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Dave Roberts the latest Padres manager with Dodger connection

Juan Ocampo/Los Angeles Dodgers

Dave Roberts had a .342 OPS in 1,189 plate appearances with the Dodgers from 2002-04 and ranks 20th in franchise history with 118 stolen bases. (Juan Ocampo/Los Angeles Dodgers)

By Jon Weisman

Dave Roberts, named interim manager of the San Diego Padres today after Bud Black was fired, is the latest in a line of Padre managers with Dodger ties.

  • 1969-72: Preston Gomez (Dodger coach and minor-league manager)
  • 1972-73: Don Zimmer (Dodger player)
  • 1978-79: Roger Craig (Dodger player)
  • 1981: Frank Howard (Dodger player)
  • 1982-85: Dick Williams (Dodger player)
  • 1986: Steve Boros (Dodger scout)
  • 1987-88: Larry Bowa (Dodger coach)
  • 1992-94: Jim Riggleman (Dodger coach and minor-league player)

Black, who replaced Bruce Bochy, had managed the Padres since 2007.


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  1. Mike Carre

    Bruce Bochydidn’t get fired, Bud Black did.

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  2. Hey guys, Bruce Bochy manages the Giants. Bud Black was managing the Padres!

  3. Jon Weisman

    Yeah, this is fixed — had a major brain cramp there. Thanks.

  4. Mattingly is now the 2nd longest tenured manager in the league.

  5. Adele Baughn Wilson

    No, not Bruce Bochy… he’s been gone for years… It is another BB initialed manager: Bud Black.

    Sent from Adele Baughn’s iCloud

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