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Jimmy Rollins rolls into town with determination and delight

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By Jon Weisman

A winning personality doesn’t guarantee winning — Jimmy Rollins celebrated one World Series victory in 15 seasons at Philadelphia — but it sure lends itself to dreaming big.

In his introductory press conference Wednesday at Dodger Stadium, Rollins’ focus on leadership and uniting his team toward a common goal stood proudly and seductively alongside his dedication to remaining productive on the field. (Last season, Rollins was the No. 4 shortstop in baseball, according to Wins Above Replacement.)

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And despite being in the Phillies organization since the June 1996 draft — more than half of his life — Rollins has quickly embraced wearing blue, a color he has repeatedly said is his favorite. Before even sitting down for his press conference, he embraced Don Newcombe, who said he has had a long relationship with Rollins.

ROllins Newk 051

On his way upstairs to my office for our live Twitter session with me and new Dodger social media coordinator Matt Mesa, Rollins caught a glimpse of himself in a merchandise store mirror in his new Dodger jersey and marveled at it.

But Rollins knows as well as anyone that it’s not about how you look in the winter, but how you perform in the spring, summer and fall.

“Everybody’s going to be pulling in the same direction,” Rollins said, “and you’re going to get our best. Wherever we’re playing, you’re going to get our best.”


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  1. …It’s hard to win a title without being strong up the middle. The Dodgers have strengthened shortstop, second base and center field–along with the catcher position this year. Things are looking up! Rollins in one of the greatest players in the game today.

  2. What a great title for the article. Someone who focuses on leadership and teamwork is already a star in my books. I like this guy already!

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