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Think Blue Review: Post-Winter Meetings edition

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The latest Think Blue Review begins with the Winter Meetings and finishes with a closer look at the recent student entrepreneurs event supported by the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation.

— Jon Weisman


Utley undaunted in approach toward 2016


Pitchers and catchers report February 19

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  1. What is there to comment on ? All we are getting are and platitudes from Friedman and Kasten and the signing of Chase Utley and Iwakuma. Let’s face reality here – with the departure of Greinke, Dodgers have one ace and a group of average to somewhat above average starters, several with some real injury history. And the offense looks below average also. LA was 9th in NL OPS during the second half of this year. It’s no mistake that the two NLCS teams (Cubs/Mets) were # 1 and 2 in second half OPS. The FO’s answer to these issues was to make a bid for a 2nd closer. Yes, Dodgers were 11th in reliever ERA last year so some improvements on that front were needed. But it seems that the silver bullets could be used for guys who will give us leads to protect in the late innings.

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