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SportsNet LA launch: Here it comes …

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By Jon Weisman

The 24/7 Dodger network that is SportsNet LA will launch at 7 p.m. Tuesday with the premiere edition of “Access SportsNet: Dodgers,” then provide a mix of news, interviews and history leading up to its first live game telecast Wednesday at 12 noon.

Channel Numbers“Access SportNet: Dodgers,” a nightly studio show, will have a special introduction Tuesday by Vin Scully and first-night guests including Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Tommy Lasorda, Don Mattingly and Adrian Gonzalez. It will then be followed at 8:30 p.m. by the first episode of “Backstage: Dodgers,” the program that will regularly go behind the scenes to give you a full picture of the franchise.

At 9 p.m. will be back-to-back half-hour editions of “Connected With …,” featuring extended one-on-one interviews with Clayton Kershaw and Don Mattingly, respectively. Then at 10 p.m. will be the premiere of “2013 Dodgers: A Whole New Blue,” a review of last year’s playoff-filled campaign that will include never-before seen footage.

Wednesday’s Spring Training game, against Arizona at Talking Stick in Phoenix, will be the first of 22 broadcast live by SportsNet LA, presaging the network’s regular-season presentation of more than 140 live broadcasts. From 4-7 p.m., SportsNetLA will climax its first 24 hours of business with the debut edition of “Timeless Dodgers,” featuring the June 3 MLB debut of Yasiel Puig.

SportsNet LA will be available to Time Warner Cable customers in the Los Angeles area in high definition on channel 431 and standard definition on channel 249. In addition, it was announced today that Bright House Networks had signed on to carry SportsNet LA to its Bakersfield customers, on channel 1107 in HD and channels 21 and 107 in standard. Time Warner Cable is in negotiations with all other providers for carriage.

For more information about SportsNet LA or to demand the network, visit Consult the FAQ at the site for more information. Follow the network on Twitter at @SportsNetLA, Facebook at and Instagram at @SportsNetLA.


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  1. Any chance of a streaming online version for those millions of Dodger fans who don’t have TWC in LA or Brighthouse in Bakersfield?

  2. It would be exciting if other carriers than TWC got it. the rest of the city…locked out!

  3. Any chance it will have the app like twc sportsnet in case you have time warner but are out of town?

  4. Chromecast! I hate cable!

  5. SAWEEEEEET! I made plans to move to Bakersfield on March 1, and chose Bright House as my carrier because they carried the new Lakers Channel, PrimeTicket and Fox Sports West, I had a feeling. Then I entered my name five time in the for Bright House … I am so stoked!

    • Make that :! Go out and get it DIRECTV customers. I couldn’t move my DTV because my new apt complex only allows ATT UVerse and Bright House.

  6. i have Directv, i live in Santa Paula, Ca, that’s in Ventura County, please reach an agreement with them or i will not be able to see my Dodger games. Dodgers are my passion, an avid fan, i like to keep certain stats during each game. I’m afraid you are going to lose alot of fans if u don’t negotiate fast with Directv, please, please hurry!

  7. Cox Communications, are you listening?

  8. Charter subscribers can request a channel here: … and there seems to be no limit as to how many times a person can submit a request … vote now, vote often!

  9. Channel 217 on Oceanic Cable in Hawai’i, fellow islanders!

  10. I am betting the 2014 season for most other providers (DISH, COX, Direct TV, etc) will either miss most of the season or the entire season. All the providers are balking because they don’t want to up subscriber fees for everyone across the board, and I don’t blame them. In the end this kinda screws the fan, and of course as mentioned above is pointless if you’re an in-market fan – BLACK OUTs.

  11. I am completely stunned that Directv hasn’t made an agrrement already!!!!!!!
    I’m about ready to change providers

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