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It’s Your Call — May 2015


By Jon Weisman

It’s the third edition of our new Dodger Insider feature — also appearing in the print magazine — in which you get to play manager each month and pick the move to make in a hypothetical situation.

The setup: It’s the top of the eighth inning, with the Dodgers leading the Cardinals, 3-2. Right-hander Yimi Garcia is on the mound in relief. He strikes out Jason Heyward but gives up a one-out double to Matt Holliday. Left-handed hitting Matt Adams is up, with righty Jhonny Peralta on deck. Lefty reliever Paco Rodriguez and righty Pedro Baez are warm in the bullpen.

The question: Do you …

A) have Garcia pitch to Adams

B) have Garcia intentionally walk Adams, then pitch to Peralta

C) have Garcia intentionally walk Adams, then bring in Baez to pitch to Peralta

D) bring in Rodriguez to face Adams

Your call: Tweet your decision to @DodgerInsider with the hashtag #DIyourcall, or leave a comment on this blog post. We’ll highlight the results in the June issue of Dodger Insider.

Last month: With Zack Greinke having thrown 110 pitches and allowing no hits but walking the first batter in the top of the ninth of his 2015 debut, readers gave a slight edge to leaving him in rather than putting in Kenley Jansen. A sample:

It's Your Call image 1 - May 2015

It's Your Call image 3 - May 2015

It's your call comments


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  1. Since Yimi is the most reliable arm in the pen at this point, I’m leaving him in to pitch to Adams.

  2. You don’t like to make these easy no? Who is up after Peralta? I bring in Paco and hopefully get Adams out. Then have him walk Peralta and bring in Baez to face next batter if a righty. (How is that for over thinking?)

  3. kfreyermuth2014

    Bring Paco in to pitch to Adams. You don’t put the go-ahead run intentionally on first.

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