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How high’s the water, mama?

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 7.26.07 AMBy Jon Weisman

Below are the batting statistics for Dodger position players in 2015. Do these work for you?

  • 437 plate appearances
  • 383 at-bats
  • 62 runs
  • 115 hits
  • 35 doubles
  • 3 triples
  • 17 home runs
  • 61 RBI
  • 48 walks
  • 78 strikeouts
  • 3 hit by pitch
  • 4 sacrifice hits
  • 3 sacrifice flies
  • .300 batting average
  • .380 on-base percentage
  • .540 slugging percentage
  • .920 OPS 
  • 162 OPS+

Bold — leads National League.

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  1. jpavko

    Sometimes playing stinky pitching teams like Colorado and Seattle Is a wonderful thing. Who agrees with me? Having a new fangled murderer’s row of an offense helps too:-)

  2. I think Tommy Lasorda Best summed it up by saying, “There is no “I” in baseball. Sure your going to have your Individual efforts on the team and players that stand out the most, But in baseball everyone has to contribute. Last nights game 4/19/15
    shows the true caliber of the team and it counts greatly when everyone contributes.
    Pitching, Defense and Offense must do there part, as the team effort will shine in total and everyone at the end of the day can go home knowing they did their very best.

  3. As much as we’d all like this very small sample size to mean something about the Dodgers’ fate this year, I’m afraid it doesn’t. Obviously it’s great that the team has gotten off to a good start and yes, it’s even better that it comes with Kershaw not pitching that well so far. In the meantime, Gonzalez, Kendrick., Pederson and the bench guys are all likely to regress in varying amounts as the season goes. Pitching is still a concern especially if Ryu is not back reasonably soon and the bullpen has been good but still a bit worrisome. Good news is that ownership has the dollars and front office has the smarts to shore up whatever holes as they become more apparent.

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