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What dreams may come …

By Jon Weisman

Look, it’s not like I haven’t been burned. Here’s an all-what might-have-been lineup of Dodger prospects from the past 10 years:

Jason Repko, CF
Delwyn Young, RF
Andy LaRoche, 3B
Jerry Sands, 1B
Joel Guzman, SS
Blake DeWitt, 2B
Xavier Paul, LF
Tim Federowicz, C
Jon Meloan, P

I’m not criticizing them — each fulfilled a dream (I really mean that), even if they didn’t fulfill all dreams.

Then Clayton Kershaw finishes his first exhibition inning of 2015 today by dropping a straight echo of his teenage Public Enemy No. 1 on Jose Abreu, and I’m reminded, it’s OK to believe.

Better men and women than me have failed to separate the real prospects from the rogue, and two games into 2015 Cactus League play, including today’s 6-1 victory over the White Sox, the Dodgers aren’t making it any easier to be ruthless.

Joc Pederson (3 for 4 in two games) and Corey Seager (1 for 2, two walks) are looking lovely at the plate. Alex Guerrero is a cool 3 for 4. O’Koyea Dickson has a homer and a double, Kyle Jensen hit a two-run homer. Darnell Sweeney reached base twice today. Scott Schebler had a two-run double.

The Dodgers will count their blessings if one or two of those players pan out. But how can you not enjoy it when they do well, even in the unbridled environment of Spring Training? How can you not dream that the big names will reach their high ceilings, or that there are true sleepers in the smaller ones.

“We live in a cynical world,” Jerry Maguire said. “A cynical world,” he added for incredibly dramatic emphasis, even though Dorothy Boyd would later tell him that he had her at “Hello,” although it’s not quite credible that if Jerry had walked into that room and literally only said, “Hello” — in fact, he says “Hello” twice, but each time it’s barely audible — that their reunion would have been nearly as successful. (Don’t get me wrong — I’ve always loved this movie.)

But like I said he said, “We live in a cynical world.”

Except on days like today, when it’s just too much fun to think that our farm-system fantasies will come true. Maybe you live in a cynical world. I’m gonna stay in my world for a little longer. Reality is too colorful and complicated to predict, anyway.

(And who’d have thought I’d be posting two clips of Cuba Gooding Jr. movies in a Dodger Insider post? Life is certainly full of surprises.)


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  1. Pee Wee Young was always a favorite, if only because he named his housemate Loney, Weird Game James.

  2. jpavko

    Jason Repko, Pete Reiser reincarnated Bone up on your Dodger history if you don’t get the connection

  3. oldbrooklynfan

    The same thoughts came to my mind yesterday (Thursday) when I was memorizing the young players names as they performed on the field. Only time will tell. Thanks Jon for bringing back the names of Dodgers in the not so distant past, that tried to make the club.

  4. Joe Thurston goes beyond 10 years? Boy does time go by fast!

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