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Yasiel Puig, shortstop

Los Angeles Dodgers workout
On Monday, photographer Jon SooHoo captured this no-name guy — not even on the depth chart at shortstop — looking to give Jimmy Rollins a run for his money.

— Jon Weisman

Los Angeles Dodgers workout
Los Angeles Dodgers workout

Bonus: If you liked that, how about catcher Julio Urias?

Los Angeles Dodgers workout


On clubhouse reporting …


In case you missed it: Brandon Beachy, shadow-pitching


  1. :lol: He just wants to show that the outfield isn’t the only position he can play.

  2. Looks like Urias is catching for flat grounds.

  3. oldbrooklynfan

    Versatility can always be an asset.

  4. Imagine the ball gets over to first in a hurry.

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