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Photos: International Scout of the Year Mike Brito

Photos by Preston C. Mack, MLBAM

Photos by Preston C. Mack/MLBAM

During the busy Winter Meetings on Wednesday, Mike Brito received his award as baseball’s International Scout of the Year. Below are more photos of the Dodgers’ beloved scout from the evening.

— Jon Weisman






Andrew Friedman speaks about Wednesday’s trades


Dodger Stadium, after the rain

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  1. …There are a number of baseball executive types who have greatly impressed me over the years. Most of them from my beloved Dodgers, of course. Danny Goodman comes to mind, and if I am not mistaken, he was also with the Hollywood Stars in the PCL–my boyhood heroes– before the Dodgers.

    But Mike Brito, with that speed gun behind home plate, timing pitcher’s pitches really impressed me. I would really love to have him on my nationally broadcast radio show, but I imagine he’s too busy.

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