Ben Platt/

Ben Platt/

By Jon Weisman

Yasiel Puig was so buoyed by how the Japan All-Star Series ended, he wishes the beginning had been longer. From David Venn of

Puig would suggest a slight tweak to the format. Like many of his teammates on the squad of MLB stars, the 23-year-old played much better in Games 4 and 5 of the series — the only MLB victories in the official five-game series — than he did in the first three. In Puig’s opinion, the guest team should have more time to work out and come together.

“They beat us those first three games when we weren’t in game shape, but now a few of us are indeed in shape,” Puig said before Thursday’s trip finale, an exhibition game against Samurai Japan at Okinawa Cellular Stadium. “I think we should play two or three more. The tournament should be a little longer.”

Puig was later asked what comes next for him:

“Workouts, to have a better season than the one I had last year,” said Puig, who hit .296 in 148 games for the Dodgers, with 16 home runs, 69 RBIs and an OPS of .863. “I need to keep working hard in order to keep growing in baseball and to get far.”