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Busy off day with trades and PingPong4Purpose

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By Jon Weisman

There was no Dodger game Thursday, but it wasn’t exactly a day for lounging on the couch at home.

In addition to all the player trades — which Don Mattingly, Orel Hershiser, Charley Steiner and A.J. Ellis react to above — Adrian Gonzalez hosted his Adrian Gonzalez Baseball ProCamp at Granada Hills Charter High School, as David Adler writes at

And of course, Clayton and Ellen Kershaw hosted their annual Kershaw’s Challenge PingPong4Purpose event, which was well attended by celebrities and ballplayers alike.

Steve Bourbon of has a report from the event. Some video and photos follow.

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Well, look who showed up. #PingPong4Purpose

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  1. Clayton and Ellen’s baby is sooo cute….He looks like a happy daddy…..

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