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Yasiel Puig: A plate discipline prodigy?


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By Jon Weisman

In addition to his power, throwing arm and everything else, Yasiel Puig’s growing plate discipline (and the growth, to be clear, began in 2013) has been something else.

In fact, Puig is not only anything but a big hack at the plate, he’s fast becoming the opposite.

At age 23, Puig is on pace to draw 78 walks this year. Only one Dodger has drawn that many walks in a season at age 23 or under: Pee Wee Reese with 82 in 1942. The Los Angeles record is held by Ron Fairly, 75 in 1962.

Puig is walking in 12.0 percent of his plate appearances in 2014. That walk percentage is 12th in the National League this year, and among players 28 and under, it’s third in the Majors behind only Giancarlo Stanton (13.9 percent) and Mike Trout (12.5 percent).

In O-Swing%, or the percentage of pitches outside the strike zone at which a batter swings, Puig is at 26.9 percent for the season. That’s 24th among all qualified NL players, 10th among NL players 28 and under and the best among Dodger regulars.

Puig completes his first year in the Major Leagues on Monday.


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  1. oldbrooklynfan

    Puig must’ve been watching the other teams because he didn’t learn discipline from the Dodgers who, as a whole, are not very patient at the plate. If they were they’d be battling the Giants right now for the division title. They should follow Puig’s example and be more selective at the plate.
    I noticed it and I’m very happy that Puig, because of the discipline, has become an even better hitter than he was last year.

  2. thanks for quantifying what has been evident from watching him mature as a hitter. In short time Puig has conquered the one thing that could have potentially sabotaged his greatness. Along with Stanton, Cabrerra, Tulowitzky, and Trout, he is in the top five position players in baseball at age 23.

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