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You get a save! And you get a save!

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By Jon Weisman

The boxscore of today’s 4-2, 12-inning Dodger victory will show Kenley Jansen getting his ninth save of 2015, but anyone who saw Joc Pederson’s bottom-of-the-ninth catch knows that he’s just as deserving.

For that matter, so is Adrian Gonzalez, who emerged from a flurry of double-play grounders this weekend to drive in the tying run in the eighth inning and the winning runs in the 12th.

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For that matter, so is J.P. Howell, Chris Hatcher, Adam Liberatore, Juan Nicasio and Josh Ravin, who with Jansen combined for 7 1/3 innings of shutout relief.

For that matter, so is Andre Ethier, who didn’t score after tripling in the second inning but certainly did after homering in the seventh.

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For that matter, Pederson’s first-inning catch of this Matt Kemp drive with one on in the first inning was a save in its own right.

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I’d even like to throw a save at newly engaged Mike Bolsinger, who cruised through the first 14 outs and two strikes, before hitting the speed bump that would never stop bumping.

Well done, lads.


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    After the first two paragraphs of this article, I thought, I got a lot more to say, but after reading the rest, I see you said it all, Jon.

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