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Noel Cuevas, this is your moment

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Noel1By Jon Weisman

I mean, come on. A three-run, go-ahead homer in the ninth in your first at-bat with the Dodgers is going to feel good, I don’t care what the stakes are.

What a big smile.

Noel Cuevas, a 22-year-old outfielder who played at Rancho Cucamonga last year, slugged the big blast to bring the Dodgers back from a 5-4 deficit in the ninth inning today against Kansas City.

Cuevas had 25 doubles, 10 triples and 12 homers for the Quakes in 2013, to go with 38 steals in 53 attempts. He walked 37 times and struck out 107 in 536 plate appearances.

The Dodgers selected the Puerto Rico native in the 21st round of the 2010 draft — and in doing so, laid the groundwork for this classic Spring Training moment.

Here he is making a diving catch last summer, just to show he’s not a one-trick pony.

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  1. That was a whole lot of awesome. Very few of us will have moments like that in our professional lifes… it’s gotta feel great to be that kid.

  2. Congrats to the kid! Hopefully more to come.

  3. oldbrooklynfan

    Eyes will be on this kid.

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