beats St. Louis in NLDS
    LA beats Pittsburgh in NLCS

    World Series
    LA beats Cleveland

    • ASW1

      I like this scenario, but also would not mind seeing an all-California WS : Dodgers beating the A’s again, just like in ’88.

    • That would be a rematch of the 1920 WS. Bill Wambsganss (or something close to that) had an unassisted triple play in that Series. The Indians won 5 games to 2 (It was a nine-game series, like the early ones and also like the ones in 1919 and 1921 — I thought the Series had been standardized on seven games ten years earlier. Learn something every day).

  33. Spence

    Why is Nolasco pitching? He just threw 95 pitches on Wednesday.

  34. WBBsAs

    Schu, like Ethier, can’t hit lefties.

  35. KT

    Nice Skippy!

  36. John_from_Aus

    interesting choice to PH

  37. John_from_Aus

    no surprise there

  38. foul tip

    Since this is mostly a what-the-heck game, if I were DM I’d have considered PHing Greinke, especially with sacks full and since it’s only 5th inning, and saved other rumored hitters for later.

  39. WinnipegDave

    That one was much tougher play than the one Shoe missed earlier from Francis.

  40. ASW1

    Pat Haden fired Lane Kiffin – guess 150% doesn’t count for as much as it used to…

  41. Spence

    The Braves have not won a post season series (of any kind) since 1995. They are 0-12 in post season since 1995.

  42. scooplew

    WinnipegDave: Regarding your wish to see an Indians-Dodgers World Series, you probably know that Cleveland and Brooklyn faced each other in the 1920 World Series. Cleveland won it, five games to two. It was a best-of-nine series then. Brooklyn was then called the Robins, in honor of their extremely popular manager Wilbert Robinson. From the SABR website, here is what John Kiernan of the New York Times once wrote about Robinson: “It is doubtful that baseball ever produced a more colorful figure than the esteemed Wilbert Robinson. Like Falstaff, he was not only witty himself but the cause of wit in others. His conversation was a continuous flow of homely philosophy, baseball lore, and good humor. He knew baseball as the spotted setter knows the secrets of quail hunting, by instinct and experience.”

  43. Far be it from me to suggest Don and Ned and Stan don’t care about these games, but it would be nice to see a little stronger effort put forth on management’s part. I mean, putting Castellanos in to pinch hit with the bases loaded? He of the 16 ABs worth of experience this season?

  44. DS1981

    BTW, speaking of the Braves, i dread the dodgers playing them and it’s not because they’re a good team that will have home field, that’s irrelevant. I think after all those playoffs where they were just plain unlucky, their luck in the playoffs is bound to turn at some point. Maybe this year is that point.

    • The Dodgers have had equally bad luck in the last 25 in their few appearances in the playoffs. Can you say “Matt Stairs?” I knew you could.

  45. WBBsAs

    In principle, I think Kershaw and Greinke are far superior to the Barves’ starters, but their hitters only need to get lucky on one swing.

  46. Branch_Rickey

    Sounds like Kemp is out for the postseason.

    • scooplew

      Tell us more.

    • ASW1

      Surely you jest.

    • rumped6

      I was one of the few who thought that contract was a fragile
      bit of work….to say nothing of the corpse it fell upon.

      The Dodger training staff continues to look bad, even if it isn’t.

  47. RBI

    Standing O for Helton. Classy.

  48. ASW1

    A walk-off would be a nice way to end the season and go into the postseason on a high note

  49. ASW1

    Playoffs start tomorrow for Rays and Rangers – 5pm Pacific time on TBS,

  50. John_from_Aus

    Should have put in a pitcher to bunt properly

  51. ASW1

    Regarding Kemp :

    “I’m never certain with stuff like this,” Mattingly said. “I feel good about it. I don’t know why he wouldn’t be ready. He didn’t hurt it. It’s not like he went out there and turned it and felt like he couldn’t run. He had some soreness and we pulled him out. It will be five days before he has to play again. I don’t know why he wouldn’t be ready.”

  52. John_from_Aus

    surely we can

  53. KT

    they got us right where they want us

  54. ASW1

    Right down the middle and FedEx swings like Dodgers needed a grand slam.

    • scooplew

      Sometime in the future, I would like it if we had a back-up catcher who could do more than catch.

  55. ASW1


  56. I hope there’s no reason to see Skip bat in the playoffs.

    • scooplew

      With all our injuries, I expect we are likely to see him hit quite a bit.

  57. scooplew

    Well, the Dodgers are their fans have until Thursday to put these last two games, and four of the last five, out of their systems.

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