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Dodger Insider magazine — July 2015 edition

July 2015 Dodger Insider cover

July sidebarBy Jon Weisman

Where did all your Dodgers come from?

As the cover of July’s Dodger Insider magazine shows, we connect the past to the present and the west to the east, in a special 17-page section that details the birthplaces of Dodger players great and small, state-by-state. (Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten our friends from around the world as well.) It’s a rich, diverse geographic history of an indispensable American team.

“A Nation of Dodgers” is one of more than two dozen features in this month’s issue of the official team magazine, including a behind-the-scenes piece on how catchers Yasmani Grandal and A.J. Ellis conquer baseball’s most painful position.

Dodger Insider also revisits the mystery behind the missing ball from Kirk Gibson’s 1988 World Series home run. And, you won’t want to miss Vin Scully talking about his favorite photo at Dodger Stadium.

The July 2015 Dodger Insider magazine is available at all Dodger team stores. To subscribe, visit Orders taken through July 10 will begin with the August issue.


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