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Video: The glory of Juan Uribe’s defense

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By Jon Weisman

We’re obviously big fans of Juan Uribe in these parts — the clutch home runs of Uribe, the stylings of Uribe — in other words, the Uribe of Uribe.

But perhaps most of all, we marvel at the defense of Juan Uribe. So we had senior video producer and editor Erick Vazquez prepare the video above to showcase some defensive highlights from the one and only Uribear.

LOS ANGELES DODGERS AT ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKSSince finally entrenching himself as the Dodgers’ full-time third baseman a year ago, Uribe has dazzled with the glove. The talent has been there, born in nearly 8,000 career innings as a shortstop, but seeing him own third base day after day has really been something else.

A Gold Glove finalist a year ago, Uribe actually led all 2013 National League third basemen in defensive value, according to Fangraphs. In the young 2014 season, in which he has played every one of the Dodgers’ 118 innings at third, he is back on top in the NL, trailing only Corey Seager’s older brother Kyle among MLB hot corneristes.

[mlbvideo id=”32000985″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

Not for nothing: Combined with his .906 OPS through 13 games, Uribe is by one measure the most valuable third baseman in the world so far this season, already achieving 0.7 Wins Above Replacement, and 11th most valuable position player in the game.

It’s all part of what remains one of the more amazing rags-to-riches stories in Dodger history, the rise of a player from two years of near oblivion to an integral, arguably indispensable role on the team.

So sit back, watch the video and enjoy the glory of Juan Uribe.


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  1. I used to call him “Juan for Five”. When I would text a complaint about him spell check would change his name to Urine. I thought the only reason we didn’t DFA him in 2012 was because he had compromising pictures of Donnie and Ned in drag. I’ve never been so happier to be proved wrong. Hanging on and waiting for the talent and confidence to meet up once again is what we have to hope for with Brandon League. With the Clippers this year it has been Jared Dudley, a bad year but a big upside when he figures it out. I root for the nice guys but was AMAZED that Uribe remained on the 40 man without a few “injuries” to work out in the minors. I think the last two months of 2012 we gave him one AB. Didn’t expect him to have a good year in 2013 and would never have dreamed we’d give him a 2 year deal. I was happy for him before the playoffs last year, but that homer against Atlanta made him a hero in LA and he has sprung out of the gate giving energy to the team on the field and in the dugout and clubhouse.

    • LCLA

      Well put Bruce. I’m happy he’s doing good and having fun doing it. I hope the same for League, but I just don’t know about him.

  2. I, for one, am thrilled with Uribe’s presence on the Dodgers…. great player and great team player with awesome D and a lively bat….. if we win it all this year, he’s going to play a major role in it.

  3. oldbrooklynfan

    YES, he’s doing a great job. ‘Nuff said.

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