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Dodger bullpen asserts itself in saving Chicago split

By Jon Weisman

Probably all anyone will remember about the Dodger bullpen from this series at Chicago was the 10th-inning loss Tuesday.

But here are the Dodger reliever totals from the four games: 13 innings, 12 baserunners, nine strikeouts, 1.38 ERA, five inherited runners, four stranded.

That includes 8 1/3 shutout innings in the past 20 hours to help the Dodgers come away with a 4-0 victory today and a (drum roll) a split on the road against (cymbal crash) a winning team.

In all of 2015, no bullpen in the National League has allowed a lower on-base percentage or slugging percentage than the Dodger bullpen. And no NL bullpen has a higher strikeout rate or strikeout-walk ratio in 2015 than the Dodger bullpen.

It is still not a top-of-the-line group when it comes to run prevention: fourth-best in ERA (2.99), eighth in stranding inherited runners (26 percent). The latter is compounded by the fact that only the Giants have bequeathed more runners to their relievers this year.

And after throwing more than 50 pitches each of the past three games, the relievers could use a bit of relief themselves.

So there is still room for improvement. But as I wrote earlier this month, the Dodger bullpen has come a long way.


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  1. Not much of a bullpen in Chicago. BTW, why paint that yellow line on top of the fence, if it doesn’t appear to mean anything?

  2. You remove Hatcher from the stats and the pen is even better. Once Thomas is gone for Baez, it’s probably the best pen the Dodgers can have with what’s in their system currently. Yimi has bounced back, only real nail bitter to me is Perralta, who did well today. Not sure where or if League and Paco can fit in, other than taking Perralta out.

  3. oldbrooklynfan

    The bullpen must lead the way.

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