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Dodgers designate Brian Wilson for assignment

Los Angeles Dodgers at Colorado Rockies

Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

By Jon Weisman

To make room for Brandon McCarthy on the 40-man roster, the Dodgers have designated reliever Brian Wilson for assignment.

Dodger general manager Farhan Zaidi said to reporters today that with the offseason additions of such relievers as Joel Peralta, Juan Nicasio and Chris Hatcher, the team decided it had enough of a surplus to part ways with Wilson, who was signed through 2015.

“For us, the contract is the contract,” Zaidi said. “We don’t want to be sort of tied down by financial obligations — we’re just trying to build the best team we can for 2015.”

Zaidi added that the team had been keeping tabs on Wilson during the offseason and that it was “not a move made out of any medical concern.”

After allowing only one run in 13 2/3 innings down the stretch of the 2013 season and then pitching six shutout innings in the playoffs that year, Wilson allowed 82 baserunners in 48 1/3 innings in the 2014 season, while striking out 54. He was on the mound when the Dodgers clinched the 2014 National League West title, then faced three batters in the 2014 playoffs.


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  1. Wilson’s DFA. Finally, a move I understand and can really get behind! It’s about time all that money contributed to a good outcome this off-season. We needed this to happen last year, but, better late than never❕

  2. I’m glad Brian Wilson is no longer a Dodger.

  3. I’ve seen comments on many sites by so-called fans who are pleased with this move. May I remind all of you that the $20 million for Brian’s contract is paid for out of the money we generate for the team. I think we were all expecting more after the end of the end of the 2013 comeback. Detroit was hot after Brian and we paid him closer money to set up Kenley. It didn’t work. Cutting bait with him now is not something to celebrate, although applauding the front office for looking at the player evaluation over the contract is a pleasant change. I think we all wished Brian worked out, maybe we beat St Louis in two of those one run games in 14 if he was the 2013 Wilson. What is interesting is if we took that tactic two years into Uribe’s first contract with us, we’d have been burned. Maybe the bullpen is different in terms of evaluation. Moneyball 101 says to not overvalue bullpen arms. The fact that we replaced a guy who got $20 million from us over two years with a DFA guy like Nicasio and a journeyman like 39 year old Peralta (2.5 mil) is just a different approach. Did you see how many guys came and went in the Oakland ‘pen over the years? Did you see how Beane would flip his closer for a ransom and then find another one from out of nowhere for a few years? I don’t think Kenley should buy a house just yet…. Just saying.

  4. oldbrooklynfan

    It’s time to say goodbye to the Beard.

  5. Tara Hauhe

    Wilson, the Beard, is gone…..

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