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Clayton Kershaw, All-Star jokester

Clayton and Cali Ann Kershaw (John Grieshop/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

Clayton and Cali Ann Kershaw (John Grieshop/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

Here’s an anecdote that’s an antidote to any Tuesday morning Dodger blues. It’s from Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford — yes, that’s right — at the Brandon and Brandon blog (via

… Besides being an honor, the All-Star Game was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. When you play against guys, you form an impression of what they’re like. Then you get to spend a little time together and you sometimes see another side. For instance, Adrian Gonzalez. I could never get a read on him because he never really talks to you at first base, unlike some other first basemen. But I talked to him a bit in Cincinnati and he seemed like a really good guy. He was loose and having a great time in the dugout.

So was Kershaw. When the first-base umpire called a foul ball against us, Kershaw yelled in a high-pitched voice, “C’mon, Jerry! That was fair!’’ Then he turned to Dee Gordon next to him and in his own voice said — real loud — “Yeah, Dee! You tell him!’’  He was really funny, which is not what I think of him when I’m standing in the batter’s box. …

— Jon Weisman


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  1. Kershaw has inspired a story from Doug Harvey. When he was a young umpire, he heard Reds manager Fred Hutchinson yelling at him from the dugout and threw him out of the game on the third pitch. Hutch came out sopping wet and Harvey thought he was really sweating. Turns out Hutch was at the water fountain the whole time and splashed all over himself when Harvey tossed him–one of the coaches was imitating the manager. Later in the game, Harvey found out who it was and said, “You really got me.” Then he headed back to the dugout and said, “But you didn’t, because I found out, so you’re gone, too!” and threw out the coach.

  2. oldbrooklynfan

    I remember as a kid, I hated the Giants. They were our crosstown rivals but the way things are today, when you can keep up with every team and their players on TV and through the internet, things are different.

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