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National League Championship Series Game 5 chat

Cardinals at Dodgers, 1:07 p.m.


Three for the show


And we go to St. Louis …


  1. KT

    Alright now Guys…Take care of business…Let’s go BLUE!!!!

  2. ASW1

    Greinke vs. Kelly the first time went 13 innings – here’s hoping this one goes 8.5

  3. Not an auspicious beginning.

  4. Jack Dawkins

    Have to give Grineke benefit of a doubt…but this is a night mare.

  5. WBBsAs

    Looking snakebit…

  6. Just as they drew it up!

  7. Good omen, I hope!

  8. ASW1


  9. Jack Dawkins

    Let the despair start in their dugout after that!

  10. WBBsAs

    Here’s where we are, then:

  11. Greinke only threw 20 pitches, not terrible.

  12. ASW1

    Don’t chase one

  13. foul tip

    Greinke was just in a hurry to see more Card hitters. That’s all.

  14. WBBsAs

    Exact same pitch was a ball on 2-2.

  15. So that’s a ball when it’s 2-2 but a strike when 3-2?

  16. KT

    good inning

  17. Jack Dawkins

    Back on track. 30 pitches through 2.

  18. foul tip

    Dodgers hope their transfer of this bases loaded, don’t score disease to the Cards sticks– and expands to don’t score, period.

  19. Today was the first day I heard Andre’s injury called microfracture. Was that known before?

  20. 14hodges

    I’m remembering Jon’s post about being glad that little Weisman #3 might like sports. My #1 and #2 complained about my wanting to [ignore them and] watch the game this afternoon and I decided to put them in front of a show in another room so that I could concentrate on the game. As I got them settled, 2-year-old #3 says in her adorable 2-year-old speech, “I want to watch the game!” So here we are watching as she screams, “Go Dodgers!” at the top of her lungs. Finally. Loving this mother-daughter time.

  21. Has Puig stopped swinging at the first pitch?

  22. Ok two more hits might get Adrian in!

  23. Bob_Hendley

    Puig doesn’t run so fast to first when Agon is ahead of him.

  24. KT


  25. What kind of crazy slide was that? Kemp musta been cringing.

    • foul tip

      He couldn’t decide whether to stand up or slide. So he did both.

  26. ASW1


  27. WBBsAs

    In CF, Jay is the new Juan Pierre.

  28. Rattle the rookie, right?

  29. twaseverthus

    Puig should be on third. Didn’t even round second.

  30. KT

    Puig wheels

  31. twaseverthus

    Vin is still confusing when the Cards were trying to make that cop laugh last night with them mocking Puig’s stretching routine.

  32. ASW1

    Time for a vintage Greinke base hit.

  33. Bob_Hendley


  34. ASW1

    Told ya :-)

  35. Kelly has Crawford figured out. Keeps golfing at those breaking pitches way down and in.

  36. In the last six NLCS games plus two innings the Cardinals have played with a 3-1 series lead, they’ve been outscored 54-2. Incredible stat.

  37. Ethier burned again by Beltran.

    • ASW1

      Shouldn’t Ethier have been playing a bit deeper than he was?

      • That’s what I thought. But even more he probably should have backed off to play it off the wall when he knew he wasn’t catching it.

  38. Is this where you see a pitcher trying to be too perfect because the offense is stagnant?

    • TAFKA_Gagne55

      If anything, it’d be the opposite; Greinke has only given up runs when he’s had a lead to work with.

  39. WBBsAs

    This is getting aggravating.

  40. ASW1

    Another cheap hit

  41. NoahUCLA

    Not good.

  42. Keith Pluymers

    At least Greinke stopped the bleeding. Time for some hits.

  43. foul tip

    Dodgers seem to have managed to afflict the Cards with GIDP disease also.

  44. ASW1

    Have to feel good about that – what with how much worse that could have gone.

  45. GoDodgersFromWisconsin

    let’s get some more runs, please

  46. ASW1

    OK, here we go.

  47. ASW1


  48. KT


  49. Was starting to feel like game 1, and then Gone-zo!

  50. Bob_Hendley

    Big fly ball!

  51. Keith Pluymers


  52. ASW1

    Solo home runs are kind of sad in a way. I’ll take them in this case, though.

  53. WBBsAs

    Three innings of suffering with Steiner ahead…

  54. I never thought I’d have retroactively rooted for Hanley to strike out rather than hit the ball, but if he had that would have been two runs.

  55. WinnipegDave

    Can we shut them down?

  56. foul tip

    Zack not exactly fooling people.

  57. KT

    Nice play Gonzo

  58. ASW1

    Man, Hanley is hurting.

  59. ASW1


  60. Bob_Hendley

    Hit it to the guys that are hurt?

  61. WinnipegDave

    Still need a couple more innings out of Zack, if possible.

  62. foul tip

    Too many balls too deep to the OF. Hope he settles in, but Zack doesn’t seem to have it today.

  63. KT

    Well we got andre so good work in CF tracking those balls…now to mess Jay up with the towels

  64. isb77

    Just what we needed– a quick 1-2-3 inning.

  65. ASW1

    Now, time to tack on some more runs!

  66. Bob_Hendley

    Hate to see solos, but if Puig can go yard…

  67. John_from_Aus

    just tuned in, wow we can thank Molina twice, we should be behind by at least 2 or 3 it appears

  68. NoahUCLA

    I would not hit for greinke if Ellis gets on, even if he doesn’t have his best stuff.

  69. NoahUCLA

    Big at bats here.

  70. ASW1

    Greinke has more left.

  71. NoahUCLA

    Nicely done Zack.

  72. The Dodgers should be ready to use Brian Wilson as early as the seventh and have Kenley Jansen ready to jump in as needed in the eighth.

  73. Bob_Hendley

    CC rides it!

  74. ASW1

    CRAW !!!!

  75. So, this is optimism?

  76. NoahUCLA

    Take Hanley out after this at bat?

  77. ASW1

    Kelly likes starting Hanley’s AB’s with the inside pitch – smart.

  78. Strange how Crawford kept getting fooled on those breaking balls down and in then they decide to pitch him away and fastballs down the middle..

    • foul tip

      In football, one guy would have taken out 2 defenders.

  79. KT

    Dodgers Nation ‏@DodgersNation2m
    GIF: Carl Crawford with a monster home run.

  80. KT

    Nice Zack!

  81. Jack Dawkins

    Left when it was 2-0…very pleased to come back and see 4-2.

    • KT

      good so you missed the air going out of DS when they tied it the very next inning

  82. ASW1

    Greinke still has more.

  83. Anybody at the game able to see if Hanley is being checked over as much as he was last night?

  84. WBBsAs

    I’d let Greinke go at least one more.

  85. KT

    MLB ‏@MLB3m
    Carl Crawford had 6 HRs in 116 regular-season games. This was his 4th of the #postseason:

    • ASW1

      I can see Carl having a very good season next year.

      • NoahUCLA

        Learning to not be another dre with his hitting lefties would help a lot. Did he hit lefties with the Rays?

        • Bob_Hendley

          Careerwise he hits lefties a bit better than Either, but Dre is much better against righties.

          • John_from_Aus

            maybe they need to share LF next year based on matchups etc (assuming everyone is healthy at the same time) :)

          • Bob_Hendley

            This year Dre hit both righties and lefties better than CC.

          • John_from_Aus

            maybe save Carl for pinch hitting, DH duties and resting Puig and particularly Kemp

      • KT

        if he stays healthy

  86. I desperately want to fast forward…. pins and needles.

  87. Jack Dawkins

    Grienke today is more ammunition for why not yesterday. On full rest at least he can grit his way through it effectively.

  88. Jack Dawkins

    Shadows bout to home plate. Bodes well for Wilson and Jansen in the next 2 innings.

  89. Jack Dawkins

    Managed to pick up the espn international TV feed. Sutcliff and whoever the play by play guy is are solid.

  90. Bob_Hendley

    Zach my man!

  91. ASW1

    I’d be tempted to have Greinke come out for the 8th

    • They are shaking hands. He’s done.

      • NoahUCLA

        Mattingly is convinced that the way to work healthwise with Wilson is to not play it by ear and just let him know exactly when he’s going and get him in when he’s ready. Don’t know whether that is Dr. suggested or not.

  92. NoahUCLA

    Greinke has been solid this postseason. At least 6 innings 2 runs in all 3 starts. Just as advertised.

  93. Just saw a Greinke smile. That’s a good sign, right?

  94. WBBsAs

    I sure hope Don doesn’t risk giving SVS an AB.

  95. Keith Pluymers


  96. ASW1

    AJ BABY !

  97. AJ with the insurance!

  98. Bob_Hendley


  99. It’s gonna be hard for Michael Young to hit into a double play now.

  100. NoahUCLA

    Wow! The home runs are back.

  101. But really, what’s the harm in using SVS here?

  102. Keith Pluymers

    AJ has really turned it on this post-season after some forgettable moments at the plate during the regular season

  103. Bob_Hendley

    Another darn solo!

  104. John_from_Aus

    I’m pleased we have rediscovered our HR swings, I think we will need them in St Louis

  105. WBBsAs

    Myung saves us from SVS.

  106. Jack Dawkins

    Doesnt bother me to use Young there, as it insures we dont have to see his 3 foot range in the field now.

    • WBBsAs

      You have a point, presuming Don doesn’t double switch him for Uribe or Mellis now.

      • foul tip

        Tough call whether DM likes the double switch or bunting more.

        • NoahUCLA

          Maybe Dee holds Young on his shoulders and Dee runs and Young throws.

  107. NoahUCLA

    I assume Greinke is available out of the pen in game 7 if need be. It’ll be all hands on deck except Kershaw for that game, when it becomes necessary.

  108. NoahUCLA

    I would like to have a 98 mph lefty in our bullpen.

  109. Jack Dawkins

    I’d be good with taking out Eithier now and putting in Shoemaker.

  110. Kershaw has a 0.47 ERA? That’s insane.

  111. foul tip

    I see Wilson has a glove named for him. Says so, right there on it.

  112. Keith Pluymers

    Wow. Wilson looked amazing there. Revolving door at the plate.

  113. KT


  114. Bob_Hendley


  115. NoahUCLA

    This is quite the change from the first 4 games.

  116. foul tip

    TBS guy: “good chance the hitters aren’t seeing the ball at all.”

    AGon: “Gone.”

  117. Bob_Hendley

    ADS (another darn solo)

    • NoahUCLA

      6 runs on 9 hits is better than our usual 2 runs on 9 hits though. As long as nobody is in scoring position we’re fine.

  118. Bob_Hendley

    Boy this adds that Jon’s stat.

  119. Hope the Dodgers remember to take *these* bats to St. Louis.

  120. Uh, what was that Puig?

  121. That’s been a strike all day, hasn’t it?

  122. JonnyTAFKAJ

    “Well… Puig is Puig….” – Vin Scully (after that last play)
    Great stuff, Vinny!

    • KT

      that was before he saw that he lost it in the sun

      • JonnyTAFKAJ

        Yeah… you’re right, KT.

        Just seemed funny that Puig’s “enigmatic” reputation preceeds him, even with Vinny.

  123. Worry, worry, worry . . .

  124. Bumsrap

    Yada, Yada, Yada

  125. 14hodges

    ugh. Getting scared now.

  126. NoahUCLA

    Get out there Honeycutt.

  127. Bumsrap

    Mary is still there

  128. NoahUCLA

    This is Freese’s spot!!

  129. Strike zone so inconsistent.

  130. KT

    BALL GAME!!!! 6 WINS TO GO!!!!



  131. Bob_Hendley


  132. ASW1

    On to St. Louis!

  133. Nails thoroughly chewed off, but we’re going back to St. Louis!

  134. I remember some winning manager saying after a hard-fought win “We really drug it through a knothole that time.” Sounds about right for today.

  135. GoDodgersFromWisconsin

    Allons joueurs de la Ravine
    le sixième jeu est arrivé!

  136. NoahUCLA


  137. John_from_Aus

    fingernails are shorter!

  138. Remember to drink responsibly. Sigh.

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