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National League Division Series Game 1 chat

Be strong, be fierce, be winners.

Dodgers at Braves, 5:30 p.m.

Carl Crawford, LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Yasiel Puig, RF
Juan Uribe, 3B
Skip Schumaker, CF
A.J. Ellis, C
Clayton Kershaw, P


2013 postseason: Who’s hungriest?


A playoff opener worth waiting for: Dodger offense and Kershaw pound Braves, 6-1


  1. KT

    Go BLUE!!!!…we need 11 wins…one at a time

  2. WinnipegDave

    Go time, show time.

  3. WBBsAs

    Matt Adams looks as if he stole Flabloval’s arepas.

  4. WinnipegDave

    Feel a bit like a fool. Decided to spring for’s postseason package – and now found out it is the funky multi-angled viewing only. It was only $5 but I mean, come on.

  5. Jack Dawkins

    TBS must be ruing the poor ratings for this. I hope the dodgers make this a poor ratings game in the east tonight.

    • btimmer

      The ratings aren’t nearly as important as the prestige of carrying a big live sports event and getting a chance to promo other shows to a captive audience.

      But shouldn’t we just enjoy the playoffs for who is playing in them instead of the ratings?

      • Who was that guy whose show they promoted so heavily a few years ago? I think the name of the show (and the star) was “Frank.”

  6. DS1981

    Interesting long article. A lot of rehashing of what everybody already knew, but a few new things as well.

  7. Pirates game ends on time.

  8. ASW1

    WooHoo – made it home in time for the 1st pitch!

    Go Dodgers! – Silence the Chop!

  9. Jack Dawkins

    Annoying….can’t get KLAC indoors at my house. No Vin.

    • KT

      mlb radio free

      • Jack Dawkins

        Says i have to pay.

        • KT

          oh thought they had radio free and TV for $5…if Vin’s that important 5 bucks isn’t much hopefully for 11 games

          • Jack Dawkins

            Im recording the game on TBS. Will hear the middle innings on the drive downtown for the Philhrmonic tonight.

        • KT

          Either that or go to radio shack and by an indoor receiver antenna

          • btimmer

            I would think paying $5 for would be cheaper than buying a new antenna. KLAC has spotty reception near mountains.

          • KT

            yea but I hear it alternate angles only…I would use the radio portion only myself

  10. ASW1

    Man, Burnett and the Bucs got smoked huh

  11. Bob_in_Vegas

    Great that the radio broadcast is honoring Vinny as well as the Dodgers.
    After this incredible season, no matter what happens from here, let’s savor all this!

  12. Bob_in_Vegas

    AGon in front of Puig? Hope Adrian gets extra-base hits so he can have a running start!

  13. KT

    NOT A SELLOUT…pathetic

  14. Bob_in_Vegas

    Just like the old days, Vin thanking Steiner for the toss to him . . .
    Let’s be like those old days of ’88 . . . !

  15. My clock radio with Vin is several seconds ahead of my TBS view.

  16. scooplew

    Good luck, everybody.

  17. Spence

    It sounds really loud there.

    • RBI

      Much louder than St. Louis, but not like PNC the other day.

  18. RBI


  19. Bob_in_Vegas

    Hate it when I’m following on radio and a LOUD away crowd cheers.

    • TAFKA_Gagne55

      Are they doing the chop?

    • Spence

      I think the later start times for east coast games makes the crowd more lively. They’ve been drinking longer thats for sure. Atlanta is usually a relaxed sports town but the Dodgers must have gotten them excited.

  20. And the first in-game ad on the radio is Vin for Farmer John. That can only mean good things.

    • scooplew

      If I remember from my boyhood, wasn’t it “The Eastern-most in quality, the Western-most in taste”?

  21. Spence

    Struck out the side.

  22. Jack Dawkins

    Air conditioning the plate. Now Kid K’s turn.

  23. Medlen looks ready. Got 1-2 generous zone calls but has good stuff. Hope Kershaw can match that.

    Also, Braves fans need to make up their stupid minds — is it Beat LA, or Tomahawk Chop? You can’t have both lame chants.

    • Spence

      generous zone? TBS had everything that he got strikes called as strikes.

  24. WBBsAs

    I expect Medlen to flame out early.

  25. scooplew

    We’ve gotten our worst inning at bat out of the way.

  26. Bob_in_Vegas

    The Kid says “I can do that!”

  27. scooplew

    Donnie didn’t take Jon’s advice regarding Ethier in the 1st inning.

  28. Spence

    I think the Braves are better now than when the Dodgers played them earlier because they are benching BJ Upton and Uggla.

    • scooplew

      Agreed, but I think we have improved more since then.

  29. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, Kersh — put him away.

  30. Bob_in_Vegas

    Wins that battle!

  31. scooplew

    I’m pretty tense. How are the rest of you doing?

  32. Medlen 14 pitches, Kershaw 18 pitches in first inning.

  33. Bob_in_Vegas

    2Ks for Kid K!

  34. Spence

    5 of 6 guys struck out so far

  35. Attaboy Kid KK!

  36. Jack Dawkins

    The first is always his worst, so they will have a long night now.

  37. RBI

    Big to get Freeman out.

  38. scooplew

    I am worried about various things today. One is a scoreless tie entering the 7th.

  39. Puig! We’re on.

  40. Spence


  41. Bob_Hendley

    Let’s go Uribi!

  42. KT


  43. Bob_Hendley

    Ha, Puig!


  45. RBI


  46. ASW1

    YES!!! – Puig – wild horse!

  47. Bob_in_Vegas

    Score first!

  48. KT

    we score!

  49. That run was ALL Puig. Did anyone think that was a sac fly when it left the bat?


    • Bob_in_Vegas

      So far, even the “impartial” media must admit he’s an asset!

  50. Jack Dawkins

    Braves missed the cutoff man!

  51. Bob_Hendley

    Braves overthow cutoff man!

  52. The Irony Committee approves opposing OF looking bad as Puig rounds the bases.

  53. Spence

    Kershaw only needs 1 run tonight.

  54. ASW1

    Best thing is it shut that crowd up for a few seconds

  55. Puig doing things to help the Dodgers 3, Puig ruining the Dodgers 0.

  56. John_from_Aus

    C’mon AJ, do better than the ‘other’ AJ did tonight

  57. Bob_in_Vegas


  58. Spence

    Gattis! thanks :)

  59. Yes yes yes A.J.!

  60. RBI


  61. ASW1

    Woooooo-Hoooooooo AJ !!

  62. Bob_in_Vegas

    Help yourself, Kersh!

  63. RBI

    Love AJ!

  64. AJ!

    Gattis is no gold glover out there, needless to say.

  65. KT

    terrible play by gattis

  66. KT

    Good inning!!

  67. “Gattis did get there – he just missed it” – TBS commentator.

  68. Bob_in_Vegas

    That inning brought me in from the other room . . . I’d be VERY happy to not get much work done tonight if it’s because of innings like this!

  69. John_from_Aus

    nice start

  70. Bob_in_Vegas

    Now shut them down, Kersh!

  71. Jack Dawkins

    Nice to see the question marks now about the other team’s outfield.

    • I think “hit it to Gattis” is a good strategy. Hopefully “hit it to Skip” doesn’t become one.

      • John_from_Aus

        Hopefully Kershaw won’t let it get that far out

  72. Boy, A.J. getting hot at the right time would be awesome. Division-winning hit and now this?

  73. Jack Dawkins

    Ellis certainly has a knack for making his hits memorable. Youd swear his average is 40 points higher.

  74. Bob_Hendley

    OK. The Braves gotta score 3 now to win.

  75. scooplew


  76. Ah, that ball landed in true no man’s land.

  77. Bob_in_Vegas

    Besides the obvious, that hit is bad because it starts the chant/chop again.

  78. ASW1

    I like the low strike getting called tonight – Kershaw can live down there.

  79. John_from_Aus

    At least Gattis is not a stolen base threat

  80. Whew, Thought that was crushed much farther than that lazy can of corn.

  81. Bob_in_Vegas

    Puig — got the DP, KT!

  82. Bob_Hendley

    Puig strikes again!

  83. RBI


  84. LOL. Gattis with the TOOTBLAN.,

    Yay I love it when it’s not us screwing up.

  85. ASW1

    What the hell was Gattis doing? That was insane.

  86. Jack Dawkins

    Gattis doing his best to lose the game singlehandedly.

  87. Spence

    That was a rough inning for Evan Gattis

  88. scooplew

    Hmmm, Gattis has had an interesting first couple of innings.

  89. John_from_Aus

    Puig is back (if he ever went away)

  90. Two innings, 163 comments. Any nerves here?

  91. Spence

    That should be another error

  92. RBI

    Crawford speed!

  93. ASW1

    Braves playing TIGHT now

  94. John_from_Aus

    Ellis Rbi double just came up on gameday, Gattis certainly should have made that

  95. John_from_Aus

    I hope we add more and more here, as I have to go out in about an hour

    • scooplew

      We all want you to have a very pleasant and worry-free day Down Under.

      • John_from_Aus

        It is a lovely day here, 20 degrees (Celcius!) and not a cloud in the sky

        • scooplew

          That would be 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Sounds lovely.

          • John_from_Aus

            Hope it’s similar weather for next years opening day/s in March in Sydney

    • WBBsAs

      John, you should subscribe to the MLBTV feed, it’s only US$5 for the post-season.

      • John_from_Aus

        Thanks, I usually don’t have time to sit through a whole game. In some ways it’s more fun filling in the blanks while looking intently at the DT comments :)

  96. Vin says Hanley walked slowly back to the dugout after running hard, but it wasn’t at all clear if he just meant Hanley was taking his time.

  97. Bob_in_Vegas

    AGon — again!!!!!

  98. Bob_Hendley


  99. RBI

    Agon!!!! Chop-stopper!

  100. ASW1


  101. Bob_in_Vegas

    The Bostonians deliver 2 runs!

  102. AGONE

  103. KT


  104. John_from_Aus

    much more fun guessing that that was a HR

  105. Jack Dawkins

    NOw I wont worry at the PHilharmonic. Later all.

  106. ASW1


  107. Clearly I prayed that ball and willed that ball over the fence with all my “get out! Get out! GET OUT!”s

  108. Bob_in_Vegas

    SOOOO glad the post-June 21 offense went to Atlanta!

    • remember how they lost all those games in Atlanta by like 1 run each after only scoring a few all series? And how Matt Magill and Chris Capuano were starting pitchers?

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        We knew/hoped it would be tough for the Braves to score, but that’s still a tie unless YOU score — and that was my concern.

  109. Bob_in_Vegas

    After the game with the Rox and this one, Kersh is going to start to expect run support!

  110. ASW1

    I’m thinking the crowd will start to get quieter and quieter from here on out…


    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Let me guess — something about Kersh and runs?

  112. Kershaw human.

    • I know I’m totally irrational but I feel like TBS is jinxing it with all their Kershaw stats about record when 4-0 or more, and walk ratio, etc.

      Yes, I am totally irrational. But still.

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        Are they Braves announcers or “impartial”?

        • They’re not at all homer-ish as far as I can tell. (Ron Darling and Cal Ripken have no allegiance to the Braves.) I’m pretty sure it’s more that they don’t believe in the jinx. :)

    • Andrew Shimmin


  113. RBI

    Didn’t get the low strike that time.

  114. Bob_in_Vegas

    Shut. Them. Down.

  115. KT

    Good play Juan

  116. RBI

    Settle down, Clayton.

  117. Bob_in_Vegas

    Get him, Kersh! The K or DP!

    • KT

      tough DP with man on 2nd..but doable

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        My bad . . . but optimistic!

        • Bob_in_Vegas

          I lose focus when it’s on the radio and I’m trying to get “real” work done AND keep up here.

  118. Bob_in_Vegas

    Kid K!!!

  119. RBI


  120. KT


  121. ASW1

    Haven’t seen many curveballs yet – right now a good time for one

  122. Bob_in_Vegas

    The Kid bears down and shuts them down!

  123. ASW1

    Didn’r need it – Kersh saving them.

  124. KT

    good way to get out of it kersh

  125. RBI

    Over to TBS, until the 7th.

  126. Bob_Hendley

    TBS guys planting the idea that the Braves might have thought about PHing that inning.

  127. Bob_in_Vegas

    I hope we’re all still happy when next we hear Vin’s voice! (Perhaps even happier?)

  128. Bob_in_Vegas

    AJ rejuvenated!

  129. ASW1

    AJ 2 doubles!!

  130. I’m liking this AJ Ellis-Playoff Hero idea, Jon.

  131. scooplew

    We’ve now seen all three of the Atlanta outfielders in action.

  132. Kershaw not bunting. Swinging away on 1-0.

  133. Bob_Hendley

    AJ benefiting from flubber on the ball.

  134. Bob_in_Vegas

    If nothing else — and I hope they DO score here! — this lets Kersh rest.

  135. ASW1

    TBS has no running pitch count – dumb

    • Bob_Hendley

      He is at 64

    • Andrew Shimmin

      It’s at the top of the pitch location deal that pops up with each pitch. He’s at 63

      • Bob_Hendley

        The pitch doesn’t count if it doesn’t make it to the catcher’s glove?

        • Andrew Shimmin

          My dvr was a second behind. I was wondering how you people had gotten so much faster at typing.

      • ASW1

        Aaaaah – I didn’t notice that – Thanks!

  136. Bob_in_Vegas

    The Ellis Bros!

  137. KT


  138. WBBsAs

    It gets better!

  139. WBBsAs

    Another terrible throw by Heyward.

  140. das411

    this Kershaw fellow is going to get PAID by some team, isn’t he?

    • Bob_Hendley

      Be nice to pair him with Cliff Lee, no das?

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        If not, he’s got a pretty good pairing right now!

  141. Spence

    I like the Dodgers chances of winning 2 of the next 4 games.

  142. Bob_in_Vegas

    Chop them down with a hit here, Hanley!

  143. Bob_in_Vegas

    I never would have thought that with Hanley 0/3 the Dodgers would be close to having 5 runs — woo-hoo!

  144. RBI

    But we got one! I’m moving to the kitchen to cook dinner. Will post more later. Keep the Dodger thoughts and runs coming, y’all.

  145. WinnipegDave

    This is fun.

  146. KT

    Nice long single…good hustle Yasiel

  147. scooplew

    I am very pleased we have a cushion to work with.

  148. Bob_in_Vegas

    Kersh is making this more of a game than it should be . . . and running up his count.

  149. Kersh is fighting himself a bit, Ron Darling’s right. Was just a little off on last two batters.

  150. Bob_in_Vegas

    Get the K or double play!

  151. ASW1


  152. McCann….’t quite get it out.


    Clayton’s got no curve, that’d be nice to find at some point.

  153. ASW1

    That’s ok – one run better than 3.

  154. das411

    oh Hanley – does Dee make that play? /throws grenade, leaves room

  155. scooplew

    Let Kershaw get through 6 with at least a five-run lead.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      He only had that 1st inning when all three batters were put out — in the 2nd was the OF DP.

  156. ASW1

    Where’s the curveball?

  157. Bob_in_Vegas

    Kid K!!!!!

  158. Alex7

    3-2 off-speed when you’re struggling and the batter is sitting dead fastball.

  159. ASW1

    OK let’s keep the hits coming now

  160. OHLeyva1 .

    Have an extra ticket for Sundays game? Need a designated driver, I’m your man. I’ll pick you up, take you back and pay for parking. Message me.

    • KT

      sorry…but I’m coming from SD

      • Bob_in_Vegas

        I’m coming from Vegas — but don’t have an extra ticket, anyway. Are they sold out on TicketMaster? Does that mean the “laid=back” West Coast is more fan-intense than Atlanta?

        • KT

          1st two games are

          • Bob_in_Vegas

            I don’t want to get ahead of things, but on my wish list is Sunday’s game is the end of this series. (But only if this score hold ups!)

          • KT

            me too I want to celebrate with my dad

          • Bob_in_Vegas

            Any more on his diagnosis/treatment?

          • KT

            surgery is set for the 18th…thanks for asking

          • Bob_in_Vegas

            Dad said all was well after his surgery — and that as 10 years ago.

          • KT

            10 years is a long time…hope it stays that way…found out my dad had prostate before this with just surgery…they got it all and he never had to do chemo or anything…hopefully the same…my father-in-law was taken to the ER in Belgium this morning…maybe a second stroke…this time the other side…everything trying to stop my post season fun

      • OHLeyva1 .

        Times are hard… I’ve been unemployed since coming off active duty orders… back in the fall of 2011. Can’t afforded to watch my beloved Dodgers! One day! I’m still hopeful.


        • KT

          why did you get out?
          I know what you mean about tough times…was on Workers Comp since 8/1/11 and not I’ve passed my 104 week cap at the end of money except what I get from the government but since my dad was diagnosed with cancer and is going under the knife 11/18, I vowed to take him to a playoff game

          • OHLeyva1 .

            You’re a great son!!! Hope both you and your dad get healthy. I’m still serving, just in the National Guard now. But our training was cancelled because of the Government shutdown. I was hoping to used a sliver of that money to buy one ticket, but plans changed….. since we didn’t drill.

          • KT

            Thanks for the get well wishes
            Stay in and retire (not sure how the guard works in that regard) it was the best thing I ever did…guaranteed money for life

          • OHLeyva1 .

            I have 16 1/2 years.. total time now. I will retire in 20, but wont get paid until I’m 60 years old, thats how the Guard works. I will apply for VA Comp since I’ve had several knee surgeries and back issues courtesy of the Army. Thank you for your service!

          • KT

            great…make sure they document everything…Do you snore at night?
            if so have them check you for sleep apnea…that’s 50% comp right off the top…I get 100%…have questions message me

          • OHLeyva1 .

            My wife says I snore and I wake up all startled sometimes, I’ll have to get checked out. Thanks for the advice, I’ll message you if I have any question in the future. Thank you. Go Dodgers!!!!!

  161. KT

    Tom Hoffarth @tomhoffarth
    KLAC prog director Don Martin heeded our request and just delayed audio 7 secs on dodger radio. much better. you’ll notice when Vin returns

    • OHLeyva1 .

      awesome!!!!!!! thanks!!!!!

    • scooplew

      Way to go, Tom…By the way he had a great interview in the Daily News with Vin within the last day or two as, I believe, Jon has pointed out.

  162. KT

    Let’s go Gonzo

  163. KT


    • scooplew

      Good question. Let the Braves’ fans hoot. We have two on and none out.

    • OHLeyva1 .

      That looked dirty to me.

  164. WinnipegDave

    I’m guessing the Dodgers would like to see Kersh make it into and through the 6th inning. With his pitch count he might not make it much further than that.

  165. foul tip

    Kersh clearly struggling with command. At times has looked down at mound after missing, like he was having trouble landing. TBS folks pointed out he doesn’t have his curve.

    And still he holds an excellent offense at bay. A measure of just how good he is.

    But if he doesn’t get sharper DM might want to pull him before long, with an eye toward next time.

  166. Bob_Hendley

    WBB called it! (or wished it)

  167. WinnipegDave

    Walk Shoe to load the bases and get to Kersh?

  168. Don is addicted to the sacrifice bunt.

    • 4d3fect

      Unaccountably, seems to be a bit of a trend this year.

  169. KT

    Make them pay AJ

  170. Alex7

    wonder why the HP umpire killed the first bunt foul before it had stopped. Didn’t hit the catcher or Uribe in the box, or wasn’t signaled as such. Can’t imagine he made the little league mistake of calling it foul because it bounced on or behind the plate first… odd.

  171. Bob_in_Vegas

    Get at least one . . . please . . .

  172. scooplew

    I’ll settle for a sac fly.

  173. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, Kersh, help yourself!

  174. KT

    wow outside

  175. WinnipegDave

    Time for hitter Kersh!

    • Alex7

      the IBB has backfired by just having Kersh up there.

  176. Bob_Hendley

    Recall Ayala from back in the day, 2005 Nats. Was quite effective back then.

  177. Bob_in_Vegas

    Okay, a 1-2-3 inning here for Kersh will almost be as good as adding a run.

  178. I hope that LOB situation doesn’t come back to bite us.

  179. Kershaw 46 strikes, 31 balls. Very un-Kershaw-like.

  180. Bob_Hendley

    There we go.

  181. 4d3fect

    THERE’s uncle Charlie!

  182. KT

    K’s the side!!!!

  183. Bob_in_Vegas

    Yes — huge to set ’em down in an easy inning!

  184. Bob_Hendley

    Wow, second wind

  185. WinnipegDave

    Definitely has one more inning in him by the looks of things.

  186. foul tip

    Well, if that is what an inning from a struggling pitcher looks like, I want to see him when he’s on.

    MIA curve showed back up. Imagine that.

  187. WinnipegDave

    Kersh right on his season ERA.

  188. Bob_Hendley

    OK Hanley join the parade.

  189. Bob_in_Vegas

    Join the fun, Hanley!

  190. KT


  191. Bob_in_Vegas


  192. WinnipegDave

    The Dodger boxscore is littered with crooked numbers!

  193. 4d3fect

    Chop THAT!

  194. foul tip

    Puig demonstrating what the Dodgers meant when they said he was “raw.”

  195. NoahUCLA

    Get us to the back end of the bullpen and I’ll feel better.

  196. Alex7

    on ESPN and CBS Sports websites, Browns/Bills has main front-page spot. I mean, I get it, but come on.

    • Baseball is what fills in time between the Super Bowl and NFL training camps for ESPN.

    • I don’t even get it, and I get the NFL’s popularity.

    • WinnipegDave

      I love the Browns and have followed them since the mid 80’s, but I forgot they were even playing tonight. Cheering for colours tonight – Browns and the Blue.

  197. KT


  198. Bob_Hendley

    Clayton is just amazing.

  199. RBI

    What a pitch.

  200. KT

    Siddown freddie!!

  201. 6 Ks in a row!

  202. RBI

    These TBS announcers talking as if Clay was down by 5, not up.

  203. KT

    Good play Hanley!

  204. Bob_in_Vegas

    2 Kershawian innings!

  205. RBI


    • Alex7

      I grew up with Alfredo Griffin, Offerman, Bournigal, and Izturis. Elster was the “best” SS I’d rooted for until Hanley. What a step up.

  206. WinnipegDave

    I’m sure Kersh could pitch another inning or two – but I hope that the Dodgers score another run or two this inning to feel very comfortable in sitting him down. Even at 6-1 that should be enough.

  207. foul tip

    6 IP, 3H, 9 Ks on a night when he hasn’t been on top of his game….until maybe last couple innings.

    • Bob_in_Vegas

      Most teams would be ecstatic with such a performance by their ace!

  208. Finally just in — picked up the in-laws from the airport — and can’t believe how relieved I am…

  209. KT

    3:00 AHT game tomorrow

  210. Bob_in_Vegas

    Get the K or double play!

  211. scooplew

    Last batter if he doesn’t retire him?

  212. Bob_in_Vegas

    Kid K!

  213. WinnipegDave

    Got him!

  214. Bob_in_Vegas

    Uno mas, Kersh!

  215. Just skimmed through the comments from earlier… are we supposed to paint our toe nails blue?

  216. WinnipegDave

    Oh yeah!

  217. Bob_in_Vegas

    What a way to end your stint!

  218. RBI

    Oh what a pitcher he is.

  219. Hard to see Matty in the boot.

  220. KT


  221. Bob_in_Vegas

    Hopefully he gets to rest until the LCS!

    • Spence

      That would be preferable. Maybe thats why Donnie over did it with him tonight. Kershaw has a lot of innings on that arm this year.

  222. WinnipegDave

    Is it the first inning already?

  223. scooplew

    To pitch as well as he has tonight, with little or no curve, is reminiscent of Koufax’ performance in the 7th game of the 1965 World Series, which he started on two days of rest. Early on, Koufax couldn’t get the curve over and he told that to Roseboro. In much saltier language, Roseboro told Koufax to forget about the curve and just throw the fast ball. Koufax did just that and shut out the Twins 2-0 to win the World Series.

  224. foul tip

    A TBS guy said that inning that Kersh’s 3rd BB of the game was one more than he had the entire MONTH of July.

    Now, just which planet was it that this pitcher agreed to come down to Earth from?

  225. WinnipegDave

    Either almost needed a pinch runner.

  226. Bob_Hendley

    Dre sighting.

  227. Spence

    Is it necessary to extend Kershaw to 124 pitches in a game the Dodgers have a big lead in?

  228. KT

    Yes BW in

  229. RBI

    Here they are. Go Dodgers.

  230. KT

    Nice BW keep it up

  231. I still don’t dig BW. I hope he’s lights out for us, but just don’t get it.

  232. RBI

    DP please.

  233. KT

    uh oh…something to chant about…DP Time

  234. WinnipegDave

    Always nice to be able to trade runs for outs and still come out a head. 3 outs away and up by 5 runs.

    • Bob_Hendley

      Where is League when we need him?

      • KT

        sitting at home…hoping maybe someone gets hurt…maybe

      • foul tip

        Saw an item today that said League makes more than the entire Atlanta bullpen.

        Sounds crazy, but it was on, which usually has its facts right.

  235. KT

    Good inning BW

    • foul tip

      After watching Brian Wilson, I like the idea of signing the rest of the Beachboys more and more,

  236. WBBsAs

    I missed Ethier’s AB – how did he look?

    • Alex7

      not 100%. Decent swing, hit ball hard, once 2b fielded it he let up on his running and jogged it out. Looks like he’d have 1 ab per game in him.

    • Bob_Hendley

      Not bad, until he ran.

  237. The Make ‘Em Pay at bat

  238. Ooooh, he was swinging for it.

  239. WinnipegDave

    KJ time.

  240. RBI

    Every pitch to Puig hugging that inside line.

  241. RBI

    Go Kenley!

  242. Bob_in_Vegas

    Get the K, KJ!

  243. I just keep wondering when Brian McCann is going to lecture Yasiel Puig. Over/under 4th inning in tomorrow’s game?

  244. WBBsAs

    Given Medlen’s short outing today, I expect he might return in Game 4 (if necessary) instead of Freddy García.

  245. KT

    turn two guys

  246. Bob_in_Vegas

    K — J!

  247. WinnipegDave

    That worked!

  248. What’s harder emotionally — being injured and left off the roster (Kemp) or being bad and taken off the roster (Uggla)?

  249. scooplew

    The Braves tied the Mets for most times striking out during the regular season in the National League.

  250. WinnipegDave

    No worries KJ – you still got this.

  251. Bob_in_Vegas

    C’mon, KJ — anyway you can, get him out!

  252. KT

    BALL GAME!!!! 10 WINS
    TO GO!!!!

    job Clayton…Greinke’s turn next

  253. Bob_in_Vegas

    KKK J!

  254. RBI

    Yes yes yes!

  255. scooplew

    Couldn’t have asked for anything more tonight.

  256. WinnipegDave

    Great start to the postseason! Keep rolling tomorrow guys…

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