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It’s your call

Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers

“Should I swing or should I bunt now?” (Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers)

By Jon Weisman

We’re trying out a new short Dodger Insider feature — also appearing in the print magazine — in which you’ll get to play manager each month and pick the move to make in a given situation.

The setup: Dodgers and Angels are tied, 1-1, with none out in the bottom of the seventh inning. Carl Crawford is on first base with a single. Juan Uribe is the batter against Angels righty Jered Weaver, who has thrown 92 pitches. On deck is A.J. Ellis, followed by Zack Greinke’s spot in the order.

The question: Do you have Uribe look to swing away or attempt to bunt?

Your call: Tweet your decision to @dodgerinsider with the hashtag #DIyourcall, or state it in the comments below.


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  1. Let him swing! As Vin would say, “isn’t it amazing what someone will do when he can’t bunt.”

  2. Have Crawford try to steal second. That gives Uribe and AJ a chance to drive him in before Greinke comes up. You didn’t mention how many pitches Zack has thrown, but if he’s pretty low, you at least want the option of bringing him back out for the 8th inning with a lead (although I’d probably lean against it). Weaver is not great at keeping guys from stealing, and Crawford is pretty good.

  3. Uribe can’t bunt so if he does it would for sure be an out at first with a man at second. If his bunt sucks we could end up with Carl out at 2nd and slower Uribe on first. I would let Carl try to steal and have Uribe swing away or try to draw a walk.

  4. jpavko

    Have Uribe bunt. If he struggles to get the bunt down on the first pitch, have Tim Wallah come down from third and slap Uribe upside the head for being a MLB veteran player who has trouble bunting. Greinke hits pretty well, so even if Uribe doesn’t get the bunt Ellis can bunt or then you have Crawford steal

  5. Swing away. Why give up and out, especially when Uribe is not a good bunter. There are good hitters behind him (including Greinke) so why give up the chance for a big inning?

  6. Swinggggggggggg!

  7. Swing, no doubt. You give up an out and you’re facing Ellis and Greinke trying to get a hit to drive in a run (assuming the bunt works, which is no guarantee for Uribe).

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