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Great interviews in Earth history: A.J. Ellis

Thanks to Mike Petriello of Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness for catching this. We were talking about it on Twitter today and at the game Monday: A.J. Ellis can basically write his own ticket as a broadcaster after his playing career is over, assuming he doesn’t write his own ticket as a manager. For my part, I’m not sure I can wait that long. Wire him up and have him do commentary during Game 1 at St. Louis on Friday.


NLDS Sweethearts Dance


Get ready for day games: NLCS schedules two under the sun


  1. Joe Jimenez

    I agree completely Jon. I was lucky enough to be watching I.T. live this afternoon and posted 2 pictures (Pre-Tape, Post Tape) with the caption. “Greatest interview ever.” P.S. Is there any way to add ( to the list of reputable Dodger Blogs? Any info and/or direction would be appreciated, Thanks Jon!

    • foul tip

      Enjoyable read.

      Question coming from your “about” section: “This year I’ve attended 50 games and in the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of working at Dodger Stadium as a supervisor.”

      Not clear on how if you’re a supervisor/employee you didn’t attend all home games? No intent to be snarky, just curious.

      • Joe Jimenez

        Thanks for reading, foul tip. Didn’t take your comment as snarky at all but I appreciate it. Your confusion got me back, read, and fix it as I can see how it could be unclear. In short, I attended 50 games this year (at time of publishing) I was a supervisor in 2011. (I added a more about my working there and how that did not mean watching 81 games.) Thanks again!

  2. ASW1

    So, 5 pm Pacific time start Friday, huh ?

    • RBI

      My birthday…

      • foul tip

        For your birthday, may you get a Greinke 4-hit shutout and a 7-0 Dodger victory powered by Andre Either’s two 2-run homers and great catch in CF, followed immediately by an outfield assist for a double play.

        All wrapped in a nice package wrapped with a Dodger blue bow.

        • Bob_in_Vegas

          Great scenario, but I’d settle for two words . . . “Dodger victory.”

          • foul tip

            Yup. But reach for the stars, you might get the moon, etc.,

  3. SaMoDodger

    Too funny.

  4. Glib, that’s what he is. Witty, too.

  5. LittleBlueBicycle

    Vin needs to stay at least until AJ is retired. I want weekly commentary now on the Trader Joe’s-Sledgehammers rivalry..

  6. WBBsAs

    Dodger notable Andy Pafko has died at 92:

  7. WBBsAs

    This is the St. Louis baseball tradition that deserves to be emulate this weekend:

  8. WBBsAs

    There’s a certain discomfort among many Dodger fans because in the past, even when the team has been very good they’ve usually been underdogs. Now they’re overdogs.

  9. peter drysdale

    That was the funniest thing I’ve seen in quite a while.

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